Learning Coolthentic: Stepping Up Your Summer Garb Game

You’ve figured out what you want to play and you can smell that new character smell wafting on the breeze. Now comes the best part of LARPing: dressing the part. Since we’re playing in a world created by our director, you can look the part of your new alter ego for far less than you think and with little to no hassle. But first, let me explain what we mean when we say “coolthentic”: watch your favorite fantasy epic; be it “Willow”, “Conan”, or any movie from “The Hobbit” universe, that costuming falls under coolthentic. Should you feel drawn to more historically accurate costuming, do it. However, please understand that fitting in with the esthetic of a “Dark Arthurian LARP” is our only requirement and perusing the Brittanis Pintrest pages for costuming inspiration will also take you down the best rabbit hole a fellow dork can find. Once you’ve done that, please don’t despair. While this can be an expensive hobby, everyone started somewhere. Starting with a good base garb set will take you very far in this hobby and makes it easier for you to transition from NPCs to different PCs as you progress.

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Festival of Seeds


Festival of Seeds

In early spring, frost still rimes the window and doors in the morning, but we can feel the promise of a new season in each passing day. Almost imperceptibly, the sun warms, the day lengthens, and the air seems pure and thin as it takes on the scent of freshly turned soil, emerging green, and soft rains. Spring is a time of awakening, of healing and renewal, of the dawning and planting of new ideas. The world seems young and virgin again.
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Character vs Character Actions


Stories of protagonists vying against each other, competing against one another, and on rare occasion fighting against one another are a staple of Arthurian mythology, the source material Brittanis based upon. From challenges and duels of honor to fighting the Red Knight who blocks the bridge, and finding out the Red Knight was actually a fellow Knight, such actions and deeds are part of the world our game is drawn from.

In game, characters have different goals, aims, ambitions and priorities. Especially as the game grows, it’s inevitable that these different character aspects rub up against one another and conflict. Houses, too, have their own beliefs and goals that can cross purposes.
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