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The Queen’s Blessing, 111 AR

14 January 111 A.R. Wedding Feast of Their Royal Majesties, King Uther Ambrosius and Queen Igraine mac Rædragan of Albion

  “Tonight, we have all made known to each other our deep desire to unify our fractured and broken Land, and we have agreed to help each other turn that desire for unification into reality.  As Mallory made very clear when you presented him with the Virtues that you will instill in the child I have agreed to bear for Brittanis, your choices and your actions shape our world; your choices and your actions shape the future of Brittanis.

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Festival of Seeds


Festival of Seeds

In early spring, frost still rimes the window and doors in the morning, but we can feel the promise of a new season in each passing day. Almost imperceptibly, the sun warms, the day lengthens, and the air seems pure and thin as it takes on the scent of freshly turned soil, emerging green, and soft rains. Spring is a time of awakening, of healing and renewal, of the dawning and planting of new ideas. The world seems young and virgin again. Continue reading Festival of Seeds