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Event Page on Facebook Event registration is LIVE: ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY, POLICE, EMS, FIRE, DISABLED VETERAN: FREE, thank you for your service. Team Monster also plays free. Please post on the FB event that you will be attending so we can plan accordingly.
Event Pricing Options
You *MUST* pre-register for this event. We need to know how many people are coming in advance. No money will be accepted at the event. If you have questions, please email brittanislarp@gmailcom ASAP. Golden Phoenix Tavern meal plan and pre-registration are also up and ready!


The skies turn leaden and chill; the world slows and transforms into a riot of reds and golds while the nations of Brittanis seethe and boil and churn with chaos. Time grows short before the snows of winter seal mountain passes and close trade roads for the season. Plans and schemes long held off now move toward fruition before the opportunity is lost till spring. In the town of Cornerstone, folk have begun moving back into the site destroyed by flood this spring. Ruined buildings and tents proliferate, and the townsfolk slowly rebuild. East of Cornerstone, in the lands formerly held by the kingdom of Kernow, rumors persist of the undead armes of Siluria grinding to a halt. Theobald Arn, traitor to Kernow and House Costayne, has declared himself Marshal of the region and taken a dwarven enclave as his fortress. The armies of Siluria have him besieged and have not advanced past to avoid leaving an enemy behind their lines. The dwarven enclave is well defended, though, and it is known that Marshal Theobald's messengers can, with great effort, pass through the undead lines into the world beyond. Rumor of Arn's emissaries criss-crossing Central Brittanis are everywhere. King Uther Ambrosius-- the aspiring Pendragon-- has succeeded where so many have failed. The Fomorian invaders, bereft of their shamans due to heroic intervention, have been pushed back inside their own borders for the first time in a decade. All the Houses of Albion have sent aid, and with the addition of Duke Gorlois Costayne, the Crown Guard have held the borders secure for the season. Click Here for information about the Feast of the Ancestors Holiday.