Crafting Classes

There are three crafting classes available in Brittanis: The Alchemist is a character who has honed their ability to mix ingredients to create powerful Oils (defensive), Elixirs (curative), and Potions (offensive). The Artificer is a character who has honed their ability to change, augment, and alter the inherent properties of things to improve them beyond their normal capacities. They produce Sigils (trapping power in a symbol for use later), Engrams (augmenting the memory to enhance spells), and Enhancements (altering an item to improve it’s properties or abilities). Artificers are also skilled at modifying, empowering, and refreshing Magic Items and Signature Items. And the Enchanter is deeply in touch with magic and is capable of storing the magic in powerful objects. While the Enchanter can create many wondrous items, they are most known for creating Wands and Scrolls.