Staff Contacts and FAQ

  • Contact emails:
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  • Facebook: Stephanie, Game Liaison; Jason, Plot Director
Name Title Point of Contact (PoC) Head of House
Jason Co-Director Plot Director n/a
Caroline Co-Director Community Director The Merlin Grey Council
Stephanie Game Liason Your Starting Point for PCs and Team Monster Lady Blackwood House Blackwood
Kevin Plot Staff Character Creation Syorpiir Aleandaar House Aleandaar
Chris (Cobra) Plot Staff Database Admin Diarmid ap Deirdre mac Graine House Dumnonni
Megan Plot Staff Logistics & Database Admin Lady Esa Costayne House Costayne
Joanna Plot Staff n/a Julia Kreutznach Synod
Chris L. Plot Staff Site Safety n/a
Annie Plot Staff Golden Phoenix Tavern n/a
Mike Plot Staff n/a Anton Morrigen House Morrigen
LeighAnn Plot Staff n/a Patience Valerius House Valerius
Lizzy Plot Staff n/a Elizabeth Sighvar House Ambrosious
Ben Plot Staff n/a n/a