Raven Station

The Raven Station is a mechanism for transmitting in-game information. It exists in two ways: the Live Raven Station (LRS) and the Online Raven Station (ORS). Each is discussed in detail below.

LIVE Raven Station (LRS)

Somewhere in camp, usually near the tavern, is a wooden writing set with raven props nearby. It’s usually set up in its own small tent, and it has paper and writing utensils in it. This is the LIVE Raven Station. It’s purpose is to allow characters who want to send messages in-game to PCs or NPCs as they choose. For the LRS:
  • You DO NOT have to have an infoskill of any kind to send an Live Raven.
  • Must be directly addressed-- “To Lord Frost” is acceptable, while “To House Frost” is not. The raven has to have somebody specific to deliver the message to.
  • Can be sent to PCs or NPCs
  • Messages must be hand-written written while physically present at the event. Cannot be delivered by proxy, cannot be typed, or pre-written beforehand (it’s recommended to make notes about what you want to write about, then actually scribe the letter which in-game.)
The intent of the LRS is that players have a chance to write to whomever and about whatever they choose, but the cost for doing so is that you spend the time to actually craft the letter while in game. This can be done  whenever you like while playing your character: during mealtimes, while hanging out in camp, before bedtime, etc. You cannot use Team Monster/NPC time to write Live Raven letters.

ONLINE Raven Station (ORS)

The Online Raven Station is a function on the Brittanis Database that allows players and Staff to send messages back and forth. This system allows Staff to have an easily-searchable record of all pertinent game communications. The ORS can be used in three ways:
  • PC-to-PC communication
  • PC-to-NPC communication using Infoskills.
  • PC Infoskill requests.
PC-to-NPC and PC Infoskill requests are handled on the Information Skills page. To send a Raven to another PC using the ORS:
  1. Log into the Brittanis Database at https://www.cobrahq.com/brittanis (if you need a login, send an email titled DATABASE LOGIN to brittanislarp@gmail.com and we’ll set one up for you).
  2. On the left hand, menu, click “Raven Station” and then “Send a Raven/Request.”
  3. Select “Send a Raven to a PC” from the dropdown menu
  4. Select your recipient from the “To” dropdown box
  5. Write your letter just like you would an email-- don’t forget the “Subject” field!
  6. To send the Raven immediately, click “Yes” in the Send Raven Now field. To send later, click “No."
  7. Click “Save” Your PC-to-PC letter is sent!
The intent of the PC-to-PC function of the ORS is to facilitate player communications with other players. It costs no Downtime because we want to promote that communication.