Landsworn (Non-Combatant)

Landsworn (0 CP, SPECIAL)

  “I swear by sky with sun I greet, I swear by earth below my feet, I swear by sea with tidal roll, I swear by fire within my soul. For as I live and as I breathe, My blade I never shall unsheathe. A true and healing hand I lend, The wounds of heroes I shall mend, And by Brittanis’ watchful eye, I keep my oath, or may I die.” Oath of the Landsworn   “From the land we spring forth. With the land we are sustained. To the land we return in the end. The land guides us from cradle, to grave. If we seek to hear Her voice as we hear the leaves rustling in the wind, or the cry of a newborn babe, we shall be greeted with silence. If however, we live worthy, harmonious lives and we are completely at peace, Brittanis will speak to us. For Her ultimate desire is that peace and harmony should reign over all the land, and that those who would embrace Her should prosper. In Her court the heroes of ages past stand as witnesses to her glory. This I have seen in visions and dreams. Perhaps it is they--the heroes of ages past-- who whisper the Oath of the Landsworn directly to the hearts of the worthy. Perhaps it is they who are the source of our heroic abilities. Yet what does the voice of Brittanis herself tell us? For it is well known that…” –Text of the only known fragment of ‘The Call of Brittanis’ written in the year 1720 Augustan, by Olondus the White, Landsworn.   The Landsworn protect the land of Brittanis and those who strive to live free and well upon it. The heroes who walk this difficult path come from many different races and cultures, they worship various gods and hold different things sacred, but they all share in common some things of great significance. The Landsworn are all bound by a deep and magical oath to the land of Brittanis itself. The oath is shrouded in mystery, and its origin unknown even by those who have sworn it. Though all Landsworn know it by heart and can recite it easily, none can tell you where they first heard it, nor by what means they came by it. Each Landsworn remembers only that they took the oath willingly and accepted the burdens and boons which came with it. Some say that an apparition of Brittanis herself administers the oath, sealing the occasion with a kiss so powerful and alive with magic that mortal mind--even the minds of Heroes-- cannot bear the remembrance of the occasion. Others believe that the heroes of ages past, who defended the land in their own age, now watch the current generation. Should they find one worthy of the oath who is willing to accept it, they whisper it to the fledgling Landsworn in a dream or vision which defies attempts to define or recall it. Whatever the truth of the matter, those who take the oath and become Landsworn soon find themselves tapping into an incredible source of power derived from their devotion to Brittanis Herself. The Landsworn’s power is tied to the fact that they eschew violence entirely (no matter how justified it would seem), and embrace wholeheartedly the natural tenets of peace. So intrinsic is the link between their abilities and the peace of the land that the powers they wield cease to function even when combat is within their line of sight. The Landsworn embody and represent the end of strife and war that the Heroes struggle to achieve. While a peaceful nature is necessary for the Landsworn, it does not put them at enmity with those who would take up sword, axe and shield to defend the land. Far from it-- the Landsworn support and aid the Heroes of their age in their endeavors. Their nonviolent nature is a beacon of hope, a shining example of what could be if only the evil forces of the world were defeated once and for all. Those who mistake the Landsworn for weak or an easy target however, do so at their own peril. While the Landsworn will not themselves draw the blade, their abilities often earn them mighty friends who are only too happy to protect the Landsworn in turn. The Landsworn are not often found on the front lines of combat, but they are no less valuable than those who bear the brunt of the battle. The Landsworn are the healing hands that mend the warrior’s wounds. They are the sages that solve the great mysteries of Brittanis. The kind word, the watchful eye, the friendly hand that tends the fire; wherever they go the heroes they walk among soon find them utterly indispensable.

Landsworn Notes

  • This is a BETA TEST CLASS. It is likely to be tweaked/changed/overhauled as live play give Staff more data. 
  • Landsworn is the class for non-combatants, those who cannot or choose not to engage in foam weapon combat. Landsworn players cannot hold or wield a weapon, wear physical armor, or engage in foam weapon combat.
  • Characters who choose to have the possibility of engaging in foam weapon combat CANNOT purchase skills from this list. 
  • The bright, safety-orange Landsworn collar must be worn at all times in character as a Landsworn.
    • If an enemy combatant comes within melee weapon reach of a Landsworn, the Landsworn immediately falls to the ground (as medical condition allows), and take a Stun effect.
  • Players who are normally standard combatants may, at medical need, choose to have their character become Seasonsworn, a kind of Landsworn, for their recovery. All previously-spent CP is converted to Landsworn skills, and the character reverts back to non-Landsworn status once their OOC medical need resolves. These “temporary Landsworn” are referred to as Seasonsworn, for their oaths are for a specific time. Seasonsworn MAY NOT CHOOSE CRAFTING SKILLS that they do not have access to already on their sheet. Example: a Seasonsworn who already has access to the Alchemy class may purchase freely form that class while Seasonsworn. A character who has no Crafting skills may not acquire them when they become Seasonsworn.
  • Landsworn DO NOT choose a Source at character creation.
  • Landsworn begin play with 2 Vitality. 

Landsworn Skills

Because of their special nature, many Landsworn skills come from other lists and Sources.  The Lists are linked here, and the skills the Landsworn has access to are identical in all respects to the skills on those other lists. Example: The Heroic Healing skill is 2 CP, and costs 0 Stamina no the General Skills list. If a Landsworn buys this skill, it costs and functions exactly the same as it would if any other Hero bought it.
  • If a Landsworn gains a skill (through Background, Allegiance, or some other means) that creates an attack effect, they do not gain that skill. Instead, their maximum Stamina goes up by +1 per skill they lose in this manner.
  • Landsworn can ONLY choose skills from this class list, except as defined below.
General Skills List:
  • Diagnose
  • First Aid
  • Income
  • Knowledge (all)
  • Speak Language
  • Write A Letter
  • Heroic Healing
  • Heroic Endurance
Blooded Class List:
  • Attend Me
  • Courier
  • Intercept
  • Maintain Decorum
  • Gossip
  • Noble Accolade
  • Patronage
  • Room & Board
Champion Class List:
  • Empathy
  • Free The Mind
  • Not Dead Yet
  • Rouse
  • Snap Out Of It
  • Tale of Bravery
  • Tale of Restoration
  • Tale of Encouragement
Scholar Class List:
  • Knowledge For All
  • Portable Illumination
  • Always Prepared
  • Copy Text
  • Requires Language (Modern)
  • Language(Obscure)
  • Language (Magical)
  • Linguist
  • Extended Research
  • Combat Medic
  • Set & Splint
  • Efficient Treatment
  • Medical Care
  • Field Surgery
  • Resuscitate
  • Surgery
  • Triage
  • Perfect Recall
  • Professional Discourse
Alchemist, Artificer, & Enchanter Crafting Class Lists:
  • All skills available
  • A Landsworn can not use any item that creates a harmful effect, except when that item is paired with a beneficial effect (a potion that causes Heal + Agony is useable, an engram that adds Agony to a spell is not). They can, however, create such items and provide them to those who can use the item.
Skirmisher Class List:
  • Now You See It, Now You Don’t
  • Unassuming
  • Skeleton Key
  • Pick Locks
  • Wary of the Trap
Primal Source List:
  • Detect Corruption
  • Healing Herbs
  • Kingsfoil
  • Omens & Portents
  • Precognition
  • Speak with Beast or Plant
  • Forseen Action
Arcane Source List:
  • Sense Magic
  • Dispel Magic
  • Speak With Elemental
Otherworld Source List:
  • ALL Skills in this section have Empowerment as a Requirement.
  • Aura of Healing
  • Augury
  • Curing Touch
  • Blessings of the Faithful


Because of their special nature, the Landsworn have slightly different access to the Spell Lists than normal spell casters. The spells available for a Landsworn to purchase are strictly limited, and as such their skills work a little differently. Otherwise their spells and spellcasting work identically according to the standard Spellcasting rules. A Spellcasting Landsworn can purchase only ONE of the skills below. Arcane Landsworn Magic (6 CP) You can purchase ANY of the Landsworn spells from the Air, Earth, Fire, and Water lists with Major access per the normal spellcasting rules. This skill counts as Magical Art for purposes of Requirements.     Otherworld Landsworn Magic (4, 3 CP) Requires Empowerment. You can purchase ANY of the Landsworn spells from the Major lists of your patron god with Major access per normal spellcasting rules.This skill counts as Magic of the Master for purposes of Requirements.  
  • 2nd Purchase: You can purchase ANY of the Landsworn spells from the Minor lists of your patron god with Major access.
  Primal Landsworn Magic (6 CP) You can purchase ANY of the Landsworn spells from the Autumn, Spring, Summer, and Winter lists with Major access per normal spellcasting rules.   Landsworn Spell Lists AIR
  • Abundant Ammunition, Clairvoyance, Eagle’s Will, Freedom of Wind, Foresight, Revitalizing Breeze
  • Bull’s Endurance, Cat’s Agility, Endure Earth, Natural Healing, Protection from Arrows, Purification, Regenerating Vigor, Stonegrip, Stoneskin, Stone Speak
  • Efreet’s Blessing, Energizing Spell, Inner Fire, Revitalizing Flames, Torchlight
  • All spells EXCEPT Heroism & Searing Radiance
  • NONE; the magic of Shadow is not purchasable by Landsworn
  • Energizing Waters, Pureblood, Quench, Refreshing Waters
  • Death & Decay, Wyld Touch, Winter Is Coming, Relentless Seasons
  • Freedom’s Cry, New Growth, Spring Cleaning, Abundant Life, Renewed Spirit, One With Nature, Awaken the Sleeping Beast, Joy of Spring, Warm the Cold Heart, Spirit of Joy
  • Cleansing Breeze, Summer’s Golden Glow, Touch of the Sun, Reign of the Sun, Shield of the Sun, Infusing Heat
  • Frost Ward, Frozen Heart, Ice Armor