Thrown Weapon & Shield Props

You'll quickly notice that these guidelines are written with lots of room for a staff member to make a judgement call on whether a weapon is safe or not. This is intentional, to allow the Safety staff member the authority to determine a weapon's safety. A Safety staff member is completely within their authority to disallow any weapon for criteria not in this list. If a player wishes to appeal a Safety decision, the Directors hold final decision authority.

Throwing Weapons

  • Throwing Weapons must weigh less than 1 pound and be less than 14 inches in the longest axis.
    • Javelins must be less than 2 pounds.
  • Throwing weapons (except Javelins) must be made entirely of foam. No solid core is allowed.
  • Weights must be made with loose materials (plastic beads, LOOSELY-packed birdseed, etc) and must not be solid within the throwing weapon.
  • Striking surface of throwing weapons must have at least 2 inches of closed-cell foam.
  • Boffer throwing weapons must use the the least amount of tape as possible to allow airflow and compression.


  • The minimum dimension on the face of a shield is 12 inches.
  • A Buckler is a defensive instrument with the largest measurement between 12 and 18 inches.
  • A Shield is a defensive instrument with the largest measurement greater than 18 inches.
  • Shield must be padded on the edges and face so as not to cause injury when struck with a forceful blow of an arm/hand.
  • Shields are restricted to a maximum of 9 square feet total. Curved shields are measured along the convex axis.
  • Shield spikes and protruding decorations are allowed, but must be made 100% from foam.
  • A prop is either a Shield/Buckler and follows these rules, or a weapon and follows those rules. No hybrid items will be permitted. Nothing shield-LIKE can be used as a striking implement.