Bows & Crossbows

You'll quickly notice that these guidelines are written with lots of room for a staff member to make a judgement call on whether a weapon is safe or not. This is intentional, to allow the Safety staff member the authority to determine a weapon's safety. A Safety staff member is completely within their authority to disallow any weapon for criteria not in this list. If a player wishes to appeal a Safety decision, the Director holds final decision authority.
  • NERF-style weapons that approximate the shape of a bow or crossbow are not restricted by these rules.
  • No compound bows or compound-crossbows.
  • The maximum poundage allowed on a bow is 35 lbs pull at 28 inches of draw.
  • The maximum poundage allowed on a crossbow is 25 lbs at its loaded draw.
  • A draw stop is required on all arrows to prevent an arrow from being drawn more than 28 inches.
  • Arrow striking surfaces may not easily pass more than 0.5 inches through a 2.0 inch diameter ring.
  • No part of the arrow striking surface may be less than 2 inches in any direction.
  • All arrows must contain a perpendicular penny (or similar rigid metallic or hard plastic stopper) secured at the end of the shaft.
  • The arrow's striking surface must be constructed of open-cell foam or equivalent density closed-cell foam.
  • All arrows must have at least 2 fully secured fletching.
  • Arrowhead cannot have excessive axial or lateral movement.
  • Arrow shafts must be made of fiberglass, graphite, or carbon fiber. Wooden and aluminum arrow shafts are NOT permitted.
  • Bows CANNOT be used as parrying devices unless the character has purchased the skill in-game to do so. Bows used by characters with the skill for parrying must adhere to all melee weapon rules for padding and safety.
  • Crossbows can NEVER be used for parrying.
  • Neither bows nor crossbows can ever be used for melee attacks. They can only deal damage with
  • their projectiles.
Many thanks to for clear, concise base to build our Archery rules from.