Brittanis Guilds


guild, noun an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal.
Everybody does better when everybody does better. Brittanis is a cooperative game both in character and out of character. Over the past three seasons players have stepped up to help with event set up and break down and when staff have asked for help, you all have responded with gusto. Players have in the past received .25 CP for set-up or breakdown;  this policy will continue/transfer to Guild participation.   We are super pleased to roll out a new Guild system to organize & facilitate your volunteer efforts.


The Guilds are meant to:
  • facilitate focused communication between staff and players on guild topics
  • organize groups of common activities that players often assist with
  • Streamline player and staff efforts for setup and teardown at events
  • and to help us help you
  • and help you help us.


Guild Master: Each guild has a Staff member(s) in the role of “Guild Master”. The Guild Master’s role is to communicate the guild needs to the Guild Liaison (see below) and Guild Members. The Guild Master also is available to address guild related questions. If the Guild Master does not have the answer they will contact the game directors. Guild Masters are empowered by the game directors to facilitate the needs of their guild. Guild Masters will track Guild Member participation for CP. Guild Liaison: Each guild will have a player(s) in the roll of “Guild Liaison”. The Guild Liaison’s role will be to facilitate communication from staff to players (and players to staff) regarding guild goals and tasks. Guild Liaisons will also assist in tracking guild member participation for CP bonuses. Guild Liaisons will report player participation to Guild Masters for CP tracking. IN game, players will be directed to seek out Guild Liaison’s first with their guild related questions. If the Guild Liaison does not have the answer, the Liaison will reach out to the Guild Master. If the Guild Master cannot be reached, the Liaison will contact a Director. We will recruit, and are open to players indicating interest in being a “Guild Liaison”. Guild Members: Guild members are Brittanis players and staff dedicated to meeting the needs of the guild. It is the Guild Member’s responsibility to communicate directly to the Guild Liaison and Guild Master about their participation for CP tracking.  


Who participates in the Guilds?

Guild participation is mandatory for staff and voluntary for players. Players will be encouraged to join a guild following their third attended event. Why third event? By then new players may have a sense of all the out of game goings on that help make our in game experience work. No need to wait till your third event to help out. Talk to Guild Liaisons and Guild Masters and jump in for your Guild CP.

Can I be in more than one guild?

Yes. Players may sign up for more than one guild. We ask that you only sign up for guilds that you will make a meaningful contribution to. (to which you will make a meaningful contribution- SMH)

How do I know OUT of game who to contact with my questions or to participate?

The website will have a Guild page contact information as well as guild topics addressed by that Guild Master.

How do I know IN game who to address my questions to?

There will be a new communication board at game this season. It’s location is to be confirmed but will likely be near the Golden Phoenix Tavern or the Raven Station. This board will include IN game names of the Guild Liaison (and perhaps a portrait) for you to first direct your questions to.

How do I make sure I am awarded bonus CP for my efforts?

Explicit communication is key. Understanding the goals and tasks of your guild is the first step. Identifying to the Guild Liaison and Guild Master which tasks you plan to take ownership of is the next step. Finally, reporting back that you completed the task is the best way to ensure your efforts are accounted for. Example: Dealing with game trash has always been a group effort and it provides an easy example for how it would be addressed in a Guild. Trash would fall under the Safety Guild. Rather than a staff member(s) policing trash or there being a designated rally at the end of an event, Safety Guild Master communicates pre-event to Guild Liaison: "Trash bags will be stored here. Recycling here. Extra TP for the port-o-pots here and the trash dumpster is located here. Who has a truck we can load up at the end of the event to take trash to the dumpster?" The Guild Liaison then contacts the rest of their guild members with trash details. Goals would be clearly established prior to the event. The Guild Master would be available during the event for questions and clarifications. As a Guild Member you handle your tasks and then connect with the Guild Liaison. The Guild Liaison reports back to the Guild Master with a list of who participated.


Below you will find a list of the Guilds and the (work in progress) list of associated player tasks/goals/responsibilities.Tasks may be amended, discarded or added as needed.  


Guild Masters: Stephanie H. and Caroline D.
Guild Liaisons: Jeremiah M. and Shannon P.
  • Player Mentors:  these are “Veteran” players of a full season who volunteer to be paired with a new player to answer IG and OOG questions.
  • Homecoming Team:  Designated players who are familiar with event schedule and logistics issues to be point of contact for new players pre game AND PCs dedicated to in game welcoming activities and introductions for new players.
  • Brittanis official fight clubs
  • Friday Night new player orientation


Guild Masters: Annie G. and Megan O.
Guild Liaisons: Emery B. & _________
  • Runners:  will serve especially during setup and teardown to handle questions and deliver messages and items between players and staff. They may also serve during game as needed.
  • Parking: Directs traffic and manages parking areas and issues
  • What goes Where:  knows layout of personal tent space, house pavilions, portopots etc and can direct players during set up
  • Teardown: designated players to address teardown of Monster Camp, Encounter Areas, Game Pavilions
  • Trash: manages collection and disposal of trash.


Guild Master: Tammy S.
Guild Liaisons: Luis B. & ______
  • Security Detail - some events required designated security
  • Firekeepers: Designated players who manage and maintain group fires. Fire Keepers also make contact with any other house fires and help facilitate the safe keeping of all fires on site. Firekeepers are responsible for safely maintaining and monitoring fires during events and to ensure they are properly extinguished after events.
  • Weapons Checkers: are players certified by staff to check weapons during weapons check or on the field if there is question of weapon integrity.
  • Waterkeepers: Designated players who manage water on site. Ensure that the Tavern, Monster Camp and any other designated locations are stocked with water before and during game.


Guild Master: Dawn
Guild Liaisons: _____ & _____
  • Tavern Setup: Designated players focused on Tavern Setup as directed by Lady Zy
  • Tavern Teardown: Designated players focused on Tavern Teardown as directed by Lady Zy
  • Tavernkeepers: Designated players who assist the Tavern as needed by Lady Zy.


Guild Masters: Caroline D. & Mike M.
Guild Liaisons: ______ & _______
  • Monster Camp Setup: Designated players focused on Team Monster setup.
  • Monster Camp Teardown: Designated players focused on Team Monster teardown
  • Patrol Captain: Point of contact for Mod Captain (may in some circumstances be the mod captain). Patrol Captain facilitates a Patrol reporting to Monster Camp.
Please direct general guild questions to Caroline, with GUILD in the subject line to
A special thanks to all the players and staff who reviewed and provided feedback and suggestions to this policy.
For Brittanis, Caroline, Co-Director