Clarification Corner: The Last Stand of the Golden Phoenix

At Brittanis 3.2: FALL OF ASHES, a Really Big Thing happened. If you were there, you know what it is, and there were a bunch of questions following the event that needed some Staff clarification. Here are those answers...well, some of them.  

The Golden Phoenix, Zy, and Farawyn

  • Was the last stand the same location as Cornerstone or was it someplace else.
    • It was a different geographic location than Cornerstone.
  • Did we have this knowledge?
    • Yes-- you know it was not the same physical location. You know it was somewhere far north of Cornerstone, but that’s about it.
  • What was the name of the tavern, was it The Golden Spoon?
    • The Tavern as it appeared in the Story was the Golden Phoenix. Its physical layout and appearance was identical to the one it has now, except the sign. In the Story, the sign was not burned and blackened.
  • -In the past sequence, Lady Zy WAS Lady Zy --- but was Farawyn actually Farawyn or someone else? (In present day I thought I remembered Farawyn then saying something along the lines of 'now I know why you didn't tell me...' and Lady Zy saying something like, "I didn't want you to see, I didn't want you to know.)
    • Before the Story asserted itself, Farawyn was there. When the Story took over, Farawyn was gone, but ANNIE was in the Tavern. During planning, we thought Annie would just be able to put her hand on her head and wait the Story section out, but more Watchers were needed for safety and so she put the orange vest on. Let Me Clarify: FARAWYN was not present in the Story at that time.  
  • Did we recognize Zy and Fairwyn? Was it the golden Phoenix or a different colored one.
    • Zy was exactly as magnificent and cranky as you know her currently. See above.

The Last Stand

  • Caroline was on site during the flashback battle, and I assumed at the time she was playing the incarnation of the Phoenix, is this correct?
    • Caroline was playing the Golden Lady during the Fomorian attack. When the Story asserted itself, that NPC went away, and Caroline had her hand on her head (not present) for the Story section. She did wrangle a couple Cautions, so if you saw her interacting with players during the Story, that’s what was happening. Caroline was not playing any NPC during the Story.
  • Then later when we flashback to present day, she was playing the fomorian/blood death/golden lady– is there any connection there, or did I see what I think I saw?
    • Caroline was playing the Golden Lady-- she was acting as Safety Staff during the Story.
  • For those that died, especially those that died early, do we remember the whole thing or just up to where we died?
    • Your past self knew that the Golden Phoenix’s Graveyard had already been destroyed and de-consecrated by the Tiberians when the Last Stand came. What happened when the Heroes died had been a topic of much discussion in those final days, for without a Book of the Dead, what happened to the Hero’s souls? The spirits of the Past Heroes had nowhere to go when they fell, and as such lingered on, watching the carnage: friends, allies, and enemies alike dying ignobly in the mud. Yes, that’s horrible. It’s called DARK Arthurian Fantasy for a reason.

Heroes of the Past

  • In "current" Lore, was the "The Last Stand" before Heroes disappeared for 500+ years?
    • The Last Stand took place sometime during the Tiberian Invasion (which is different than the Tiberian Occupation by a good while. Ask your favorite Scholar! Every House should have one!)
  • -The Hero I/we all were in the past....that was us reincarnated, right? So that Hero would have the same Virtues as me?
    • The Past Heroes were indeed your previous self from the last Desolation. As such, *at least 3* of their Virtues would be the same as those you have currently.
  • -If they are the same virtues, would they have the same primary, secondary, tertiary?
    • Ranking Virtues is a purely roleplaying choice by the player. As such, it’s highly unlikely that the past Hero valued them in the same order. Possible, but unlikely. Such a thing would indicate a VERY strong tie to that particular past life.
  • If Malone wasn't Malone, was he a warden? If so, could we tell?
    • The character played by David Flannery in the Story *WAS NOT* Malone. In the Story, the past incarnation of Malone *had been* the Warden, until they finished training their successor. The Tiberians had hunted and killed their apprentice Warden, and wanted them to know the line of Heroes would end at the Last Stand because even if they trained a new apprentice, there would be no Phoenix to support new Heroes, and no Heroes left to carry on the fight. They left that former Warden for last to show that Warden how utterly they had failed. Your past Hero knew that then, and your current Hero knows it now.

Rules Clarifications

  • We were all past lives of ourselves, but we had all of our abilities from current time. Was that just an OOC logistical decision or did our past lives experience different power sets during that battle?
    • When the Story took over, it placed your current Hero inside the head of the previous.  Your mind translated the past Hero’s abilities into something your mind could comprehend. That doesn’t mean that your past self was the same kind of Hero-- they very likely weren’t at all--just that the Story translated their abilities into something you could easily understand. So just because your present Hero remembers swinging a sword and using a shield doesn’t mean your past self wasn’t blasting enemies with magic. Yep, it's slightly confusing. Time travel is confusing. 
  • When our Hero Trait was lost -- we lost "everything on our character sheet" -- what does that ACTUALLY mean?
    • As the Last Stand was an experiment, we realized afterwards that the rules brief after the Phoenix fell should have been far more explicit. I (Jason) should have been more clear; if we have the chance to do something like this again, we certainly will be. A better explanation would have been: “All skills on your sheet except Race, Background, Weapon, Armor, and Shield skills are unusable. Signature Items are useable, as are consumable crafting items like alchemy and scrolls, as well as magic items purchased from the caravans, etc. Everything else is gone.”
  • Did we lose those traits because our spirit was broken? (Not actual spirit but metaphysical one) cause non- heroes taught most of us our beginning skills
    • In effect, your Heroic nature is the link between whatever supernatural power reservoir you access (Source) and your mortal self. When the Phoenix fell, that link was severed and you lost the ability to reach it.
  • why DID our Arcane/primal/otherworld skills drop? Is the hero trait so deeply within us that it pulls out other bits when it is removed?
    • That’s a good way of looking at it. Your ability to access the things that give you greater-than-normal abilities was severed.
  • Was the "use your present character sheet" a largely logistical matter, since we might have had a different source? (ie... We were using abilities from present sheet to roughly represent other, more appropriate abilities from that source.)
    • See above.

Returned Heroes (the 6 who Resisted the Stun)

  • Even though we recognize Malone as "the warden of heros" is he that times warden? Or is he still  "malone"?
    • When you entered the Story, some of the past Heroes’ knowledge was given to you. See above.
  • To expand on that. When we (The Returned Heroes) came in you said we didn’t recognize anyone. (Im guessing because they are in their previous incarnations)
    • Correct.
  • Do the Heroes who were at The Last Stand as their past-Heroes specifically remember the Returned Heroes? (ie: Do they all have specific memories of us 6 charging in and know who we are even if we haven't had the opportunity to meet them in the present yet?
    • The Heroes who were present at The Last Stand do remember the Returned Heroes-- including those of races that didn’t exist on Brittanis at the time (Khemri), even if they were dead when the Last Charge happened. See above.

Writing Your Heroic Past

  • Can we write up who that past hero was and make a story for them?
    • Staff is working on a plan to implement exactly that before the June Campaign Day. We handed out the Past Hero cards randomly (and ran out), and those defined your past hero’s gender, Source, and some cards had a few other traits defined. Players will have the opportunity to fill in more details as time goes on-- both through play and creating those details themselves. First we’ve got to record what everyone is starting out with.  
  • Can we influence, explain, or define how our characters appeared to others, if we have ideas about the past already--even in vague, hazy terms--if asked?
    • For MOST current Heroes, it’s all very, VERY hazy. You remember the events of the Last Stand clearly enough, but that’s largely it. However, a very few Heroes of the present age have had enough dealings with the past to have earned more information than was gained in the Last Stand. *IF AND ONLY IF* you are one of those Heroes, the information about your past self is still in your head.
  • How much identity, sense of self, or motivation from the past do the characters from the present remember?
    • See 18a. You remember the moments of the Last Stand, but not much else at all of your previous self.

Really Good Questions

(Let Me Clarify: These should be pursued IG)
  • Speaking of dying, when the 6 died, did anything happen to them?
  • When we go there zy was dead but fairwyn was there. And so does that mean that she also remembers the 6 heros that time traveled. Now that she remembers the last stand?
    • See above for part of this answer.