Brittanis is divided into many sovereign nations, each with their own histories, noble houses, traditions, and political situations. Gameplay is centered in Albion, but the many national factions of the land have great influence and impact on each other. Minor events in one nation might spark major changes in another, and radical changes in a nation will swiftly ripple out to all its neighbors.

Human Nations

Albion: The Aspiring Pendragon

Benwyck: Civil War

Cambria: Clans & Claymores

Kernow: Grim Guerrilla War

Logres: The Lost Kingdom

Lyonesse: Queen Under Siege

Malagant: Unending War Machine

Orkenay: Hive of Scum & Villainy

Siluria: Dark Magic, Dark Cults

Non-Human Nations

Rendayn: Faerie & Magic

Seridane: the Crystal Kingdom

Valyngaard: Land of Our Fathers

Ironhall: Devil's Army