Playable Races

A character’s racial traits determine the kinds of stories your character will be drawn into, and which types of abilities they are most skilled at and give you a foundation of rules to build your character from. Write down your character’s Racial Skills on their character sheet. The Humans of the realm are a diverse and adaptable people, divided into four subraces.
  • Britons are folk whose blood mixed that of the Tiberians and native folk, and tend to be bound by honor and strong-willed.
  • Brynn are the cunning, freedom-loving folk of the western highlands.
  • Norn are hardy folk who love challenge and conflict.
  • Khemri are newcomers to Brittanis, wanderers and traders who never stop in one place for long.
Non humans consist of three races:
  • Free Dwarves are a stout, hardworking folk who have been made refugees from their homeland in the northern mountains.
  • Erin’Tar are a fae folk steeped in magic and many of the most powerful adepts are of their blood. They are also called Sun Elves or High Elves.
  • Gael’Dar are a wild and nature-loving folk, stealthy and possessed of a fierce, mutable spirit. They are also called Wild Elves, Wood Elves, or Moon Elves.
As time goes on and more races are revealed in-game, more races may be added to the list of PC-playable races. Choosing a Race gives you traits and skills automatically; it also give you the option to buy skills from that race’s list as your character increases in power. Race also determines what Heroic Traits you can choose from.