The Watchers

Since the Tiberian Empire left Brittanis, a group of spirits has appeared more and more frequently throughout Brittanis. They tend to be more present during times of stress or battle, possibly to record events or bear witness to great deeds-- indeed, some believe that The Watchers are the spirits of long-dead Heroes of Brittanis come back to aid the new generation of Heroes.
While these spirits tend to be present where heroes are found, they do not normally interact with such adventurers. At times, they speak to living heroes and provide snippets of information or dire warnings.
While the Watchers do not normally talk to others, they have a great respect for tradesmen and people of knowledge. They have been known to provide insight to people who have taken time to study a subject.

Since there is no out-of-game, there are no OOG Marshals.

Brittanis therefore utilizes the Watchers as a means to divulge OOG information in an in-game manner. A member of the Watchers can be identified through the tabards or sashes they wear, with the outline of a white eye upon it.

Some examples of a Watcher’s role include:

  • Explaining the mechanics of a module – “beware the green hanging tendrils, they will Root you to the ground;”
  • Provide information for plotlines – “Beyond this point, you will enter a darkened swamp and come upon a cottage;”
  • Oversee field battles and player vs. player situations;
  • Oversee thieving or other stealth/sneaking situations;
  • Deliver Ambient effects to characters
  • Give information to players that have purchased Knowledge skills.

When attempting to find out if a particular Knowledge will yield information, players are encouraged to give a small bit of information, followed by the phrase "... for I am a of .”

Example: if Valyrion found himself in a situation where he believed he was up against Undead, but wanted to know what kind, he might walk near a Watcher and say something like "I could tell that this place would be trouble just from the smell of undeath, for I am a Sage of Undead Lore." At that point, the Watcher could respond, "Yes, the smell of a Vampire is quite pungent." All of this information is delivered in real time, so continuously talking about what you know may not be feasible in a combat situation.

Watchers do not interact with PC’s as a combative character and will NEVER divulge information given to them by other players or related to other players. However, everything you see or hear from a Watcher, your character sees or hears. Watchers do not like to be hounded, and if they feel surrounded, they may start to repel those around them. They do not have names and typically congregate near Summoner’s Rock (i.e. Monster Shack).

The information they divulge should be considered accurate. Spirits have no reason to deceive the living.

[Special thanks to W.A.R. Accelerant for this idea and implementation!!]