All player characters have 5 major Resources: Vitality, Stamina, Skills, Character Points, and Downtime.


Stamina is what powers a character's abilities. A character who wishes to use a skill must expend effort and energy to accomplish a task; this effort is represented by Stamina points. When you decide to use a skill or spell, or attack, that skill description tells you how much Stamina it costs to fuel that ability. If you don't have enough Stamina left, you can't use a skill or ability. All characters at Character Creation start with 10 Stamina. As you gain experience, you will gain additional Stamina. Some racial choices modify your base Stamina as well. Some skills and spells can refresh Stamina, giving some of it back to a character. Some skills can increase a character's maximum Stamina or give a character points that can be spent instead of Stamina on character abilities. Stamina automatically refreshes at the beginning of each Watch. When Staff sounds the airhorn, you can rest for 5 minutes and Refresh all spent Stamina, up to your Maximum.


Vitality is a measure of your character's physical health and ability to resist harm. Vitality is not only your character's ability to withstand bodily punishment, though that is a part of it. Vitality also measures your character's will to live and ability to turn a strong blow into a glancing blow, their luck in avoiding harm, and fighting spirit. As your character becomes injured, you will subtract points from Vitality based on how much damage the character takes. When your Vitality reaches 0, you fall to the ground and begin dying. Vitality can also be used to power some character skills in a similar manner to Stamina. All characters start with 5 Vitality. As you gain experience, you will gain additional Vitality. Some racial choices modify your base Vitality as well. Some skills and spells can refresh Vitality-- this is done with the Heal effect. Some skills can increase a character's maximum Vitality.


Skills are the in-game definitions of what a character can do. Some skills give a permanent bonus, and others can only be used a certain number of times per event, day, watch, or battle. The Skill Header System goes into far more detail about character skills.

Character Points

Character Points (abbreviated CP) are the measure of how much a character has learned and how much power they have gained. At Character Creation, all player characters begin with 25 "virtual" Character Points called Starting Points that are used to define the skills a character starts game with. Character power level is broken into Tiers, representing major divisions of character ability. The more events you attend (and pay for), the more Character Points you attain and the more powerful your character becomes. Gaining Character Points are detailed further in Advancement.


Downtime is a resource that allows characters to learn, create, and research in between events. For every Adventure Weekend a player attends and pays for, the character they played gets 6 hours of Downtime to spend before the next event. Players who choose to play more than 1 character at an Adventure Weekend must split Downtime evenly between characters player. For an Adventure Day or Promotional Event, a player gets no hours of Downtime. Downtime is a non-refreshing Resource; once it is spent, it is gone forever. The only way to get more Downtime is to attend another event. Downtime can also be spent to use Information Skills and to utilize the Item Creation system. Details for those uses are in their respective sections.