Events, Days, Watches & Battles

In a tabletop RPG, it’s easy to keep track of how much time has passed—the Game Master usually tells you, or you keep track of the events that pass in terms of combat rounds. We all know that Live Action Gaming is a bit more chaotic than that, so we have divided up the Brittanis experience into discrete pieces for ease of tracking and simplicity. From greatest to smallest, the divisions of time are:
  • Event: An entire LARP experience, usually a weekend.
  • Day: Most weekend events will have 3 “days”— Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Some abilities are measured in “times per day” and reset at these time markers.
  • Watch: A roughly six hour period. Each Day will have two Watches. Watches will be sounded by the blast of an air horn, or the pounding of a drum.
  • Battle: The smallest of the abstract time periods, a battle is typically only a couple of minutes long, but could go on for a while if waves of enemies keep attacking. A battle begins at engagement (see below). Once battle is engaged, a character can only reset “per battle” skills by resting in a Safe Place for 5 minutes
Engagement refers to opponents having hostile intent within packet range.

Resting & Activity

Various effects and skills exist that require time before they are completed or removed. This time is defined in one of two ways; Rest is generally used when an effect has some passive duration which will wear off if you have time to rest. Activity time is used when you must perform some action such as repairing an item or binding wounds before a skill will work. In order to satisfy either requirement, you must spend the time uninterrupted. If you are forced to break the conditions of Rest or Activity time then that attempt ends and you must start again from the beginning. Resting requires you to be sitting, lying down, or kneeling. You cannot walk or run. You can talk and gesture, but you cannot use any game skills, used called attacks or use called defenses while you are resting.
  • You are resting if you are Dead, Paralyzed, Stunned, or unconscious. Paralyzed characters are resting even if they are standing or in some other paralyzed position.
  • Effects which require rest can overlap; what this means is that a single rest time can be used for multiple effects.
Example: Kendrick has a game skill that allows him to reset a magical defense after a minute of rest, and he is affected by a Root effect and a Weakness Effect. Both Effects expire after 5 minutes of Rest. Kendrick can rest for five minutes and apply the time to all three benefits. The Root would end, the Weakness would end, and the skill could be used to reset the defense.
Activity Time represents something that requires your concentration. Activity time might be required to repair armor, bind wounds, or meditate to remove an effect. You must spend the time roleplaying in a manner appropriate for the skill or ability you are using. You may talk with others during this role play time if you wish so long as the skill or ability description does not have additional restrictions in its description.
  • Activity time requires that you stay in the same area as you role play the activity. You cannot walk or run. You cannot use other game skills, used called attacks, or use called defenses during this time.
  • Skills and abilities which require activity time DO NOT overlap; what this means is that if you have two different skills that require activity time to perform that time spent on one activity time cannot be applied to any other activity. You have to role play each activity time separately to use the skill.
  • Effects that prevent you from using game skills also prevent you from spending activity time.
  • Resting time and Activity time do not overlap.
Example: Kendrick and Brekk each have a skill which provides armor points. Kendrick has a skill that requires one minute of rest to refresh his armor points. Brekk has a skill that requires one minute of activity to refresh armor.
Both sit down to “rest off” a Weakness effect. During that time, Kendrick may also refresh his armor points, because his armor points refresh on a rest. Brekk will still have to spend one minute of role play to refresh his armor.
Many Effects last until you rest for five minutes. See individual Effect descriptions for specifics.