Weapon Construction

Brittanis is a game where heroes are in constant danger, where they must be prepared to defend themselves as well as those who cannot defend themselves. Thus, weapons and weapon combat play a big part in the game. Because of this, Brittanis has very clear safety rules in regards to weapons and weapon combat.

Every Weapon, Every Time

This is a simple, easy-to-remember phrase that we use to reference the weapon safety check process. It simply means that every single weapon (and EVERY piece of ammunition) must be checked by Staff before that weapon will be allowed in play. During your check-in process, one of the steps is the Safety Check Station. At the Safety Check station, a staff member will examine every weapon you wish to bring into game and every piece of ammunition (yes, your NERF darts will be checked) This step can take a while, so please be patient with the staff member. They are trying to process you through as fast as possible, but they are also responsible for the safety of the other players and staff who will be the ones getting hit by your weapons. Likewise, they will also be checking the weapons that will be hitting YOU. Let them do their job, please. If your weapon passes the safety check, the Staff member will put a colored tag on your weapon somewhere on a non-striking surface (usually on the handle just above the pommel, or under the head of an axe or polearm). The color for this tag will change at each event, and if you have a previous safety tag, the Safety staff will clip it off and replace it. Thrusting tips have a special tag of their own and it, too, will be added to the weapon when the thrusting tip is verified and passes safety (see Thrusting Tips, below). Remember, just because your weapon passed last event does NOT mean it will pass this time, especially if you have been fighting with it between events. Weather, improper storage, heat and cold as well as ambient moisture can all break down weapons to the point they become unsafe. If you are caught fighting with a weapon that does not have a current tag, you will be escorted out of the event and WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND. Brittanis takes weapon safety EXTREMELY seriously and violation will not be tolerated. It is highly recommended that players who engage in heavy fighting check their safety tag at the end of every fight to make sure it is still present. If you need a new tag, head up to Monster Camp and you can obtain a new one with no problem.

Weapon Categories

As far as the rules are concerned, there are several different categories of weapons, and specific skills are purchased in order to use them. All weapons will have 2 keywords. One denotes their Size, and the other denotes their Type. For example, a 37 inch bastard sword would be a Medium Blade, and a 17 inch throwing hammer would be a Small Blunt, etc.
    • Small Weapons are LESS THAN 18 inches long.
    • Short Weapons are 18 inches to LESS THAN 32 inches long.
    • Medium Weapons are between 32 and LESS THAN 42 inches long.
    • Large Weapons are 42 inches long or greater.
    • Blades is the category for weapons whose primary striking surface is a non-hafted bladed edge designed for slashing or a combination of slashing and thrusting. Swords, Daggers, etc are Blades.
    • Blunt is the category for any hafted weapon whose damage is applied by crushing force, or crushing force augmented by spikes. Maces, hammers, clubs, etc all qualify as Blunt.
    • Axes is the category for any hafted weapon whose damage is allied by a wedge-shaped edge backed up by a crushing weight.
    • Polearm is a catch-all for any non-thrusting striking head on the end of a haft. All polearms are Large Weapons. Halberds, Glaives, etc are polearms.
    • Staff is a special category that applies to a Large, Blunt, double-ended weapon.
    • Spear is the specific name for a thrusting blade on the end of a haft. Spears can be Medium or Large.
    • Exotic Weapon is a catch-all for weapons that do not NEATLY fit into a particular category. Any double-ended weapon, weapon that combines elements of a shield, or otherwise does not fit another category is considered Exotic, and the skill to use it must be bought individually.
    • Thrown Weapons are those designed for hurling by hand at an enemy.
    • Bows are any stave weapon designed for hurling a projectile (arrows) at a target. Bows have their own safety rules (see below).
    • Crossbows are a stave weapon mounted perpendicular to a stock. Crossbows have their own safety rules (see below). NERF weapons modified to look like hand crossbows are permitted, so long as they are modified to look appropriate.

Weapon Construction Safety

Note: Quiche Commandos has a FANTASTIC tutorial for making exceptional quality home-made weapons. You really should check it out. It's from England, so you'll have to find US equivalents for some materials, but it's really the best tutorial out there. 100% recommended.