Post-Event Surveys

A Post-Event Letter (also called Post-Event Survey) is an online survey with specific questions Staff needs answered WITHIN 7 DAYS AFTER RECEIVING THE LINK.

The Survey link will be sent out in an email within 72 hours of the event. From the time that email is sent, players/Team Monster have 7 days to fill out the survey in order to get credit for it.

It is the PLAYER’S RESPONSIBILITY to get the PEL to the Staff. We’ll be getting PELs from many players. We will not take the time to ask for yours. If you want the bonus Character Points, make sure we get it.

Many players discover that writing the PEL sooner rather than later is ideal—they go home, shower and clean up, sleep some of the exhaustion off, then wake up and write the PEL immediately before the details flee their memory.

A PEL serves many purposes:

  • It’s a chance for you to brag on yourself and your friends who did awesome stuff, and remind the staff of the stuff that happened.
  • PEL lets the Staff know what YOU think happened, regardless of what the truth of the situation (that your character might not know) really is.
  • PEL lets the Staff know what is important to you—if you mention all the fights you were a part of, we know that’s the part you like or focus on, and we can better tailor modules and missions for those expectations in the future.
  • PEL is the place to let us know about critiques of the game. If you think a Marshal made a bad call, THE PEL IS A GREAT PLACE TO MENTION IT (private communication with the Player Liaison is also a good pIace to start) Is someone continuously Rhino Hiding? Put it in the PEL. Was an adventure unbeatable, or way too easy, or just plain confusing? Put it in the PEL. There are some guidelines for critiques, however.
    • BE SPECIFIC. All PELs are confidential among Staff. Any Staff member caught sharing PELs with players will not be a Staff member afterwards. If you have an issue with a specific player, this is a place to name them and name the issue specifically. Generic, cryptic, or passive-aggressive, “some people in your game are doing X…” will be COMPLETELY IGNORED. Be a grown-up and name your issues like an adult. If you don’t help Staff know who is causing the problem, we can’t fix the problem.
    • BE SPECIFIC. Give the details of an event you are critiquing. If your issue is with a particular monster, be specific. If it’s an encounter within an adventure, let us know which one. If your issue is with a Staff member specifically, this is also the time to mention them by name. Any Staff member retaliating for a critique against a player will not be Staff afterwards. We want to make the game better for all the players. This is how you can help make that happen.
    • BE SPECIFIC. Noticing a theme here?

Final Note: If you're into podcasts, LARPCAST has a fantastic episode on Player/Staff Communication. It has some great specific guidelines and suggestions for PELs. You can listen to it HERE.