Reserve Points

Losing a character to permanent death can be an unpleasant experience, and often comes unexpectedly. Keeping this in mind, Brittanis also wishes to thank and reward players who come back event after event with dedication. These are the reasons Reserve Points exist. Every event you attend, whether it is an Adventure Weekend, Adventure Day, volunteer time, Cast Workshop, etc gains THE PLAYER 1 Reserve Point. Note that reserve points do not apply to a particular character, but to the player. Thus, if you decide to play multiple characters, you still only have one pool of Reserve Points. If your character suffers Permanent Death (or you voluntarily choose to retire a character), you may spend your Reserve Points to increase the advancement of your next character. You can choose to convert 1 Reserve Point into 1 Character Points, and apply those CP to the new character. You are not required to do so, nor do you have to spend all Reserve Points you may have accumulated. Note that the converted Reserve Points apply as EARNED Character Points, and not Starting Points, giving the new character all the benefits of a character with more in-game longevity.
Example: Sam has been playing his character Valyrion for a long time, and has attended enough events to get him 27 Reserve Points. Valyrion unfortunately dies and meets the Reaper. Valyrion goes to face the Reaper and unfortunately he fails the Reaper's test-- Valyrion suffers permanent death. Sam is understandably upset by this, but when he creates his new character, he chooses to spend all of his Reserve Points, converting them over to 40.5 CP. Because of this, his next character starts as a 2nd Tier character, getting the +2 Vitality and +2 Stamina of a 2nd Tier character. Likewise, Sam’s new character can unlock up to 2 Power Sources and 3 Classes