Earning CP & Immersive Kit Rewards

(see also Reserve Points) Every event you attend will earn your character at least a base amount of Character Points. Beyond that base amount, any additional points you earn are up to you, determined by the time, dedication, and investment you wish to put into the game. The more effort and investment you put into the game, the more the game rewards that investment. Brittanis is focused on immersing both you the player as well as your character in a world that is as realistic and tactile as possible. The less you have to come out of game to ask a question, have a Marshal make a rules call, or interact with things from the mundane world, the more immersed into the game you will be. This is why the Staff are so focused on maintaining that immersion—and why the game rules reward you as a player reinforcing that immersion with garb, weapons, and accessories. The Staff does its best to make the monsters and NPCs look as real-to-life as possible within reason. We put a lot of time and effort into building costumes, make-up, weapons, and plot that reinforces the fantasy world of Brittanis. The more you as a player help us out by doing the same, the more the game rewards you with Character Points.
CP Award Activity
2 CP/6 DT Full Weekend Event
1 CP/3 DT Partial Weekend Event, Workshop, Work Day, Feast
Up to .25 CP Clothing (see below)
Up to .25 CP Accessories (see below)
CP varies Camp (see below)
.25 CP Volunteer for 1 meal service in the Kitchen/Tavern
.25 CP Assist with Event Setup
.25 CP Assist with Event Cleanup
.25 CP Serve 1 EXTRA Watch on Team Monster  (up to 2/event)
1 CP/3DT $20, 1/calendar month max

The Purpose of Your Kit

"Kit" is a LARPing term stolen from the UK/European community that basically means "everything your character wears or carries." As far as Brittanis is concerned, your camp and group social areas also fall into this definition. Player Character's kit has 3 purposes, in order of importance:
  1. Identification. Your clothing, accessories, and camp define and tell others WHO your character is in terms of the game world, WHERE they come from, and WHAT they do. Examples include a Brynn character wearing tartan and carrying a great sword, a Brittanic knight covered in plate-and-chain armor with a tabard displaying his coat of arms, a Free Dwarf with prosthetic beard, rune-covered bracers and helm, a Faetouched character with all kinds of obvious cosmetic differences, or an Erin'Tar or Gael'Dar elf with prosthetic ear tips. All of these things tell another player at a distance categorizing information about a character, helping them interact appropriately.
  2. Immersion. Defined as "a state of being deeply engaged, involved; absorbed", the entire Brittanis community works hard to maintain an immersive atmosphere where you can come play a character and forget about the outside world for a while. The less you have to use your imagination to fill in the holes of the world, the more your brain is actually immersed in the word of Brittanis-- that's why we focus so hard on quality costumes, props, weapons, and special effects in our game. The better ALL our kit looks, the less we create the world inside our heads and instead PLAY the game on the field with our friends.
  3. Tells A Story. The clothes your character is wearing-- in the game world-- aren't a costume. They're your daily clothing, or maybe a special outfit for a special occasion. It gets worn more than a couple days a month. It has wear, and stains, and is likely patched or repaired in a few places where a monster tried to eat your face and failed. Or maybe it doesn't, because your character spends a lot of time and effort and money to keep it looking brand new. The dings and dents in your armor and weapons have stories behind them. A dirty hem and muddy boots tell a story, as does a pristine tabard and bleached-white shirt. When building your kit, take time to think about what kind of story you're telling about your character with each piece. Also bear in mind that, along with #1 & 2, you should be telling that story at a distance whenever possible, because those details all add up to the immersion of the world, and *everyone* benefits from that.

Kit Rewards

The CP awards given for kit are given on the lowest level applicable. For instance, if you have AWESOME Level 3 shirt, pants, and doublet but bright white tennis shoes, you’re still Level 1. A set of spats, winningas or boot covers to hide your footgear would get you up to the Level 2 award. A set of completely period boots would get you up to Level 3, along with the other clothing of that level. CP awards for kit should be considered as a GOAL, not an expectation or a judgement on that player. We want to reward players for investing in the game-- it takes both time & money to kit out a character; the more a player chooses to invest in the game, the more the game wants to reward that player for making the game better for everyone. But understand that we want to reward the players who invest in the game, so maxing out all awards won't be easy. Google, Youtube, and the internet in general have TONS of resources available, and the Brittanis FB Group is full of folk who make stuff or know how to make stuff. Post up a question on our Facebook page and you'll get an answer or a suggection quickest. Make a friend and learn a new skill, then teach that skill to someone else. The better everyone looks, the more fun we all have forgetting the mundane world for a while.

Modern eyeglasses are an exception to all costuming rules: wear ‘em if you need ‘em.

Note: If you have a medical condition and need an exception for a particular item of costuming (modern wrist/knee brace, medical footgear, crutches, etc), contact Staff via email AT LEAST 7 DAYS PRIOR TO EVENT. We’ll make sure your Player File gets notated and try to get something set up to obscure the modernism, even if it’s just a scrap of cloth wrapped around it. Even if that isn’t possible, as long as you let us know ahead of time, it won’t apply to your Costume Level.

Camp & Kit Pictures

In order to receive Kit & Camp Bonus CP, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for submitting pictures to Staff in the following way:
  • You must attend an event in order to be eligible for any Bonus CP.
  • Kit Pictures: Update your Database Character Picture before an Interlude, Feast, Campaign Day, or Weekend Event (these are the events costume/Kit CP are awarded). These updates will be accepted up to 3 days before an event, and up through the end of the actual event. These are timestamped when submitted. This is done in your Character Record on the Brittanis Database.  Make sure this updated picture is the kit you will actually be wearing at the event.  Costume/Kit CP will be awarded off these pics, so make sure the pic is clear and well lit.
  • Camp Pictures:  Pictures of the camps are the responsibility of the Houses / Factions to take, and should be submitted to Brittanis.logistics@gmail.com eventually you will be able to update these to the database as well. A helpful suggestion is to take pictures of them on Saturday, and as group pictures would be appreciated. More pics are better than less. Example: House Frost has ten members attend an event, and they have two camps, one is an 8 point camp, one is a 3 point camp. The total for both camps is 8 + 3 = 11, when divided by the ten members of the house who showed up to the game event weekend, they all earned an additional 1.1 cp (11 / 10 =1.1)


Defined as:
  • garments of cloth or flexible leather
  • no obvious protective value
  • to include belts, pouches, non-protective headgear and footwear
Level 1: + 0 CP; Basics. No modern clothing, logos, tshirts, denim, shoes, etc. All racial costuming requirements met (dwarven beards/braids, elven prosthetic ears, Faetouched weirdness, etc). Little/no trim, decoration, detail or visual interest beyond silhouette. Obviously modern elements. Most internet-purchased basic items and store-bought garb will fall into this category. Without embellishment, it's Level 1. RACE BANDS ARE REQUIRED WITH LEVEL 1 CLOTHING. See individual racial pages for details.  Unknown OUTFIT-33_1_ GB3566_1_ WENCH-2_1_   Level 2: + .10 CP; "Renfaire Standard" clothing. Easily identifies what Race/Culture a character belongs to. Some trim, embellishment, and added decoration. Coolthentic jewelry, accessories, layers and visual interest. The vast majority of players will fall into this category. Race bands NOT required. lvl 2 sdonewbcrlvl 2lvl2 asedewdlvl 2 sdcmoinulvl 2 dmieowub
Level 3: .25 CP; You look like you just stepped out of a Lord of the rings movie, Game of Thrones, or Vikings TV show. Highly-immersive Brittanis-appropriate garb; lots of trim, texture, detail and accessories; weathering/distressing as appropriate. starks game_of_thrones_costume_a_l renly  vik viksdf vik deferf boromir gimli lotr
Note: even the most awesome, intricate set of skulls-and-spikes-and-Chaos armor fails the “Brittanis-appropriate” clause miserably. As does pretty much anything from Hot Topic, Spencers, etc. Please, Don’t Be That Guy.  


Defined as:
  • garments of obviously protective value (armor)
  • weapons & shields
  • tools, wands, medical kits, and other props
To be clear, we allow items of just about any material and construction on the field as long as they are safe. The most important criteria is how an item looks. If it's made of plastic but looks like ancient metal or aged wood, great. If it's made of foam, but looks like it's coolthentic, groovy. Level 1: + 0 CP; made of obviously modern materials/construction;  obvious plastic; unmodified modern sports equipment; armor or props blatantly inappropriate to Brittanis; weapons/shields without obvious real-world weapon shape (most Combat Sport weapons); items meeting none or only one of the criteria above dag Level 2: +.10 CP; modified sports equipment armor, weapons with obvious realistic silhouette/profile , coolthentic props that meet at least 2 of the criteria above. Note: It’s entirely possible to make modern sports equipment such as baseball arm/shinguards and chest protectors look entirely appropriate and get the Level 2 bonus for them. The items just have to be modified to be costume pieces instead of stuff you just picked up at Play It Again Sports.  duct_tape_swords_6_by_ootman-d345ew2 Level 3: + .25 CP; high quality coolthentic props with weathering, detail and meeting all criteria above; latex, poured-foam, or plastidip weapons meeting all criteria above; coolthentic-looking armor regardless of construction materials.
book:scroll case chain


NOTE: This section is brand new for 2016, and is subject to change as we play test.  Defined as:
  • Living and/or communal gathering space used by players
  • Tents, awnings, shades, portable wooden buildings, etc.
  • Approximately 10'x10' per space
  • Inspiration at the Brittanis Pinterest Boards! 
CP for a camp will be awarded by FACTION, and divided among players present for an event, encouraging the group to work together and build the best space possible for your House or Clan.   Lvl 1: +0 CP: No camp/modern camping equipment visible.
This picture os from the OOG area in Monster Camp.
This picture os from the OOG area in Monster Camp.
Lvl 2: +2 CP: ALL MODERN EQUIPMENT DISGUISED/CONCEALED. Single space/Basic but coolthentic camp. +1 CP per space for decorations. lilies 1 sca1 sca 2 Lvl 3: 3 CP for first space if completely decorated/embellished, +2 CP per additional space. +1 CP basic decorations, +2 CP per space for transforming the space into immersive, coolthentic playspace. viking 2sca 4sca 5