Accelerant Quicksheet

(PDF version available for download & printing)

Safety & Etiquette

OOG CallOOG Condition
CautionSituation threatens player health. <10 sec ideal.
Clarification?Please repeat or explain last verbal. <3 sec ideal. Usually used by new players.
Let Me ClarifyNPC ONLY. The information immediately following the call should be considered true by any hearing it. Used to clarify in-game encounters, and only with special permission.
EMERGENCYPlayer or Staff has been injured. IMMEDIATELY take a knee and assess situation. GAME STOPS FOR DURATION OF MEDICAL EMERGENCY.
Hands OnAs a question, requesting consent to touch. As a statement, giving consent to touch.
Hands OffDenying consent to touch - all roleplay of touch must be pantomimed. Touch consent can be revoked at any time, no explanation necessary.

Attack Effects

OOG CallOOG Condition
AfflictionWorks like Death Strike, followed by a verbal. Delivered by non-weapon attack.
Death StrikeDeath by Skill effect. Must count "Death Strike One" etc to 3 at normal speaking pace and volume. Must use weapon. Target immediately begins 5 minute count to become Spirit.
GazeTarget must meet eyes for 3 seconds and then verbal "By My Gaze" can be used.
GestureAttacker Points with hand or weapon and calls verbal. Effect lasts as long as gesture is maintained.
NameAttack verbal "By Your Name" affects only targets whose name, part of their name, or known pseudonym is part of the attack verbal.
RoomAffects all targets inside the same room or set of walls as the attacker.
Voice/PlaceAffects all targets within the sound of the attack verbal. Voice attacks originate from a creature; place attacks are part of an area.
ShortChanges duration of effect from normal to "until target has rested for 10 sec"
PermanentChanges duration of effect from normal to "until removed."
Double/TripleCauses multiple instances of an attack to occur with same verbal. Each separate instance must be defended against individually.
AgonyWracked with pain. Cannot attack. Can run/stagger, can use weapon skills and defense skills. Lasts 10 sec.
DamageRemoves X vitality equal to attack verbal. If damage has ONLY the "by Weapon" trait, it can be left off of verbal, ex. "5 Damage by Weapon" becomes simply, "5"
DeathTarget has 0 Vitality, immediately begins 5 minute countdown before becoming Spirit. All non Imbue/Afflict effects end.
DestroyMust be targeted at item. Item has no value and becomes unusable for all game purposes except Recycling. Melee verbals affect item touched. Missile/packet verbals must include targeted item. Can only be restored with a Repair effect. Can only effect tagged items.
DisarmMust immediately drop all items held in the hand; can only retrieve item after dropped item has stopped moving. Melee verbals affect struck limb; missile or packet verbals must declare targeted hand. Fragile or breakable items can be set down gently and cannot be retrieved for 5 full seconds. Does not affect shields unless skill specifically states "Disarm Shield"
DisengageAll combatants in melee range of called verbal must step back until extended weapons can't touch. Rooted targets must cross arms and lean back. Cannot push target into danger. Ends when weapons have been at distance for 1 sec.
DrainSimple: Target cannot run or use any game skills. Specific: Drain followed by a skill name or header cannot use those specific skills, such as "Drain Weapon". Lasts until target rests for 5 minutes.
Expose [Trait]Targets who hear the Expose must cry out at equal or greater volume than the verbal was called. Only Silence can prevent crying out, and even then target must RP attempting to cry out.
FrenzyTarget MUST attack creature closest at time of effect. Cannot use beneficial skills, not required to use consumable attacks. If unable to reach/affect first target for 10 sec (Repel, No Effect, runs away, etc), next closest creature becomes target.
Inflict [Trait]Gives target either detrimental effect (accompanied by Effect description card) OR-- will give target a Trait. Lasts for the duration of the event.
MaimLimb becomes useless. Arm must hang uselessly at side; leg requires going to one knee--CANNOT HOP. Lasts for duration of day. If delivered by melee or missile, limb struck is effected. Torso = no effect. If packet attack, attacker must declare specific limb to be affected.
ParalyzeMust stand frozen. Cannot move, but aware. If made unconscious, or moved, target falls limp to the ground. Lasts until target rest for 5 minutes; time paralyzed is considered resting.
RepelTarget cannot use game skills on the attacker; target must stay 10 feet away from attacker unless danger to player exists. Lasts until you rest for 5 minutes.
RootTarget cannot move their right foot off the ground. May pivot and move left foot. Lasts until target rests for 5 minutes.
SilenceTarget cannot talk or make any in-character verbal noise. Cannot use skills that involve incantation or speech. MUST still use out of game verbals. Lasts until target rests for 5 minutes.
SlamTarget may take up to 3 steps backward and fall down. Steps backward optional. Chest or back must touch the ground. If safety issues prevent falling, target may place both hands on the ground and shake head for 3 sec.
SlowTarget cannot run, mall-walk, or move at a similar speed for any reason. Lasts until target rests for 5 minutes.
StrickenTarget calls "No Effect" to any beneficial effect they are the target of, EXCEPT Stabilize. Lasts until target rests for 5 minutes.
StunTarget falls to the ground unconscious and unaware until they rest for 5 minutes. Target is resting while stunned. Target is helpless. Another character may roleplay for one minute to wake the target up.
WasteTargets one skill with a limited number of uses or a resource (Stamina, Adrenaline, etc.) Target loses the specified number of uses or resource as stated in the verbal. If target does not have the skill or resource, target calls No Effect. Wasted skills & resources return at next timed Stamina Refresh (watch or game day).
WeaknessTarget's melee damage is always 1 regardless of skills or other effects. Lasts until target rests for 5 minutes.

Defense Effects

OOG CallOOG Condition
Elude, Guard, ShieldNegate the FIRST ATTACK of the appropriate type that strikes target. Target cannot choose NOT to use this defense. In-game, the attack does not land.
Avoid, Parry, ResistTarget chooses one attack of the appropriate type to negate. Target CAN choose not to use this defense. In-game, the attack lands but is resisted, lessened, or taken but with no detrimental effect.
PurgeTarget negates an effect AFTER it has affected them.
No EffectTarget is completely unaffected by the attack effect. Target is not eligible to be affected by this attack type.
Reduce, AbsorbTarget is affected by attack, but effect is reduces, changed, or altered. Target MUST respond with Reduce or Absorb verbal to attack effect.
ReflectAttacker's effect rebounds and strikes the attacker. Individual descriptions will tell if original attack hits the original target.
SpiritTarget is insubstantial and not able to be affected by many attacks. See description for details. Target is invisible, voiceless shade. Cannot speak or interact with other characters. Must walk with head bowed and hands at sides. Cannot affect other creatures in any way.

General Effects

OOG CallOOG Condition
Cure [Effect]Removes ALL instances of the targeted effect.
Cure [Trait]Removes ALL instances of EVERY effect caused by the targeted trait.
Diagnose [Effect]Allows user to determine if target has specific effect upon them.
Grant [Armor]Target gains specific number of Armor points; can be refreshed as specified in skill description. Armor points always consumed before Vitality.
Grant [Protection]Target gains specific number of Protection points; CANNOT be refreshed and are gone when consumed or end of watch. Protection points always consumed before Armor points.
Grant [Defense]Target gains a specific number of uses of a specific Defense as listed above.
Grant [Melee]Target gains a specific number of uses of a melee attack.
Grant [Missile]Target gains a specific number of uses of a missile attack.
Grant [Packet]Target gains a specific number of uses of a packet attack.
HealTarget regains a specific number of Vitality points, up to the character maximum.
ImbueAs Inflict, but a beneficial Trait, Skill, or Ability.
RefreshAs Waste, but target GAINS uses of the skill or resource.
RepairNegates the Destroyed effect.
StabilizeBrings a Dying character to 0 Vitality and prevents them from bleeding out for 5 minutes.
SpeakAllows a creature that cannot typically speak to do so. Usually used with the Bane Trait.


PhysicalAcid, Crystal, Earth, Force, Ice, Silver, Thorns, Weapon, Web, etc.
MentalAwe, Confusion, Despair, Fear, Gloom, Madness, Presence, Trance, Will, etc.
MetabolicAging, Air, Cold, Disease, Poison, Radiation, and Sleep.
ElementalAir, Earth, Fire, Water, Lightning, Thunder, Cold, etc.