Everybody comes from somewhere. The greatest heroes all have a back-story, a history that sets the stage for the tale of their mighty deeds or epic sacrifice. Some lived quiet lives, children of common farmers. Others were born as scions of noble houses, growing up in the shadow of politics, poison and assassination. Still others grew up on the streets, abandoned or orphaned, learning to survive on their own by their wits and toughness. Regardless, every character is shaped by the culture they were raised in and the conditions they grew up in. In a nutshell, Background lets you customize your character to be who you want him to be and begin your character’s story with game rules to back up your character concept. It gives some in-game benefit for choosing the building blocks of your character's history. In order to earn Backgrounds, you must write a Character History and get it approved by Staff. In your History, you must be clear to Staff which Backgrounds you choose, and WHY your character has that background. All characters can put 1 Background into their History and gain the skills associated with that Background when their History is approved. Human characters can claim and gain an additional bonus Background (total of 2) and the skills associated with it.  They must choose 1 from the Heritage Category and 1 from the Training Category.  Several Backgrounds might apply, but you choose those that has the most impact on your character's personality and history. When you take a Background, you gain the Background name as a Racial Trait. Backgrounds are powerful skills that are typically usable 1/watch, and have a unique trait attached to them. This makes the traits harder to resist, and we want these abilities to be a strong part of your character's makeup. These skills also usually require no Stamina use. In a Background description, you will see "Tier 1, Tier 2, etc" with a skill listed next to them. When your character attains the appropriate Tier, the character gains these abilities without Character Point cost. Backgrounds are divided up into two categories. Human characters must choose 1 of their Backgrounds from each category. These categories are roughly descriptive of:


These Backgrounds signify what a character is born as, through his family, economic circumstances, culture, or lifestyle. They reveal what a character is.


These backgrounds represent intense, devoted training whether at a school of some kind, a martial academy, or as an apprentice to a more experienced master. These are things a character has done, been, or become after adolescence.They reveal how a character got their skills.