Heroic Choice

Some time in the last 4 years, your life changed forever. You made a Choice, and something awakened inside you. Now you’ve been caught up in a whirlwind of events that have changed your world completely.   The Choice seems simple on the surface. At some point, you put yourself in danger in order to protect someone who couldn’t protect themselves. It wasn’t a reflex or a reaction; it didn’t happen by accident or by chance. You had enough time to realize the choice was there: put yourself in danger to protect someone, or keep yourself safe and let harm come to an innocent. You had the time to think and Chose. You put yourself in danger to protect an innocent, and when you did, something broke free and awoke within you-- a reservoir of power and endurance you did not have access to before.   The Heroic Choice is different for everyone-- for some it is as simple as jumping in front of a runaway carriage to rescue a child. For others it is much more complex or subtle, like standing up to a thieves’ guild or even defying your own family. For others it’s as straightforward as actions taken during a battle, or defending your home from raiders or monsters. Regardless of the context, the Heroic Choice is a common thread among all Heroes. Every single Hero has it, and knows what it was. (If you as a player don’t know what your Heroic Choice was, feel free to make it up and run it by a Staff member, then put it in your Backstory document)   After your Heroic Choice, something shifted inside you. A longing of spirit to travel developed, and you felt yourself being called in a particular direction. On the Map of Brittanis, near the center of the map, there is a white flag that represents the town of Cornerstone. From whatever direction you are coming, this is the direction you were/are drawn in. Shortly after your Choice, it was just an itch, a desire to go that direction.   The longer you deny it (if you did), the more intense it got. Some characters choose to fight it, while others are prevented by ability, duty, or other circumstances. Regardless, it only becomes worse the longer it is denied. Only when the journey begins does the need to travel in that direction abate, and once you got to your destination, the internal sense of completion and rightness was nearly overwhelming.   This is where you are supposed to be; this is where your destiny has led you. This is where your story truly begins.     Heroic Choice FAQ
  • How does my character’s Heroic Virtues fit into her Heroic Choice?
    • Your Heroic Choice should exemplify or showcase ONE of your Virtues.