Kingdom of Knights and Valor

Albion 110 AR Capital: Calderon Heraldry: 3 Gold Crowns on a Field of Royal Blue Ethnic Majority: Brittanic, Brynn Significant Minorities: Free Dwarf Major Religions: White Court (Arturian, Aenryia, Ghorn) Ruled By: King Uther Ambrosius

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Largest and most prosperous of the kingdoms of Brittanis, Albion is ruled by King Uther of House Ambrosius-- an ambitious king who has set his sights on nothing less than the unification of Brittanis and his own election as Pendragon —the ruler of the entire region. After his failed bid to claim the High Throne following his elder brother's death, King Uther Ambrosius has decided to make his kingdom the most prosperous in Brittanis and force all others to acknowledge his superiority. Albion is the bread basket of Brittanis, its lush and fertile hills providing fields for bread and ranch land for meat.The old Tiberian traditions run deep here, and many young folk come to Albion hoping to gain a knighthood on the battlefield. Men and women of all races and social status join the Royal Army or swear an oath of fealty to a Lord of Albion in hopes that they will one day be able to prove their worth and join the ranks of the titled nobility. King Uther fosters the image and ideals of knighthood himself, and has created the Century Knights in response—the 100 best knights in his kingdom. Uther has worked very hard to improve the infrastructure of Albion, and the rule of law is prevalent in most settlements--as enforced by Lords and knights in service to the crown. Cities are governed by a Baron or Lord, and villages by a sheriff or knight, all bearing responsibility for the areas surrounding their fiefdom. House Ambrosius is, for obvious reasons, the most powerful in Albion. It is a house with many lesser branches and banner houses, though. The Silverhand in the north family and the Valerias family in the south are loyal allies, staunch in defense of their king and country.

In your Grandfather's Time... *

(note: all races mature at roughly the same rate, but elves and dwarves stay in adulthood far longer) 
  • 63 AR (47 years ago) Without warning, a horde of skraelings and other monsters pours out of the Waste and obliterates the kingdom of Logres and much of the north. This threat forces the rulers of Brittanis to band together in what is now called the Wastewar. The High Council elects a great warrior of Logres named Julius Ambrosius as the Pendragon, or High King of Brittanis. Julius unites the armies of Brittanis and eventually leads them to victory against the horde. A united Brittanis pushes the monsters back north, though Logres is never reclaimed.
  • 71 AR (39 years ago) King Julius I ruled for only 8 years. In the peace that settled after the Wastewar ended, the kings and rulers of Brittanis began to once again fight and squabble among themselves. Eventually, the Jarl of Malagant brought rebellion against the Pendragon he helped elect just 7 years before. King Julius Pendragon leads his armies to war against the rebels, and despite taking a mortal wound, defeats the Jarl of Malagant and preserves the peace.
  • 72 AR (38 years ago) Aurelius Ambrosius, eldest son of King Julius, is elected as the Pendragon upon the death of his father, and acclaimed High King of Brittanis. Aurelius rules well, but the fractious rulers of Brittanis continue to resist the Pax Pendragon-- the rule of law laid down by the High King that prevents one king from making war upon another. Discontent among the rulers of Brittanis grows into a poison, nurtured in the breast of the kingdom by an unknown mastermind.

In Your Father's Time...

  • 86 AR (24 years ago) the High Chief of Siluria is assassinated, and a cabal of dark arcanists known as the Circle of Five take power. These wizards immediately declare their independence from the Pendragon's leadership, and Aurelius rides to war as did his father before him. En route to Siluria, King Aurelius Pendragon is assassinated by dark magic.
  • As soon as news of the Pendragon's death reaches Albion, his much-younger brother Uther gathers the Crown Guard and rides to war.
  • 87 AR (23 years ago) Amidst the chaos in the wake of the Pendragon's murder, another plot closer to home is revealed. Duke Kentrid of House Reginus,  married to the Pendragon's younger sister, declares himself King and attempts to usurp the crown while the rightful heir Uther is deep in Silurian lands fighting to avenge his brother and suppress the Silurian rebellion.
  • Retreating from Siluria to face the rebel House Reginus in Albion, Uther Ambrosius gathers the troops loyal to the Pendragon and leads them against Duke Kentrid and Uther's own sister, Leanna Ambrosius.
  • Shortly after taking command, but before the final battle against Duke Kentrid and his sister Leanna,  Uther's wife Anastasia of Malagant dies due to complications of pregnancy. Uther is despondent, and nearly loses the war against Kentrid and Leanna due to his grief.
  • 88 AR (22 years ago) After a long campaign, Kentrid Reginus and his wife Leanna Ambrosius-Reginus are defeated but not slain, taking the survivors of his coup by ship north to Orkenay.
  • Uther cannot pursue due to his ultimately-failed bid to follow Aurelius as Pendragon. King Uther ultimately secures the crown of Albion, but the rebellion in his own lands is used as an excuse for other nations to cite as weakness a Pendragon cannot have. King Uther is acclaimed in Albion, but the title of Pendragon-- High King of Brittanis-- remains vacant.
  • Because Uther's troops had to return to Albion, the Circle of Five are able to consolidate their hold over Clan Silures and their lands and rule there till this very day.

In Your Time...

  • 92 AR (18 years ago) the first Fomorian longships land on Brittanic shores, bringing savage raiders by the hundreds to ravage the coastlines. Without the central leadership of a Pendragon, each kingdom seeks to repel the invaders on their own without a consistent plan or enough forces to truly discourage the raiders.
  • 93 AR (17 Years ago) The Holy Island of  Yns Wytrin is taken almost immediately--every single defender is slaughtered trying to defend the Grey Council and the Synod. The Fomorians take more and more land each year, burning major cities to the ground, enslaving defeated enemies and sacrificing captives to their dark gods. The situation gets worse every year.
  • 100 AR (10 Years ago) The Fomorians prove they are more than just bestial raiders when they tunnel underneath the walls of the city of Londren on the eastern coast of Albion. Pouring through the tunnel, the invaders shatter the city gates from within and the enemy host pours in unchecked. The brutality and slaughter as the settlement has become legendary, known as the Fall of Londren, and it serves as a stark awakening to the rulers of Brittanis that the Fomorian are a greater threat than was previously anticipated.
  • 103 AR (7 years ago) A new Merlin of the Grey Council comes to power, named Blaise. She begins traveling from kingdom to kingdom attempting to convince leaders to unite against the Fomorian threat. In King Uther she finds a receptive ear; Uther believes all of Brittanis should unite under his banner and elect King Uther as Pendragon in order to fight the Fomorian invasion.
  • 108 AR (2 years ago) King Uther, with Blaise the Merlin as an intermediary, meets to sign a treaty of alliance with Queen Alithera of Seridane on the border of both kingdoms.   Unfortunately, a splinter faction of Gael'Dar and Fomorians both attack the meeting, now known as the Torn Treaty, and Uther is kidnapped. The Torn Treaty is the first known gathering of Heroes since the Retreat of the Tiberian armies from Brittanis' shores. 
  • In the absence of his father, King Uther's 30 year old son Crown Prince Madoc Ambrosius takes over the administration of the kingdom. Madoc is both effective as a ruler and efficient, and many who believe Uther to be dead and not just abducted expect him to take the Crown.
  • Prince-Regent Feravain, acting ruler of Seridane after Queen Alithera disappeared during the Torn Treaty, invades Albion believing the humans set up the Fomorian attack in which his aunt disappeared. Castle Valerias near the town of Palingaard is taken in the assault, but a few days after the attack a group of Heroes re-take the Castle by activating it's magical defenses. The elves retreat back to their original borders.
  • Six months after his abduction, King Uther Ambrosius is rescued from the elves of Seridane by a group of Heroes who tracked his captors into the Nightmare Wood. Though scarred by his captivity, Uther resumes governance almost immediately.
  • At the Feast of Y Seeth Perry, Duke Gorlois Costayne, ruler of one-half of the dying kingdom of Kernow, takes the knee and swears fealty to King Uther of Albion in exchange for aid against the Fomorians destroying his lands. This change of boundaries turns Uther's focus to the eastern front against the savage Fomor for the next three years.
  • 108 AR (2 years ago) King Uther sends the Heroes to the small town of Cornerstone, formerly in the no-man's-land between Kernow and Albion, to fortify and rebuild the location as a waypoint between ventral Albion and the newly-added southern lands.
  • Heroes out of Cornerstone invade Siluria, recovering an heir of Kernow and delivering him to King Uther's protection. This attack rouses the Silurian forces, who drive north-east towards Albion the next year.
  • Deserters of House Costayne's war against the Fomorians, gathered under the leadership of an ex-Costayne warlord named Theobald Arn, attack Cornerstone in an attempt to secure a base of operations. The Costayne deserters are allied with wyrdcasters of Clan Caledonii in Cambria.
  • 109 AR (1 year ago) Over the winter, both Siluria and Malagant make attacks towards the heartland of Brittanis. The remnants of  Kernow are crushed, and Malagant takes half of Benwyck by compelling mass religious conversion in exchange for military aid. Theobald Arn names himself Marshal and accepts many of the refugees fleeing the destruction to the south; Arn's forces take and hold a dwarven stronghold called Fellhome, expelling or killing many of the clan's inhabitants in the process.
  • Heroes based in Cornerstone travel by magical Waygate to the Fomorian-held Holy Island of Yns Wytrin. Their actions on the island cripple the Fomorian shaman caste, greatly aiding the war effort against them.
  •  In response to their assault on Yns Wytrin, the Fomorian forces focus an attack that pierces Albion and assaults the town of Cornerstone directly. Though the cost is great in blood and resources, the Heroes defeat the Fomorian attack and push their forces out of Cornerstone.
  • The Crown Guard of Albion, aided by the Heroes, push back a major offensive from Siluria into Albion.
  • 110 AR (current year) ...?

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Albion Kingdom of Knights and Valor
Albion Kingdom of Knights and Valor