Fractured Land of Civil War

Benwyck - Fractured Land of Civil War
Benwyck - Fractured Land of Civil War

Capital: Stagholt

Heraldry: Bear on a field of Blood Red

Ethnic Majority: Brynn

Significant Minorities: Brittanic, Free Dwarf, Gael'Dar

Major Religions: White Court (Dagmar, Aureus, Liriel)

Ruled By: Lord Regent Dominic Thorne, Sir Simon Hawkins (rebels)

Other Noble Families: Bladewell, Patricus, Hightower

Benwyck is a land falling apart from the inside out. The land is being torn to pieces by two warring noble families, neither willing to let the other have the crown for the good of the country. Ten years ago, King Braga the Wise died mysteriously with his infant son barely six months old. Quickly the King’s cousin—a powerful and ruthless noble named Lord Dominic Thorne—claimed the Regency for his own and his family has ruled Benwyck ever since, keeping the boy king away from the limelight and politic sentirely. In opposition to Thorne’s power grab, one of the old king’s knights, Sir Simon Hawkins, led a rebellion that gathered steam and support from those who defied Thorne’s iron-handed rule.

Ten years have passed, and the wars between Hawkins and Thorne have depleted Benwyck’s resources to the point that the kingdom is dangerously close to being unable to fend off the encroaching Fomorian forces who have taken much of the southern coast. Soon the civil war will claim one side or the other, and the “victorious” faction will be left to the non-existent mercy of the Fomorian horde.

Recent History

  • 44 years ago . . . a horde of monsters pours out of the Waste, obliterating the kingdom of Logres and much of the north, forcing the rulers of Brittanis to band together against the threat. The High Council elects a great warrior named Julius Ambrosius as the Pendragon, or High King of Brittanis. Julius united the armies of Brittanis and eventually leads them to victory against the horde, pushing the monsters back into the Waste.
  • King Benegar of Benwyck sees the wisdom in uniting against the terror from the north, but commits few troops to the effort, sending supplies and weapons instead. By the time the war is over, Benwyck has one of the strongest armies in Brittanis.
  • 21 years ago . . . eager to put down any chaos on his own borders, King Braga of Benwyck adds troops to High King Aurelius Pendragon's forces as they attempt to bring Siluria to heel. Sadly, even the veteran warriors of Benwyck are not enough to fight back against the dark magics of the Silurian sorcerers and none of the Benwyck troops return.
  • 20 years ago . . . King Braga the Wise votes against many of his fellow rulers when they decide the Pendragon has failed. Despite the protestations of some of his nobles--including his Knight Commander, Sir Dominic Thorne-- Braga votes in favor of Uther as High King, but the vote is lost and Braga becomes King of an independent Benwyck.
  • 15 years ago . . . the first Fomorian longships land on Brittanic shores, bringing savage raiders by the hundreds to ravage the coastlines. Without the central leadership of a Pendragon, each kingdom seeks to repel the invaders on their own without a consistent plan or enough forces to truly discourage the raiders.
  • One of the first major settlements lost to the Fomorian is Dunwynn, a coastal city hit hard as part of the initial Fomorian invasion. The brutal, savage marauders leave no survivors-- every man, elf, dwarf, and beast is slaughtered, sacrificed to the Fomorian's dark gods, or enslaved and sent back across the ocean. All of Brittanis is shocked, but no force large enough to repel the invaders can be summoned without central leadership.
  • 10 years ago . . . King Braga the Wise-- despite his advancing age-- finally fathers a son and heir. Sadly, this proves to be his undoing as less than 6 months later the King dies of a sudden, mysterious ailment. Both the infant Prince Bann and his mother Queen Elaine disappear into protective custody by Lord Dominic Thorne, who assumes the title of Regent and begins a ruthless dominion.
  • 8 years ago . . . disgusted with the oppressive rule of the Lord Regent, one of the knights long in service to the murdered King rises up in rebellion against the tyrant Lord Dominic. The knight's name is Sir Simon Hawkins-- called the Red Hawk for his heraldry and his tactics-- and for the last 8 years he has been waging a bloody, destructive guerrilla war against the forces of the usurper Lord Regent. A canny strategist, Hawkins leads his people from a small fortress somewhere deep in the mountains. Hawkins' forces strike hard and then disappear into the mountain mists, frustrating Thorne's plans for the crown.

Character Ideas

  • Freedom Fighter: one of the Red Hawk's warriors, you seek allies, magic and wealth to bring back with you to Benwyck to continue the fight
  • Mercenary: regardless of who is in the right, both sides need good swords at their side. So long as the pay is current, you're the man for the job
  • Scout: you prowl the wilderness for one side of the other, seeking signs of the enemy and tracking them to their lair
  • Merchant: war is usually good for business, but with both sides destroying the supplies and trying to strangle the other economically, traders in Benwyck might as well have a target painted on their backs. You left as soon as you saw the game for what it is: suicide. Now you ply your wares elsewhere.