Epithets:The Dreaming God, Lord of Song and Wine Heroic Virtues:Courage, Faith, Industry, Etiquette Major: Air, Autumn, Water Minor: Light, Shadow Eldest child of the Lady Aenryia and her first husband Ghorn, Emrys has the single-mindedness of both his parents but has rebelled against their orderly natures. He is the co-patron of art (along with his half-sister Liriel), as well as music, freedom, wine, and dreams. He created a multitude of spirits called Muses and gifts them occasionally to skilled or devoted mortals to help them with their artistic pursuits. He loves freedom and excess, and inspires his mortal followers to embrace their own talents and abilities to make things of beauty and significance. He has no set view of beauty, however, so the fluid, organic sculpture of the Gael'Dar are just as pleasing to him as the drum-cadences and the metallic perfection of the Free Dwarves. It is said that he created the bagpipes as the result of a contest. One of the other gods challenged Emrys to create a new musical instrument. Some stories say it was a contest with his sister Liriel, and the challenge was to create an instrument that was both beautiful and ugly at the same time. Other tales recall that Dagmar challenged Emrys to create an instrument that would both hearten warriors and instill fear in their foes. Regardless, the bagpipes were the result, and the Brynn have adopted them as a cultural staple of their music. Emrys seems to regard pipers with special esteem... and more than a little bit of bemused humor. Emrys is the patron of wine and all things alcoholic and intoxicating. Some might think this makes him a god of drunkenness too, but such is not the case. He appreciates the chemical’s ability to turn friends into enemies and make people do things they normally would not, and as such his followers are encouraged to enjoy the fruit of the vine but watch carefully lest they lose themselves to its charms. Lastly, he is the Dreaming God, sleeping off his wine-soaked revels and harnessing the power of the unconscious mind. Some say he holds lands in the Realm of Faerie because of this, that he negotiated with the Fae Courts for a piece of their realm, but no-one can be sure. His favored weapon is the shortsword and his symbol is a bunch of grapes atop a lyre. His patron Character Values are Courage, Faith, Franchise, and Etiquette. The specialty priest class for Emrys is the Dreamwalker.


Renewing Dreams     (2, 2, 3 CP; 1 Stamina; Event, Empowerment)

Requires 2 Character Values chosen from: Courage, Faith, Franchise, and Etiquette.The Lord of Dreams restores the strength to use a skill that you have already expended that day. Once per evetnt, you can spend 10 seconds roleplaying pleasant daydream. Then choose either a daily attack or defense skill, and call, "Refresh Daily [Attack or Defense] by the Lord of Dreams." Also, you gain the Empowerment Trait "by Faith."  This trait is used as a descriptor for many Otherworld Source skills. 2nd Purchase: usable once per day. 3rd Purchase: usable once per watch.

Song of Renewal      (2, 2, 2, 2 CP; 1 Stamina; Day, Empowerment)

Requires Renewing Dreams 2. The gifts of slumber and renewal the Dreaming God gives to you can now be transferred to another. Once per Day you can touch a target and call, "Refresh Daily [Attack or Defense] Skill by the Lord of Dreams." You cannot use this skill on the same target more than once per event. 2nd Purchase: you can call, "By Your Name, [Name], Refresh Daily [Attack or Defense] Skill by the Lord of Dreams." 3rd purchase: usable 1/watch. 4th Purchase: usable 1/battle.

Dream Secret         (5 CP, Stamina Special, Empowerment)

Requires Song of Renewal 2. The Lord of Wine and Song gifts you with a secret skill of immense power-- you gain a skill from another class you normally wouldn't have access to. If you achieve all prerequisites for this skill and wish to purchase it, contact Staff for details.