Epithets: The Evermaiden, Dawn Rose, Lady of Light

Heroic Virtues: Humility, Largesse, Etiquette, Faith

Major: Light, Spring, Water

Minor: Air, Summer

Goddess of beauty and healing, redemption and sunlight, Liriel is quite literally the most beautiful entity in all creation. Not a vain creature of physicality, the Evermaiden knows and expects her followers to acknowledge that beauty comes from within as well. As the child of a love match between Arturian and The Lady of the Lake, she knows the beauty that such a union can bring to the world. Indeed, physical beauty in all things shall fade, but those who are kind of heart and lovely of disposition are blessed with far more durable gifts. Liriel is the youngest of the gods, and is often portrayed as a benevolent, smiling young woman. She is the goddess of healing, and her priests often accompany armies, intent on preserving the beauty of life instead of letting it slip away into the hands of bloody death. She is the goddess of love but not lust, citing that sexual union is beautiful only when both parties are emotionally connected. Sexual assault is the ultimate heresy to her faith, damaging both the spirit and the body at the same time. She is The Shining Rose--Liriel is holds the best for all things in her heart, and encourages such optimism in her clerics as well. As the goddess of the sun, she spreads her warmth down upon all things granting them her blessings equally. Her symbols are an angelic figure with the sun rising behind its wings, a rising sun, a rose (always depicted WITH the thorns) surrounded by wheat or a sunburst, or a unicorn. Though she deplores the destruction that violence brings, she realizes the necessity of self-defense in a darkening world— many are the knights and warriors dedicated to guardianship of a particular site or thing of beauty. When necessary, her favored weapon is the longbow. Her values are Humility, Largesse, Etiquette, and Faith. Liriel's specialty priest class is the Dawncaller. LIRIEL EMPOWERMENT Pool of Radiance (3, 3, 3 CP; 0 Stamina; Points Reset at beginning of Watch) Requires 2 Character Values chosen from: Humility, Largesse, Etiquette, and Faith. You gain a pool of Radiance Points that refresh at the beginning of each Watch. You gain 1 Radiance point for each skill you possess that has the Stabilize, Purge, Cure, or Heal effects. Additional purchases of skills with those effects do not grant additional Radiance Points unless they add a new effect to your abilities. This skill does not grant an additional Radiance Points.

  • Example: the First Aid skill starts out with the Stabilize effect, and at 2nd Purchase adds the Heal Effect. You would gain 1 Radiance Point for the Stabilize, and 1 for the Heal.
  • Example: The spell Freedom’s Cry on the Summer list has the verbal “Cure Root to Self By Nature.” Buying Level 1 of this spell according to the normal Spellcasting rules increases your Radiance Pool by +1. Buying levels 2-4 of this spell would also add +1 to your Radiance pool each time you improve the spell.

You can spend 2 Radiance Points to make the following prayer to Liriel and touch a target, calling, “Heal 1 by the Evermaiden.” The prayer must be made slowly and calmly, preferably sung.

“Praise be to Liriel, goddess of the light

Whose radiance and mercy guide us safely through the night, illumine our darkness and keep us safe we pray, so we may rise and worship you oh goddess of the day.”

  • 2nd Purchase:  +1 Radiance Pool. Once per watch, you can spend 2 Radiance points to call, “Resist by the Evermaiden” against any effect with the Shadow or Darkness traits.  
  • 3rd Purchase: +1 Radiance Pool. 2nd Purchase ability becomes 1/battle, and immediately after the Resist, you can call, “By Your Name, [Name], Heal [Tier] by the Evermaiden.”   

Hope Remains (3, 3, 5 CP; 2 Stamina; Watch, Empowerment)

Requires Pool of Radiance 2. Bringing heroes back from the brink of death is common in the tales and legends of Brittanis-- Liriel's faithful are particularly adept at this, giving those who have been gravely wounded hope to continue the fight against the Darkness. Once per Watch, immediately after you remove the Dying or Dead trait from a target (either by using a Stabilize, Heal, or Cure Death effect) , you can immediately spend 2 Stamina and call, "Hope Remains! By My Voice, Heal 2 to Hero by the Evermaiden." Example: Briana is a 2nd Tier follower of Liriel, and casts the spell Healing Light (from the Magical Art: Light list) on a dying ally, calling, "Heal 2 and Short Weakness by Light," removing the Dying trait. That allows her to immediately follow up with Hope Remains, calling, "Hope Remains! By My Voice, Heal 2 to Hero by the Evermaiden."
  • 2nd Purchase: 2/watch
  • 3rd Purchase: “"Hope Remains! By My Voice, Heal [Tier] to Hero by the Evermaiden."

Light Within (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 3 Stamina, Empowerment, Day)

Requires Hope Remains 2. The blessing of the Evermaiden flows through you, turning you into a font of life and healing energy. Once per day, you can sing the song below and touch a target, calling, “Heal 2 and Refresh 2 Stamina by the Evermaiden.” This skill cannot be used on a Dawncaller.

(to the tune of “We Three Kings”

Liriel oh goddess of light Help me through this darkest night Oh, you can save with healing aid Your passion, in me burns bright. In my heart I hear you call Guide my hand, raise those who fall In this place send me your grace Oh Liriel, light of all.”

  • 2nd Purchase: “By Your Name, [Name], Heal 2 and Refresh 2 Stamina by the Evermaiden.”
  • 3rd Purchase: Useable 1/watch.
  • 4th Purchase: Touch for “Heal [Tier] and Refresh 3 Stamina by the Evermaiden.” or ““By Your Name, [Name], Heal [Tier] and Refresh 3 Stamina by the Evermaiden.”