Formerly a Titan, Sarai sacrificed her power to save the world she had come to love from the war that threatened to destroy it. Now bound to the land itself, Sarai has the power of a goddess and then some. Some tales and legends say that, as part of the epic ritual designed by Eldrea, Sarai sacrificed her physical form to repair the damage done to Aerys by the Godswar. Sarai is the mistress of the primal urges of the world, of the four seasons and the raging thunderstorm and the pounding surf. She is the Wavemistress, the Lady of Thunder, and the Wild Queen. She reigns over many druids and those who wander the dark and forgotten places of the world. Many non-humans and humanoids worship her predatory aspects as well, paying homage to her through worship of beast totems and animal spirits. She is goddess of the oceans, and counts sailors as some of her most fervent clergy. Sarai is also the mother of Dagmar, the god of battle and conflict.
As the story goes, after Ghorn the Godsmith was betrayed by the Archdemon Lavaynis, he wandered for unknown ages in the dark of the untamed wilderness. Ghorn--formerly clean-shaven and orderly--grew a beard in his grief so long and shaggy that the little birds of the wood came to nest in it—so many birds, in fact, that the predators of the wild came hunting the birds and roused the fury of the grief-stricken Godsmith. As Ghorn laid waste to the wilderness around him, the predators called out to their goddess Sarai and she came to stop the interloper. Ghorn’s grief was so terrible and his passion for his lost love so great that Sarai’s wild heart felt the passion of love for the first time. She consoled the mighty Godsmith, and together they made a child— Dagmar, the wild and fierce god of soldiers and warriors. The Free Dwarves deny the part in this story about Ghorn being beardless, and claim instead that his already-luxurious beard was instead allowed to grow so wild and unkempt that the moles and badgers of the earth came to burrow within it. Many stories and myths tell of the Archdemons trying in various ways to slay the child-god Dagmar, but they quickly found that Sarai’s furious nature also applied to her parenting. Many is the mother whose children are in danger who utters a desperate prayer to Sarai in order to have the strength to protect her younglings— and Sarai has been known to answer in mighty and terrible ways to these desperate pleas.
There are many sects to her worship, but ultimately, Sarai blesses those who respect and honor the wild places in one way or another. As befits the Queen of Predators, Sarai does not favor one worshipper over another in most cases. As such, Sarai has no specialty priests, but instead blesses the many Primal characters who venerate her as a part of the land itself. These followers treat Sarai as the mightiest and greatest of the spirits of the world, first and most mighty among the spirits that infuse Aerys. Aberrations, mutants and creatures twisted by dark magic are among her most hated foes, as they have no place in the world of trees, lakes and wilderness. Those who wantonly despoil the wild or corrupt the natural order are hunted down like prey. Like her sisters, Sarai cares little for the morality of the White Court or the wanton destruction of the Demon Princes. She simply is.
  • Her favorite weapon is the spear, or trident for those in coastal regions.
  • Her values are Courage, Largesse, Principle, and Humility.


Titanic Vigor (2, 2, 2 CP)

Requires 2 Character Values Courage, Largesse, Principle, and Humility. Sarai is a goddess now, but she did not sacrifice all of the power she wielded as a Titan. You have harnessed that vigor and it infuses you.
  • Your maximum Stamina increases by 1. Also, you gain the Empowerment Trait "by Fate." This trait is used as a descriptor for many Otherworld Source skills.

Predatory Spirit (2, 2, CP; 2 Stamina, Battle)

Requires Titanic Vigor 2. The supernatural spirit of the Goddess of the Wyld pushes your mortal nature to the side, for a brief time making you into something wilder, more feral, and altogether more dangerous.
  • You can use this skill once per event. When you use this skill, call, "Imbue to Self by the Wyld Huntress!" Until the end of the battle, your normal racial traits (Human, Wild Elf, Free Dwarf, etc) are replaced with the "Beast" racial trait. NOTE: This skill does NOT remove the Hero or Fae trait.
  • 2nd Purchase: this skill lasts until the end of the current Watch.

Wyld Immunity (3, 3, 3 CP)

Requires Predatory Spirit 2. Your communion with the goddess of nature has made you extremely resistant to the affects her energy generates in your enemies.
  • You call "Shield" against the first three effects with the Nature trait that hit you per Watch.
  • 2nd Purchase: You call "Resist", and can choose which attacks you defend against.
  • 3rd Purchase: per battle.