Questing Knight

Questing Knight (3 CP)

  • Empowerment: Aenryia
  • Knowledge: Otherworld (Novice)
  • Light Armor---OR---Faith Armor
  • Otherwordly Weapons (Weapon + Shield, Large Weapon, or Two-Weapon Style)
  • Smite
  • Special: when this header is unlocked, the character must select the Character Values of Prowess, Justice, Defense, & Nobility. As with all Otherword headers, characters will be watched carefully for adherence to their patron’s values.
  • Special: A character with the Blooded header who unlocks this header immediately loses access to that header and skills purchased from it. That character regains CP spent in the Blooded header and can spend them as normally earned CP.
A questing knight is a holy warrior, a paladin of righteous and virtuous aspect, touched by the hand of the Lady of the Lake. She is patron of justice, concerned with the preservation of the mortal races and the persecution of evil in all its forms. She is a shining crusader against the encroaching Darkness that threatens to consume the world, and she stands as a bright beacon of hope in that fight. Her Questing Knights embody all those virtues and carry her will and her quest t othe farthest reaches of Brittanis.
Each questing knight seeks glory in battle against the forces of darkness, that he might prove his worth to the Lady and be granted the ultimate reward—to drink from the Grail and become a nigh-immortal Grail Knight, in service to the White Court forevermore.
All of those chosen by Aenryia as her questing knights are capable warriors, though she does not discriminate as to how that martial prowess is achieved. The vast majority of her crusaders prefer heavy armor and weapons, but it is not required. Several notable archers and fast-moving warriors have been anointed as well. Martial prowess is required; a particular fighting style is not.
The Lady is a righteous paladin, and she expects her questing knights to uphold those same tenets. Priests and questing knights must act honorably, be courageous in battle, uphold the laws of the land and the authority of just rulers, and bring those under the law who violate it to justice. They must be a mortal example to the common folk, children, and impressionable minds—as the Lady of the Lake sets the example in the Otherworld, so the questing knights set the example in the mortal world.
Of all the White Court, the church of Aenryia is the most directly concerned with the encroaching darkness in Brittanis. They seek to stem the tide of evil by seeking it out in its lair and fighting with every breath. The questing knights take their charge very seriously and would far prefer to have an evil to fight or an injustice to correct than doing mundane tasks in a settlement. Layfolk worshippers and faithful craftspeople often serve the day to day functions in a temple because of this, though occasionally retired or wounded questing knights choose to work in a temple rather than simply rest and convalesce. Occasionally the few questing knights who survive to old age without either becoming Grail Knights or winding up dead at the hands of evil become advisers to nobles or rulers friendly to the faith of Aenryia.
The Church of the Lady of the Lake is organized into units called Circles, consisting of 10-25 other members of the faith. Due to the transient nature of the questing knight, it is rare for one to become a Circle leader, or Shield Knight—though on extremely rare occasions an entire Circle made entirely of questing knights may form. Each Shield Knight is part of a separate Circle made up of these leaders, and they in turn report to a Sword Knight and in turn, a circle of Sword Knights report to the High Priest of the Lady, known as the Champion of the Lake.
Official attire for a questing knight is a surcoat, tabard, or jacket of at least knee-length, worn over highly polished armor (if applicable). Some form of head-covering is also required, whether that be a simple hat or full battle helm. The Lady’s colors of blue, white, and gold are found in the garments of her followers almost exclusively. Many questing knights make part of their vows that they will wear no other colors, in fact.
All ceremonies of the Lady of the Lake—even the naming of children, for the clergy fights to defend the innocent and weak—involve the use of the Lady’s favored weapon, the longsword. Tradition among the clergy is to gift a newly-anointed knight with an heirloom sword carried by other questing knights. Some weapons are those of the fallen, who died while on the quest, while others are the weapons of mighty heroes who left their mortal weapons and armor behind when they were transformed by drinking from the Grail.
The Grail Quest itself is both very specific and frustratingly vague for many questing knights. It is both a goal and a way of life, and as such the responsibilities of leadership outside that directly relating to the Quest cannot be supported—a warrior who becomes anointed as a Questing Knight immediately and irrevocably renounces all lands, titles, and authority as a noble of the land and becomes dedicated to the Quest alone.
The Grail is both a symbol and a real magical artifact, and as such it has a double meaning. Saying that a knight is “on the Quest” means that they seek to be the epitome of knighthood and chivalry, serving the Lady as a crusader and paladin of virtue and righteousness. The questing knight’s journey will bring them to slay monsters, rescue the lost, and serve her will wherever they go. At some point in their journey, many questing knights who have served Aenryia faithfully will be tested directly by the Lady of the Lake. Each Testing is different, and unique, and it is a trial of the questing knight’s dedication to the ideals of the Lady as well as a test of martial skill. May tales and bard-songs exist of the Testing, and almost always they will put a questing knight’s greatest mortal dreams and ambitions in conflict with those of the Lady. If the knight passes the test, he may go on to become a Grail Knight—the most holy and powerful of Aenryia’s servants.
If the Testing is a failure, often the results of such failure are immediate and mortal, but if a failed questing knight manages to survive they often find their way to The Waste in the northlands, and commit a kind of suicide known as the Bloody Cup. Such a failed knight knows he will never attain the Grail, so they seek an honorable death at the hands of worthy foes. The failed knight paints over his coat of arms with a red cup, symbolizing the blood he seeks to shed before his death, and makes his way on one last quest until he rides into the Waste, never to be seen again.


When you unlock this header, you gain the Virtuous Strike skill for free The 0 CP version counts as the 1st Purchase.
Virtuous Strike (0, 3, 3, 3, CP; 1 Stamina; Battle) Your knightly virtue is channeled into a blow that harms the enemy and protects you from harm as well.
  • You make a melee attack for, “2 Damage by Faith.” If your attack lands, you call “Reduce to 3 Damage” against the next melee or missile attack with a 4 or greater Damage Effect that strikes you.
  • 2nd Purchase: “Reduce to 2 Damage”
  • 3rd Purchase: Reduce to 1 Damage”
  • 4th Purchase: instead of Reduce, you call, “Shield by Faith” against the next melee or missile attack that hits you.

Questing Knight Skills

Buckler (3 CP)
  • This skill allows you to use a buckler. You cannot use a larger shield with this skill
  Circle of Steel (3 CP, 1 Stamina) You are adept at clearing the battlefield to give yourself room to recover and reset.
  • You may spend 1 Stamina to call “Disengage by Faith.”
  Medium Armor (3 CP) Requires Light Armor.
  • You may wear Medium Armor.
  Shield (3 CP) Requires Buckler.
  • This skill allows you to use a full sized shield. You cannot throw packet delivered effects while you have a full sized shield in your hand.
  Battlefield Repair:Armor (4 CP) Requires Medium Armor.
  • You can repair a SINGLE PIECE of armor with no forge by spending 3 minutes of activity roleplaying the repair. You can only repair one piece of armor at a time.
  In Shining Armor (4 CP) Requires Light Armor, Medium Armor.
  • You may wear Heavy Armor.
  Weapon Control (3, 3, 3 CP, 2 Stamina, Battle) You have spent a lot of time handling weapons.
  • You can call, “Resist by Faith,” to negate one Disarm effect.
  • 2nd Purchase: You can use this skill to Resist Destroy effects against weapons as well.
  • 3rd Purchase: Usable 2/battle
  Battlefield Repair: Weaponry (4,4 CP)
  • Repair your own weapon or shield in three minutes of Activity with no forge.
  • 2nd Purchase: 1 minute of activity.
  Enfeebling Strike (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 1 Stamina;Battle) Your wrath briefly takes the fight out of the enemy. Make a melee attack for “Short Weakness by Faith”
  • 2ndPurchase: “2 Damage and Short Weakness by Faith”
  • 3rdPurchase: “2 Damage and Weakness by Faith”
  • 4thPurchase: “[Tier+1] Damage and Weakness by Faith,”
  Guardian Light (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 1 Stamina; Battle; Spell)
  • You channel the holy light of Aenryia into a powerful strike of pure Light. Make a melee attack for, “2 Damage by Light”
  • 2ndPurchase: “3 Damage by Light”
  • 3rdPurchase: usable 2/battle
  • 4thPurchase: “[Tier+2]Damage by Light”
  Bolstering Strike (3, 3, 3, 4 CP; 2 Stamina;Battle, Rest) You gain confidence when striking home, granting you extra protection from harm.
  • You make a melee attack for, “2 Damage by Faith.” If the attack hits and the enemy takes damage, call, “Imbue by Faith,” and you gain 1 point of Protection that expire when consumed by Damage effects or when you rest for any reason.
  • 2nd Purchase: 2 Protection points
  • 3rd Purchase: “3 Damage by Faith”
  • 4th Purchase: usable 2/battle
  Paladin’s Judgement (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Stamina;Battle) Your divine power overflows from your attack on an enemy, healing a nearby ally.
  • You make a melee attack for, “2 Damage by Faith.” If the attack hits and the enemy takes damage, choose 1 target and call, “By your name, [name], Heal 2 and Slow by Faith”
  • 2nd Purchase: “3 Damage by Faith”
  • 3rd Purchase: usable 2/battle
  • 4th Purchase: “By your name, [name], Heal [Tier+1] and Slow by Faith”
  Exemplar of Valor (4, 4, 4, 4 CP; 1 Stamina;Battle) Requires 5 skills from this header. When attacked by fear, your commitment to the quest allows you to shrug the effects off. As you grow in power, your courageous example guards you rallies from harm.
  • When you are subject of an effect with the Fear trait, you can call, “Purge by Faith”
  • 2ndPurchase: “Resist by Faith”
  • 3rdPurchase: you call “No Effect” against the Fear trait
  • 4th Purchase: when attacked by an effect with the Fear trait, you still call “no effect”, but immediately following that you can call, “By My Voice to Hero, Cure Fear by Faith”
  Staggering Smite (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Stamina; Battle)
  • Your divine power forces an enemy to stagger away in defeat. Make a melee attack for, “2 Damage and Short Repel by Faith”
  • 2ndPurchase: “3 Damage and Short Repel by Faith”
  • 3rdPurchase: usable 2/battle
  • 4thPurchase: “[Tier+2] Damage and Short Repel by Faith”
  Name of Might (3, 3, 3, 3 CP, 2 Stamina; Battle, Spell)
  • You call on the ancient words of creation, stunning your enemy with their power. Make a melee or packet attack for, “Short Slow by Faith”
  • 2ndPurchase: “2 Damage and Short Slow by Faith”
  • 3rdPurchase: “ 2 Damage and Slow by Faith”
  • 4thPurchase: usable 2/battle
  Fear No Evil (2, 2, 2, 2 CP; 1 Stamina; Battle, Spell)
  • Your calm in the face of horror quiets the spirit of an ally. Touch a target and call, “Grant Defense: Purge Fear by Faith.”
  • 2ndPurchase: usable 2/battle.
  • 3rdPurchase: “Cure Fear by Faith”
  • 4thPurchase: “Cure Mental by Faith”
  Blade of Light (3, 3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Stamina; Battle,Spell) Requires 5 skills from this header. You conjure a shining nimbus of light around your weapon; its might shears the enemy’s defenses and as you grow in power, guards you from the powers of evil.
  • You make a melee attack for, “Waste 2 Vitality by Light.”
  • 2nd Purchase: “Waste 3 Vitality by Light”
  • 3rd Purchase: If the attack hits and the enemy takes damage, call, “Imbue by Faith,” and you call, “Shield by Light” against the next effect that hits you with the Darkness, Malediction, or Shadow traits.
  • 4th Purchase: “Waste [Tier+2] Vitality by Light”
  • 5th Purchase: As 3rd Purchase, but you call "Shield by Light" against the next called effect of any type that hits you.
  Lady’s Glorious Rebuke (4, 4, 4, 4 CP; 2 Stamina;Battle, Spell) Requires Blade of Light, Guardian Light. Your holy might explodes against your foe, throwing them backwards and away from you.
  • Make a melee or packet attack for, “Slam by Light”
  • 2nd Purchase: “2 Damage and Slam by Light”
  • 3rd Purchase: “[Tier+1] Damage and Slam by Light”
  • 4th Purchase: usable 2/battle
  Aura of Nobility (3, 3, 3, CP; 2 Stamina; Battle, Spell) The grace and nobility of Aenryia flows from you into your allies.
  • Touch an ally and call, “Grant Defense: Shield Melee and 2 Protection by Faith”
  • 2nd Purchase: “By Your Name, [name], Grant Defense: Shield Melee and 2 Protection by Faith”
  • 3rd Purchase: By My Voice to Hero, Grant Defense: Shield Melee and 2 Protection by Faith”
  None Shall Pass (4, 4, 4, 4 CP; 2 Stamina; Battle, Burst, Spell) Requires 3 skills from this header. You call upon the Lady of the Lake, making a prayer and a vow that any who harm you shall be met with righteous power. You stand your ground like a bastion of holy power, your roots sunk deep in the earth with divine might.
  • When you finish the incantation, plant your right foot and call, “Imbue by Faith”and you get 1 melee attack for “3 Damage by Light”.
  • 2nd Purchase: Granted Attack deals 4 damage.
  • 3rd Purchase: You can be the target of Heal effects without ending the skill.
  • 4th Purchase: You can use other Otherworld Called melee attacks without ending this skill.
Note: This skill has the Burst keyword. Make sure you know what that means.
  • Each time you are struck by a CALLED EFFECT, you call “Imbue by Faith!” and gain another melee attack for “3 Damage by Light”. Since this only affects you, the Imbue call is enough of a verbal. All you have to call after “Imbue by Faith” is the next, “3 Damage by Light” melee attack.
  • Since this is a Grant effect, if you are the target of any other Grant: Melee Attack effect, the second Grant supersedes the Grant from this skill, even if the benefit is lower. Although you can never have more than one None Shall Pass attack active at a time, as soon as you deliver that attack you are eligible to gain another as another called damage attack strikes you.
  • Activating this skill costs 2 Stamina, and the skill effect ends when you fall unconscious, gain the Unstable Trait, regain Vitality for any reason, are the target of another Grant: Melee Attack effect, use another called attack skill, or refresh any skill or attribute by resting or activity time. It also ends if you break the restrictions of the Burst keyword.
  Divine Mettle (5 CP; 2 Vitality; Battle, Sacrifice) Requires 6 skills from this header. No affliction is stronger than your faith.
  • Once per battle you can sacrifice 2 Vitality points to call, “Purge by Faith” against any effect other than Death or Stricken. Note that Sacrificed points cannot be Healed until you have rested for 5 minutes.
  Divine Strength (4 CP; +1 Stamina; Watch) The power of your faith makes a hard strike even more deadly to your foe.
  • When you make a called melee attack with the “by Faith” trait, you can add your Tier to the damage of that attack.