Dawncaller of Liriel (3 CP)


  • Empowerment: Liriel
  • Knowledge: Otherworld (Novice)
  • Diagnose
  • First Aid
  • Aura of Healing
  • Heroic Healing, Heroic Endurance, OR Heroic Dodge (any 1)
  • Unlocking any crafting header--OR--any 2 other Knowledge skills at Novice rank
The dawncallers are the chosen of Liriel, goddess of beauty, love, healing, and the sun. Because of the goddess' devotion to the arts, Liriel’s faithful almost always have a secondary occupation—either they are priests with another set of skills or they are something else who are also exceptionally devoted to the Evermaiden and enjoy her blessings. The primary duty of the dawncaller is to protect art, beauty, light and love wherever they go. They promote knowledge, education and enlightenment, for these things are sacred to their goddess and ignorance all too often breeds hate and darkness. The magic of a dawncaller is focused around the areas important to the Shining Rose—bringing light to the darkness, beneficial emotions, and healing the sick and injured. As the chosen of the goddess of healing and love, dawncallers are almost universally welcomed. They are well known for healing those on both sides of a conflict (among the civilized races—monsters receive no such mercy), and most villages consider themselves blessed to have a dawncaller in residence. Many dawncallers get married, and there are no restrictions on relationships except those that the Evermaiden imposes on all relationships—consenting, healthy, and an ever striving to be an example of Liriel’s love in all things. Settled priests are usually those who work at a secondary trade, and it is not uncommon to see Liriel’s faithful working as bards, artists, sculptors or performers. In ethnically-Brynn areas, it is not uncommon to see male and female clergy of Liriel employed as companach, or professional companions. This is looked down upon as prostitution in more conservative (and Briton-influenced) areas, but the truth of the matter is that companach are often wealthier and more educated individuals than many of their clients. Several famous Cambrian ballads tell of the wit or skill of acompanach saving the clan from destruction. Because of the infrastructure and lifestyle required to support a companach (libraries, theaters, etc), they are seldom adventuring clergy, and are extremely rare outside of the largest settlements. Adventuring dawncallers often have supplemental skills that work well alongside their travel; it is not uncommon for Liriel’s priests to be skilled rangers, trackers, and druids. Liriel is viewed as a younger sister by some of the most powerful primal spirits, and there is little conflict for a hero seeking to preserve and grow natural beauty—both the Evermaiden and the spirits of the forest respect such individuals. They can also serve as guides, explorers, and wardens for less-fortunate lovers who find themselves in need of stealthy or speedy relocation. Dawncallers also make excellent diplomats or educators—their interpersonal skills tend to be exceptional, and these areas of expertise come naturally. One of the primary callings for a dawncaller is the creation of beauty. Whether it is art, song, poetry, or some other form of creation, this mandate is imperative for all of Liriel’s chosen. Gardening, dance, and infinite other possibilities exist—but the daily creation of beauty is part of the charge of the dawncaller. It is important to note, however, that Liriel is also the goddess of the sun—and while the sun brings light, hope and warmth, it can also burn and cleanse with a terrible fire. While dawncallers are primarily peaceful, administering to folk with gentle hands and kind words, when faced with implacable evil or foes that cannot be reasoned with, their demeanor changes entirely. They take on the aspect of the cleansing sun, burning away evil that good might grow and prosper again. Against the unchangeable evil of demons, the mindless undead, and other such creatures that are by nature either incapable of reason (ravening beasts or the insane, for example) or utterly evil (demons, devils, and the like), dawncallers can become terrible manifestations of their goddess’ fury, weapons and magic focused toward eliminating the threat as quickly and completely as possible. A dawncaller in battle fury can be both awesome and beautiful in her terrible glory. The clergy of Liriel as a whole is rather disorganized. Thankfully, tight cohesion is not integral to Liriel’s mission, for one can spread beauty, light, and love without a rigid hierarchy to govern. Priests are granted authority based on their experience and wisdom—magical ability and innate power latter little to Liriel. What one does with such power and how they treat those around them is far more telling. Artistic ability,however, can have a great impact on a priest’s influence, as this is seen as a sign of the Evermaiden’s favor. Attire for clergy acting in an official capacity is a pair of trousers and knee-length tunic for men or a calf-length dress for women; as tailoring can be a form of art, the formal attire of a dawncaller tends to be quite elaborate and always beautiful. One entire temple in Calderon City is dedicated to textile-crafts of all kinds, in fact. All clothing worn by the dawncallers is well-tailored and made to enhance the appearance of the wearer, though overtly sexual clothing is always saved for more individual, intimate encounters and never worn in public.

Free Skill

Ease of Mending (0, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3  CP) Liriel’s chosen can remove the negative side effects from some healing abilities. Usable [Tier] per battle. When using a skill with the Heal or Cure effect, you can spend 1 Radiance point to remove the Slow or Silence secondary effect. This skill DOES NOT add to your Radiance Pool. Example: Using the Aura of Healing skill, you would normally call, “Heal 2 and Short Slow by Faith.” by spending 1 Radiance, you can call “Heal 2 by Faith.” instead.
  • 2nd Purchase: [Tier +1].
  • 3rd Purchase: You can remove the Agony or Weakness effect. +1 Radiance Pool.
  • 4th Purchase: [Tier +2].  
  • 5th Purchase: You can remove the Repel or Root effect. +1 Radiance Pool.
  • 6th Purchase: [Tier +3].


Healer’s Resurrection (4, 4, 4, 4 CP; 2 Stamina & 2 Radiance; Event) Requires 3rd Purchase of any skill that has the Cure Death effect. Once per day, when you use the Cure Death effect, you can spend 2 Stamina and 2 Radiance to call, “And Heal 2 by Light” in the original verbal, on the original target. Then you complete the negative traits of the original verbal. You CANNOT combine this skill with Ease of Mending. Example: Using Warm the Cold Heart from the Spring list, normally you would call, “Cure Death and Stricken by Nature.” Using Healer’s Resurrection, you use the original skill, spend 2 Stamina and 2 Radiance, and then call ““Cure Death and Heal 2 by Light. Stricken by Nature.” on the same target.
  • 2nd Purchase: useable 1/day.
  • 3rd Purchase: “Heal [Tier]” instead of Heal 2.
  • 4th Purchase:  useable 1/watch.
Healer’s Secrets (3, 3, 3, 3 CP) Requires First Aid 2. When using the First Aid skill, you can use 2 of your bandages to call, “Purge Poison by [Heroic Virtue].” All levels of this skill still require 1 minute of activity.
  • 2nd Purchase: You add +1 to the number of uses for First Aid before you must reset your medical kit.
  • 3rd Purchase: “Cure Poison by [Heroic Virtue.]”
  • 4th Purchase: You can also use 2 bandages to call, “Cure Disease by [Heroic Virtue.]”
  • 5th Purchase: You add +1 to the number of uses for First Aid before you must reset your medical kit.
  • 6th Purchase: You can also use 3 bandages to call, “Cure Metabolic by [Heroic Virtue.]”
Liriel’s Grace (4, 4, 4 CP; 2 Radiance; Watch) Requires Curing Touch 3. When using Curing Touch, spend 2 Radiance to add “and Refresh 2 Stamina” to the verbal.
  • 2nd Purchase: useable 2/watch
  • 3rd Purchase: “Refresh [Tier] Stamina.”
Perfect Resurrection (4, 4, 4 CP; 10 Radiance; Event) When using a skill with the Cure Death effect, you can spend 10 Radiance points to remove the Drain secondary effect. This skill DOES NOT add to your Radiance Pool.
  • 2nd Purchase: +1 Radiance Pool. Useable 1/day.
  • 3rd Purchase: You can now remove the Stricken effect as well.
Fortification of Liriel (3, 3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 3 Radiance; Watch) When using any skill that has the Heal effect, you can spend 3 Radiance to give the target an Imbue card that says, “Your maximum Vitality is increased by [Tier] until the end of this Watch. Please return this card to [Dawncaller] at that time.” Example: You use Healing Light and call, “Heal [Tier] and Short Weakness by Light.” You then spend 3 Radiance points and hand the target a card that says, “Your maximum Vitality is increased by [Tier] until the end of this Watch. Please return this card to [Dawncaller] at that time.”
  • 2nd Purchase: useable 2/watch
  • 3rd Purchase: “Your maximum Vitality is increased by [Tier+1] until the end of this Watch. Please return this card to [Dawncaller] at that time.”
  • 4th Purchase: useable 3/watch.
  • 5th Purchase: “Your maximum Vitality is increased by [Tier+2] until the end of this Watch. Please return this card to [Dawncaller] at that time.”
Shield of Liriel (3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Radiance, Watch) When hit by a melee attack, you can spend 2 Radiance to call, “Resist by Light.”
  • 2nd Purchase: melee or missile attack
  • 3rd Purchase: useable 2/watch
  • 4th Purchase: melee, missile, or packet attack
  • 5th Purchase: useable 3/watch
  • 6th Purchase: ANY attack
Sacrificial Radiance (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 3 Vitality; Day) Requires Radiance Pool 10+. Once per day, you can Sacrifice 3 Vitality to Refresh [Tier+2] Radiance. As these points are Sacrificed, they cannot be healed in any way until you have successfully rested for 5 minutes. 2nd Purchase: [Tier +3] Radiance 3rd Purchase: 1/watch 4th Purchase: [Tier +4 Radiance] 5th Purchase: You may touch another willing Empowered of the White Court and call, “Waste [up to Tier +4] Vitality and Drain by Light.” Then immediately call “Refresh [up to Tier +4] Radiance to Self by Light.”  This lost Vitality cannot be Healed or regained in any way till you have rested for 5 full minutes.