Grave Knight

Grave Knight (3 CP) REQUIRES: Knowledge: Otherworld (Novice) Any 1 other Knowledge (Novice) skill Medium Weapon (Blade) Light Armor Diagnose First Aid Magic of the Master (Winter, Autumn, Water or Air) Turn Undead Heroic Strike, Heroic Block, or Heroic Constitution (any 1) Death comes for everyone—even the gods themselves can die by violence. It is the one universal, unconquerable truth of the universe. The Grave Knights of Rhaine stand in the gap between life and death, servants of the goddess who rules over the realm of death and judgement. They live up to their name in both behavior and mission, for there are no sterner foes of the unliving than those who have been anointed by the goddess of death. Rhaine is the goddess of prophecy as well, and her knights are renown as prophets and oracles. Many of her knights who live into old age retire to a distant, remote temple or shrine, serving as a place of pilgrimage for those who wish to make sacrifice to the Cold Lady in exchange for answers from beyond. The grave knights fill this role as well, channeling the words of the goddess. Lastly, the grave knights serve the goddess of winter; she is called the Cold Lady both for her neutral and unbiased regard for the lives of mortals but also her provenance over the season of hibernation, frozen sleep, and the culling of the weak. This brings her and her followers often in direct conflict with the archfey known as the Winter Queen, who would strip Rhaine of her mastery over the cold season and become a faerie goddess herself. In everyday life, the clergy of Rhaine fulfill many roles; almost all of her priests come from the ranks of the smallfolk, for the common people have far more intimacy with death and winter than the wealthy and noble. Her faithful are found working as midwives and physicians, gravediggers and embalmers, healers and even executioners. Rhaine is the guardian both of the living and the dead, and having a priest present for a birth all but ensures the safety of both mother and child. Priests of Rhaine are often familiar with many different funerary customs for the regions they serve, and as such they often serve their communities by performing the rites for the dead. Those who are called to be anointed as grave knights serve as the hands and will of Rhaine abroad—almost all of them are wandering or itinerant priests, either serving from one central “home base” on the frontier or wandering from settlement to settlement listening to the will of the goddess in their heart. Rhaine is a jealous goddess, watchful and protective of the souls who must travel to her realm of Stygia in the Otherworld for judgement after death. The Divine Oracle knows that the souls of mortals are vulnerable on this journey from the land of the living through the wilds of the Otherworld, and the days and weeks after death is when a soul is most vulnerable to being consumed by a shadow-beast in the Otherworld or bound into an undead corpse by necromancy—it is this role for which the grave knights were first created. The grave knights are the protectors of the dead and the souls of those who have gone on to judgment; they record or memorize all they can about those who have died in their presence, and the temples of Rhaine across Brittanis are known as repositories of vast knowledge regarding the life and deaths of many. Grave knights guard graveyards and seek to prevent the necromancers who would corrupt the sleep of the dead. Necromancy is utterly forbidden in her clergy, and only under the rarest of circumstances will a grave knight suffer a known animator of corpses to live. Grave Knights are staunch, dedicated foes of the undead and seek to destroy them whenever possible, for their goddess weeps in fury and sorrow when the spirits of those who have died are torn from her kingdom and forced back into the realm of the living. Grave knights serve their goddess after death as well. If they have been faithful and served with honor, they are transformed into mighty reaper knights or even the Champions of Stygia after death, guarding the walls of Stygia for eternity or escorting powerful souls from the mortal realm to judgment by the goddess. Followers of the Cold Lady do not tend to make good diplomats; they work with the dead (who can’t talk back) and folk under duress (grief and childbirth) on a regular basis, so their social skills tend to be somewhat atrophied. When acting in their official capacity, they tend to be short of patience and speech, for mortal souls are almost always in jeopardy—whether attending a birth or putting the undead to rest the stakes are always high for a grave knight. Hierarchy in the church is determined by two things: population size and oracular ability. Those who serve larger communities are responsible for more souls, and therefore Rhaine directs her greater servants to the larger communities; often a newly-dedicated priest will find themselves directed to a small village on the edges of civilized lands (or beyond), and when they are ready for greater responsibility, a young replacement will arrive to relieve them. Oracular ability also has a great deal to do with mortal authority—those who hear the goddess’ voice more clearly are given greater authority, though sometimes the goddess’ voice can lead to instability and madness as well, and these are watched for carefully in her greatest prophets. Followers of Rhaine, when acting in official capacity, wear the funeral garments associated with their home culture. Favored colors are black, silver, grays, deep purples and reds, depending on culture. Long, ankle-length tunics, robes, and surcoats are often worn over armor or with armor worked into the design by the grave knights—many realize they will seldom have the chance to relax their vigilance long enough to change clothes, so they work the funereal designs into their armor and weapons in order to serve double duty. Free Skill When you unlock the Grave Knight header, you gain the skill Whispers of Rhaine for free. The 0 CP version counts as the 1st purchase. Whispers of Rhaine (0, 3, 3, CP; 0 Stamina; OPEN Information Skill) You ask the goddess of prophecy for knowledge of the future, a glimpse into the Otherworld and guidance as to her enigmatic will. You can seek knowledge on just about any subject, but expect the results to be couched in metaphor and riddle-- though usually accurate, Rhaine's prophecies are often cryptic and vague. This is an information skill that does not require you to spend money for it to work, and 3 Downtime hours. The more money or items you choose to sacrifice to the goddess, however, the less vague and more detailed the visions are likely to be. You submit a question between events as described in the Information Skills section. If the question is appropriate to the goddess of prophecy, death, and winter, you may receive an answer from her. 2nd Purchase: Once per day, when you are engaged in a battle or encounter that was foretold or relates to your vision, you may refresh one “per day” skill and use it again during that battle or encounter. Call out “Refresh [Daily Skill Name] by [Heroic Trait]” when you use this skill. 3rd Purchase: usable 1/watch Grave Knight Skills Prophetic Strike (0, 3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 1 Stamina; Battle) The wisdom of the Prophetess guides your weapon. You can make a melee attack for “3 Damage by Fate.” If the strike is blocked or defended against, the Stamina is still spent but you can use the skill again during this battle. 2nd Purchase: usable 2/battle 3rd Purchase: "4 Damage by Fate" 4th Purchase: usable 3/battle 5th Purchase: "5 Damage by Fate" Buckler (3 CP) This skill allows you to use a buckler. You cannot use a larger shield with this skill Circle of Steel (3 CP, 1 Stamina) You are adept at clearing the battlefield to give yourself room to recover and reset. You may spend 1 Stamina to call “Disengage by Fate.” Medium Armor (4 CP) Requires Light Armor. You may wear Medium Armor. Shield (3 CP) Requires Buckler.This skill allows you to use a full sized shield. You cannot throw packet delivered effects while you have a full sized shield in your hand. Battlefield Repair: Armor (4 CP) Requires Medium Armor. You can repair a SINGLE PIECE of armor with no forge by spending 3 minutes of activity roleplaying the repair. You can only repair one piece of armor at a time. Battlefield Repair: Weaponry (4, 4 CP) Repair your own weapon or shield in three minutes of Activity with no forge. · 2nd Purchase: 1 minute of activity. Light of the Living (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Stamina;Battle) Requires Turn Undead, Reveal the Unliving. You strike home against a foe and Rhaine grants you the ability punish undead foes in return. You make a melee or missile attack for, “2 Damage by Fate.” If the attack hits and the enemy takes damage, point your weapon at one target and call, “By My Gesture, Slam to Undead by Fate” · 2ndPurchase: “3 Damage by Fate” · 3rdPurchase: usable 2/battle · 4thPurchase: “By My Gesture, 2 Damage and Slam to Undead by Fate.” Reveal the Unliving (3, 3, 3 CP; 1 Stamina;Battle, Spell) The eyes of Rhaine see truly, revealing monstrosities and evil. Make a packet attack for, “Expose Undead by Fate.” · 2ndPurchase: 2 packets · 3rdPurchase: you may now choose to call, “By My Voice, Expose Undead by Fate.” Smite Undead (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Stamina; Battle, Spell) Requires Turn Undead, Reveal the Unliving. You channel the jealous fury of the goddess of death, blasting the undead with holy power. Make a melee or missile attack for, “3 Damage to Undead by Fate” · 2ndPurchase: “5 Damage to Undead by Fate” · 3rdPurchase: usable 2/battle · 4thPurchase: “[Tier+ 4] Damage to Undead by Fate” Destructive Radiance (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Stamina; Battle, Spell, Rest) The undead are dangerous, sometimes viciously cunning prey. The goddess grants you the ability to blast your foes from afar. Make a packet attack for, “2 Damage by Light” · 2ndPurchase: “3 Damage by Light” · 3rdPurchase: 2 packets · 4thPurchase: usable 2/battle Life and Death (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Stamina; Battle) Requires Reveal the Unliving. Your magical protections guard you from the attacks of the undead. After you have used Reveal the Unliving, you gain use of “Shield by Fate” against the next Damage effect that strikes you which originates from a target who responded to the “Expose Undead by Fate” effect from Reveal the Unliving. You MUST use Reveal the Unliving before you can use this skill, and can only use the Shield defense against a target who cried out at the “Expose” effect. · 2ndPurchase: You can use Shield against the next melee or packet attack, instead of just against a Damage effect. · 3rdPurchase: replace “Shield” with “Resist” · 4thPurchase: replace “Resist” with “Reflect” Bury the Dead (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Stamina; Battle) Requires 5 skills from this header. Divine magic smites your foe, causing them to return briefly to the earth from which their corpse was interred. Make a packet attack for, “Short Stun to Undead by Fate.” · 2ndPurchase: usable 2/battle · 3rdPurchase: “Stun to Undead by Fate” · 4thPurchase: “Double Stun to Undead by Fate” Chill of the Grave (3,3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Stamina; Battle) You make 2 melee attacks for “2 Damage by Cold.” · 2nd Purchase: “2 Damage and Short Slow by Cold” · 3rd Purchase: “2 Damage and Slow by Cold.” · 4th Purchase: “[Tier+1] Damage and Slow by Cold,” Call of the Otherworld (4,4, 4, CP; 2 Stamina; Battle) Requires 6 skills from this header. Sometimes, the grave knights function as the goddess’ hands, sending mortals to meet her. You make a packet attack for “Waste 2 Vitality by Cold.” · 2nd Purchase: “Waste 3 Vitality by Cold.” · 3rd Purchase: “Waste 5 Vitality by Cold.” Rictus Grin (2, 2, 2, 2 CP; 1 Stamina; Battle, Rest, Spell) Your face briefly transforms into an illusion of a death’s-head, and the bony grin inspires terror into your foes. Make a packet attack for, “Short Weakness by Fear.” · 2ndPurchase: 2 packet attacks · 3rdPurchase: “Weakness by Fear” · 4thPurchase: “Double Weakness by Fear.” Pain of Death (3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Stamina) You channel the pain and wrenching agony of the moment of death into your foe. You can make a melee attack for, “3 Damage and Agony by Fate.” · 2nd Purchase: “[Tier+2] Damage and Agony by Fate,” · 3rd Purchase: “[Tier+2] Damage and Double Agony by Fate.” Haunting Spirits (3, 2, 2 CP; 2 Stamina; Battle) Your strike hits home, and violent, screaming spirits wrap themselves around the enemy’s mind. You can make a melee attack for, “2 Damage and Short Repel by Fear.” · 2nd Purchase: usable 2/battle. · 3rd Purchase: “2 Damage and Repel by Fear.” Graveyard Calm (2, 3, 3, CP; 1 Stamina; Spell) Your service to the Lady of Bones has granted you supernatural resistance to extreme emotions. You call “Imbue to Self by Graveyard Calm.” You can call “Resist by Fate” against a Fear, Repel, or Frenzy attack. · 2nd Purchase: you can cast this spell by touch on a willing target by calling, “Grant Defense: Resist X by Fate,” where X is Fear, Frenzy, or Repel—you must choose the effect at the time of casting. · 3rd Purchase: “Grant Defense: Double Resist X by Fate.” Stolen Life (3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Stamina; Battle) Requires 4 skills from this header. You steal a tiny bit of the life essence of your foe as you seek to send them to your mistress. You make a melee attack for “[Tier+2] Damage and Heal 1 to Self by Fate,” · 2nd Purchase: [Tier+3] and Heal 2. · 3rd Purchase: usable 2/battle Wither Limb (3, 3, 3 CP, 3 Stamina, Battle) Requires three skills from this header. For a brief time,you drain the life from an enemy’s body, making their body look as if they had been in the grave for years. You can make 1 melee attack for, “Short Maim by Fate.” · 2nd Purchase: “Maim by Fate.” · 3rd Purchase: usable 2/battle Ignore Death (3,3, 3, 3 CP; 1 Stamina; Event) RequiresTier 2, 5 skills from this header. Your goddess is the mistress of both life and death—you no longer fear an outside force inflicting death upon you artificially. Once per day you may call, “Shield by Fate” when hit with a Death effect. · 2nd Purchase: Usable 1/day · 3rd Purchase: usable 1/watch · 4th Purchase: usable 1/battle Reaper’s Harvest (3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Stamina; Battle, Spell) Requires 4 skills from this header. When you drop an unwilling enemy to 0 Vitality, you can touch your weapon to the enemy’s torso, spend 1 Stamina, and call, “Heal [Tier+3] To Self by Fate,” · 2nd Purchase: [Tier+5]. · 3rd Purchase: usable 2/battle Frozen Land (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Stamina; Battle) The earth beneath your enemy’s feet freezes solid, binding them in place briefly. You make 1 melee or missile attack for “Short Root by Ice.” · 2nd Purchase: “2 Damage and Short Root by Ice” · 3rd Purchase: “2 Damage and Root by Ice.” · 4th Purchase: “[Tier+1] Damage and Root by Ice,” Foreseen Doom (4, 4, 4 CP; 2 Stamina; Battle) Requires 4 melee attack skills from this header. You can make a melee or missile attack for, “Short Drain by Fate.” · 2nd Purchase: “Drain by Fate.” · 3rd Purchase: “[Tier] Damage and Drain by Fate,”