Otherworld Source Skills

Otherworld Source Skills

(5CP if building a Multi-Source character)
This Source represents abilities granted by the massively powerful entities that exist within the Otherworld, also known as The Grey. The gods grant their power from Celestial Realms to priests dedicated to their cause, and the Demon Princes trapped within the Abyss counter that power by imbuing cultists and dark worshippers of their own.Titans bound in the Nine Hells during the Godswar seek release by granting mortal worshippers terrible, destructive magic; the eternal war between the Archfey Courts of Faerie means that they occasionally grant mighty powers to the mortals who serve their whims.
Even darker and more terrible beings are said to dwell in the dark, featureless Grey which exists between the differing and varied realms of the Otherworld. Those unknowable and sanity-rending beings do not “grant” their power to mortals in the same way that the others do, but mortals still wield their power to horrific ends none the less.

Steps to Building an Otherworld Character

  1. Choose a Patron (see below)
  2. Buy a skill with the Empowerment keyword from your Patron's wiki page.
  3. Record the Empowerment Trait listed on your patron's info page. You use that trait (Faith for White Court, Fate for Three Sisters) when you see the words, [Empowerment Trait].
  4. Continue purchasing skills from the Otherworld List below.
A character can never purchase this skill for more than one patron. The gods and beings of the Otherworld are jealous, and guard their power carefully. A character may choose to honor more than one patron, but only one will ever invest such power in a mortal vessel.
It is possible to buy more powerful versions of Empowerment skills, and channel even more of your patron's will and power. See individual patron descriptions for details on these skills. Only the first Empowerment skill is required for Otherworld Header access.
The Religion section of the Guidebook has many sections on Otherworld patrons available for Player Character choice. If none of these choices suit your character concept, feel free to submit your ideas to Staff, but keep the following in mind:
No new gods will be created. If you wish to serve a different divine entity, they must be submitted as a demigod, hero-deity, or divine servant of one of the major deities listed on the website. Regardless of its origin, all characters who draw their power from a being who dwells in the Otherworld fall under this Source. PCs *CANNOT* have a Demon Prince as a patron. These kind of characters are not suitable as Player Characters in Brittanis. The Archfey-- lords and nobles of Faerie-- may be possible as patrons for characters. Contact the Director for inquiries on this subject.
When you choose to submit an entity or entities to Plot as a patron, understand that they will become an integral part of the plot involving your character. Staff will use the patron as a plot hook, guide, and will otherwise use this to affect your character. If you gain your Otherworld Source from a source other than the gods, talk with plot about appropriate skills based on your patron’s portfolio and characteristics. A patron page will be built for your patron and posted on the world wiki.

The White Court

(Associated Trait is "By Faith")

The Three Sisters

(Associated Trait is "By Fate") Empowered Blast (0, 4, 4, CP; 0 Stamina; Spell) The simplest kind of magic, you conjure a bolt of pure energy channeled from your patron to hinder your foe. When you choose this skill the first time, Choose an effect from the following list: Short Repel, Short Weakness, or Short Silence. You make a 5 WORD incantation and make a packet attack for, "[Chosen Effect] by [Fate/Faith]." This skill follows all other applicable rules for Spellcasting as if it was a normal spell.
  • 2nd Purchase: ONCE PER BATTLE, you can make a packet attack for, "2 Damage by [Fate/Faith]." by making the same 5 word incantation you use for this skill. This costs no Stamina.
  • 3rd Purchase: ONCE PER BATTLE, you can call, "Double [Chosen Effect] by [Fate/Faith]." by making the same 5 word incantation you use for this skill. This costs no Stamina.
Example: Andred has purchased this skill 3 times. His Empowerment Trait is "by Faith." He chose Short Weakness as his effect originally, so now he calls, "Weakness by Faith" when he makes his packet attack. Once per battle, Andred can make a 5 word incantation and make a packet attack for "2 Damage by Faith" without expending any Stamina.
He can also, once per battle, make a single packet attack for "Double Weakness by Faith."
Aura of Healing (2, 2, 2, 2, 2 CP; 1 Stamina; Battle, Burst, Spell, Rest) Your patron grants you the ability to quickly and efficiently heal wounds, though not without cost. Touch [Tier] targets and call “Heal 2 and Slow by [Fate/Faith]." NOTE: The burst keyword means that once you complete the incantation for this spell, you cannot move your right foot or any remaining uses (targets) are lost. 
  • 2nd Purchase: [Tier +1] targets
  • 3rd Purchase: useable 2/battle
  • 4th Purchase: [Tier +2] targets,  "Heal 2 and Short Slow by [Fate/Faith]."
  • 5th Purchase: useable 3/battle
  • 6th Purchase: “Heal [Tier] and Short Slow by [Fate/Faith]."
Agent of Faith (2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5 CP) Each time you purchase this skill, you gain a point of Faith that can be used in place of Stamina to power Otherworld skills. These points refresh at the beginning of each watch and do not stack or carryover from one watch to the next. Use them or lose them. Faith Armor (5 CP, up to 3 Stamina; Watch) You harness the energies of your patron to form a buffer between you and physical harm. You may pay up to three points of Stamina to give yourself an equal number of armor points. You may not use this skill while wearing a prop that gives armor points, and these points are lost if you put on or activate any other armor or ability that gives you ar­mor points—this includes any temporary armor from a Grant effect. If you are using this skill and gain armor points from physical armor or another ability that gives you armor points, these points are lost. These armor points may be refreshed by performing a ritual that takes 1 minute of activity time. You cannot move or refresh game skills while refreshing armor. The armor points last until the end of the watch or your Stamina is refreshed. Otherworldly Weaponry (4, 4, 4 CP, 1 Stamina; Battle) Requires skills in fighting style appropriate to your Patron. 
The White Court
  • Aenryia, The Lady of the Lake -  Medium Blade and Shield, or Large Blade
  • Arturian, The Old Father - Bow or Staff Aureus, The Golden Merchant/Lady Luck - Mace (Lawgiver) or any Short Weapon (Lady Luck)
  • Dagmar, Wolf Lord of Battle -  any Medium/Large weapon, Exotic Weapon, or Shield
  • Emrys, Lord of Song, Wine, and Dreams - Short Blade & Buckler
  • Ghorn, The Godsmith - Medium Blunt & Shield OR Large Blunt
  • Liriel, The Evermaiden - Bow, Spear, or any Blunt
The Three Sisters
  • Eldrea, God-Sage and Patron of Magic - Short or Medium Blade or Staff
  • Rhaine, Prophetess and Goddess of Death - any curved Blade,
  • Sarai, The Wild Huntress - Bow or Spear/Trident
Once per battle you may pay 1 Stamina to EITHER:
  •  call out “Resist by [Fate/Faith],” against one Disarm or Destroy effect targeting your chosen weapons
  • make a melee or missile attacks for, "[Tier+1] by [Fate/Faith]." when using your chosen weapons.
You also gain the following abilities:
  • you may substitute [Fate/Faith] for the verbal of any called melee attacks with the Weapon trait made while using this weapon style.
  • You can touch cast spells while these weapons (and ONLY these weapons) are held in your off hand. You cannot use packet attack spells unless you have another skill that allows you to do so. You cannot block with these weapons and cast at the same time; if the weapons are struck your spells will still be interrupted and momentarily suppressed just as if you have been struck.
  • 2nd Purchase:  both the Resist and attack ability are useable 2/battle.
  • 3rd Purchase:  When you use the Resist ability above, you call, "Shield by [Fate/Faith]" against the next attack that hits you. Attack ability becomes "Double [Tier+1] by Faith."
Augury (2 CP) You are skilled at recognizing signs and omens. At the beginning of the day you may receive a vision or information about something that will happen during the day. Often times many characters with the same Source will receive the same signs about an important day, but sometimes you may receive something important to you. Curing Touch (3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Stamina, Battle, Spell) Your patron’s magic flows through you, removing afflictions from your target. When you choose this skill, choose ONE category of Trait: Mental, Physical, Metabolic, Elemental, or a single Trait from the Special list below. You can touch an ally and call, “Cure [Category] by [Fate/Faith]." This skill cannot be used on yourself.
  • 2nd Purchase: usable 2/battle
  • 3rd Purchase: choose a second Category. You can use this skill with either category. For example, you could call, “Cure Metabolic by [Fate/Faith]." or “Cure Darkness by [Fate/Faith].", but not “Cure Metabolic and Darkness by [Fate/Faith]." etc.
  • 4th Purchase: usable 3/battle
  • 5th Purchase: choose a third category.
  • 6th Purchase: usable 4/battle
  • 7th Purchase: choose a fourth category.
Possible Special Traits include:
  • Blood: used by arcane casters who derive their power from torture and sacrifice, Fomorians, and some demon worshippers
  • Hex: used by Wyrdcasters
  • Light: used by those who channel divine/godly power
  • Darkness: used by those who channel or are touched by destructive and entropy-infused energies; often associated with Demon Princes
  • Infernal: used by those who channel or are touched by fiery and demon-sponsored energies; often associated with lesser demons
  • Magic: used by arcane spell casters
  • Faerie: used by fae and their servitors
Magic of the Master (MAJOR) (3, 3, 3, 3, 3 CP) Requires a skill with the Empowerment keyword. You may choose one spell list from the list your patron has Major access to. Your patron will determine what Arts and/or Seasons you have access to. You gain Major Access to this list. You can now purchase spells from the list you have purchased. You also can use the Battle Trait listed in the spell section for whichever category you have chosen. That Battle Trait can be used in place of by [Fate/Faith]." in your skill verbals for the Otherworld Source. Note: you MUST choose from the options available as determined by your patron. · 2nd –4th Purchase: choose another category of spells. You gain all the benefits and must abide by all the restrictions above. Magic of the Master (MINOR) (2, 2, 2, 2 CP) Requires Magic of the Master (MAJOR). This skill works identically to the Major version, but you choose from your patron's list of Minor Access instead. 2nd –4th Purchase: choose another category of spells. You gain all the benefits and must abide by all the restrictions above. NOTE: Some patrons have fewer options for Minor Access. If you run out of options from your Patron's list, you cannot purchase this skill again. Sense Magic (3, 3 CP; 1 Stamina; ) Requires Magic of the Master I. Choose one Battle Trait you have learned from the Magic of the Master skill. Touch a willing or helpless recipient and call out “Diagnose [BattleTrait] by [Fate/Faith]." Example: if you have chosen the Light School, you can call, "Diagnose Light by [Fate/Faith]." · 2nd Purchase: In addition, you can now call  “In This Place, Diagnose [Battle Trait] by [Fate/Faith]." This does not expose or Diagnose creatures in the area, but it may prompt a spirit to answer “Yes” or “No” or to rarely even whisper information to you. · 3rd Purchase: You can now call, “By My Voice, Expose [Battle Trait] by [Fate/Faith]." Patron’s Purity (2, 2,2, 2 CP; 2 Stamina; Day) Requires Empowerment 2, Curing Touch and three other skills from the Otherworld Source. Your patron gives you the ability to shrug off ill effects. Choose one of the Categories you have available from Curing Touch. Call out “Purge [Category] to Self by [Fate/Faith]." to end the chosen effect. · 2ndPurchase: usable 1/watch · 3rdPurchase: call, “Cure” instead of “Purge” · 4thPurchase: usable 1/battle Mystic Resistance (2, 2 CP); 1 Stamina; Battle) Requires Empowerment, Otherworld Signature. The magic granted by your patron makes you more resistant to that kind of power used against you. You may call, “Resist by [Fate/Faith]” to negate one attack with your Battle Trait used against you. · 2nd Purchase: usable 2/battle. Example: Beorn is a Forgemaster of Ghorn, and has chosen the Fire school of magic from the choices Ghorn offers him; Beorn thus can use the Fire battle trait. If Beorn gets hit with an attack that has the Fire trait such as, “5 Damage and Agony by Fire,” then Beorn can use this skill, pay 1 Stamina, and call, “Resist by Faith” against that Fire attack. Smite (3, 3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Stamina; Battle, Rest; Spell) Requires Empowerment, Magic of the Master: Major, Otherworldly Weaponry. You smite your foes with extra-planar power. You can make 2 melee, missile, or packet attacks for, “[Tier+1] Damage by [Fate/Faith].” All attacks must be of the same type: you must make 2 melee, 2 missile, or 2 packet attacks and cannot interchange until you use this skill a second time. · 2nd Purchase: usable 2/battle. · 3rd Purchase: "[Tier+1] Damage and Repel by [Faith/Fate]!" You can interchange any TWO kinds of attacks: You could make a melee and a missile attack, melee and packet, packet and missile, etc. · 4th Purchase: "[Tier+2] Damage and Repel by [Faith/Fate]!" · 5th Purchase: "[Tier+2] Damage and [Repel/Slam] by [Faith/Fate]!" You can interchange the Repel and Slam effects between attacks as you see fit. Inspired Action (3 CP; Day) Requires Augury and three other skills from this Source. The blessing of foresight granted by your patron makes you more prepared for the future. Once per day, when you are engaged in a battle or encounter that was foretold or relates to your Augury vision, you may call, “Refresh [Skill Name] by [Fate/Faith]." and regain the use of an expended skill to use again. Resurrect (5, 5, 5 CP; 3 Stamina; Event, Spell) Requires Empowerment and 6 skills from this Source. The beings of the Otherworld are loathe to lose the mortal supporters whom they have invested with power, and those who support their chosen. You can touch a target and call, “Diagnose X." where X is your own Patron's Name. If the answer is Yes to the Diagnose, you call, "Cure Death and Drain by [Fate/Faith]." If the answer is No to the Diagnose, you call, "Cure Death and Stricken by [Fate/Faith]." · 2nd Purchase: usable 1/day · 3rd Purchase: “Diagnose [Patron] to Spirit,” and “Cure Death and Drain to Spirit by [Empowerment Trait]." or “Cure Death to Spirit and Stricken by [Empowerment Trait]." per the rules above. Blessings of the Faithful (4 CP; Combination Information Skill) You have developed trusted contacts and advisers that aid you in battles and challenges of faith and religion. You choose where you seek aid when you purchase this skill. Using it in between events costs 3 hours of Downtime. If you choose to sacrifice money to your patron in order to increase their response, you can do so. Between events you may submit a request for aid in some upcoming battle or challenge that involves your faith. If the faithful can help you might receive boons and blessing related to the task that you submit. This skill does not guarantee response. You do not specify the type of blessing; that is at the discretion of your patron. You cannot use this skill if you end an event with a condition that prevent the use of game skills. There may be places of Otherwordly power where you may invoke the aid of the spirits, angels, elementals, faerie, guardians or saints of that place during the game and meet whatever conditions are required by those guardians. In this case you must spend a point of Stamina and roleplay asking the guardians for aid. You then leave a scroll with your request at that place or with the guardian that appears. If the guardians choose to honor your request you will either receive some help from a guardian at that time or receive a visitation later during the event. Turn Undead (2, 2, 2, 2 CP; 1 Stamina; Battle, Spell, Rest) Requires 2 skills purchased from this header. You channel the magic of your patron into a bolt that keeps the unliving at bay. Make a packet attack for, “Short Repel to Undead by [Fate/Faith]”. · 2ndPurchase: 2 packet attacks · 3rdPurchase: “Repel to Undead by [Fate/Faith].” · 4thPurchase: “[Tier] Damage and Repel to Undead by [Fate/Faith]” Templar's Raiment (4 CP) You are a chosen warrior of your faith. You can wear Light Armor and a Shield (but not buckler).