Battlemage (3 CP) REQUIRES:
  • Any 1 Knowledge (Novice) skill
  • Magical Art: Major (any)
  • Magical Art: Minor (any)
  • Evocation
  • Arcane Signature
  • 2 Weapon Skills (Medium or Large)
  • Light Armor, Mystic Armor, OR Combat Reflexes
  • Heroic Endurance, Heroic Vitality, Heroic Strike OR Heroic Block (any 1)
There are an elite few who have taken the secrets of arcane magic and adapted them to front-line battle. Traveling as support for other warriors, knights, or men-at-arms, it is the task of these brave folk to use their powers to defend their liege or lord, either by supporting other stalwart fighters or by raining magical death upon their foes.
Combining the magical skills of the arcane with the martial skills of the fighter, a battle mage is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. They wear physical armor like a warrior, and can sometimes wield a blade with as much deadliness and accuracy. Having a battlemage on your side in a fight can turn the tide of a battle; facing one as an enemy can be terrible indeed.
Free Skill When you unlock the Battlemage header, you gain the Mage Weapon skill for free. The 0 CP version counts as the 1st Purchase. Mage Weapon (0, 3, 3 CP) You can cast spells while holding and using a staff or single Medium melee weapon. You must have the skill for the weapon in question. This overrides the restriction requiring both hands to be free to cast spells.
  • 2nd Purchase: You can have a buckler or shield in your off-hand while casting.
  • 3rd Purchase: You can have a Large weapon in one hand while casting a spell. This includes a bow or crossbow. Notes: · A two-handed weapon must be held in only one hand for purposes of this skill, and cannot be used to attack or defend while the casting is taking place. · You cannot use Mage Weapon with any two-weapon style, including buckler or shield. You must have only a single melee weapon OR a buckler or shield in hand. · This skill also applies to any skill with the Spell keyword.
  Battlemage Skills Art of War (5 CP)
  • Your incantation for spells that deal damage is decreased by 1 syllable per level. This applies ONLY to arcane spells purchased using the Magical Art skill.
Battlefield Repair: Armor (4 CP) Requires Medium Armor. You can repair a SINGLE PIECE of armor with no forge by spending 3 minutes of activity roleplaying the repair. You can only repair one piece of armor at a time. Buckler (3 CP) This skill allows you to use a buckler. You cannot use a larger shield with this skill. Shield (3 CP) Requires Buckler. This skill allows you to use a full sized shield. You cannot throw packet delivered effects while you have a full sized shield in either hand. Mighty Strike (4, 4, 4 CP, 2 Stamina; Battle) You can strike with terrible precision and power. Call, “5 Damage” for one melee attack.
  • 2nd Purchase: usable 2/battle.
  • 3rd Purchase: Call, “[Tier+4] Damage”
Circle of Steel (3 CP, 1 Stamina; Battle)
  • You are adept at clearing the battlefield to give yourself room to recover and reset. Call “Disengage by Magic"
Swift Strikes (3, 3, 3, 3 CP, 1 Stamina; Battle) You have trained hard at speed and precision. You can spend 1 Stamina to make 2 melee or missile attacks for “2 Damage.” · 2nd Purchase: Usable twice per battle · 3rd Purchase: “[Tier+1] Damage” · 4th Purchase: usable 3 times per battle. Medium Armor (5 CP) Requires Light Armor. You may wear Medium Armor. Spellblade (3, 4, 5 CP, +1 Stamina; Battle) Requires Mage Weapon.
  • You can cast a spell into a single Medium melee weapon and change the delivery type from packet or touch to melee. This effect ONLY works for spells purchased from a Magical Art header. It cannot be applied to missile or thrown weapons.
You must spend 1 additional Stamina in addition to the cost of the spell, cast the spell as normal and touch a packet to the weapon you wish to “charge” and call “Imbue to Weapon by Magic.” Once that is complete, you can use the melee weapon as an attack delivery for that spell—the spell’s effect and verbal do not change.
An Imbued Spellblade that is Disarmed, dropped, or otherwise leaves the caster’s possession in any way immediately loses the charge and must be completely re-Imbued as if it had never been charged. The spell and Stamina used to charge the blade are lost.
A battlemage can only Imbue a weapon they have purchased the skill for. Only melee weapons can be Imbued.
When using Spellblade, you DO NOT stack melee damage from the weapon, weapon skills, or any other effect on to the delivered attack—the ONLY effect delivered is identical to that of the spell that has been Imbued onto the weapon. Once the Imbued spell’s effect has been discharged, the weapon is normal and can be used as normal. If a spell effect has multiple packet attacks, such as a “make 3 packet attacks for…” kind of spell, the weapon stays charged until an equal number of melee attacks have been made.
  • 2nd Purchase: usable 2/battle
  • 3rd purchase: usable 3/battle
Example: A 2nd Tier Battlemage wants to use the Flame Arrows spell through her battleaxe. She has the spell in her spellbook and knows the incant, and has enough Stamina to cast it. She spends 2 Stamina (1 for a 1st-Tier spell +1 for Spellblade), says the full incant, and instead of throwing the packet as normal, she touches her battleaxe and calls, “Imbue to Weapon by Magic” and wades into battle. Because she is a 2ndTier character, Flame Arrow gives her 2 packet attacks for 4 Fire Damage each.Thus, when she strikes with her battleaxe, she gets 2 melee attacks for “4 Damage by Fire” Mighty Spellblade (4 CP) Requires Spellblade.
  • You can use the Spellblade skill on a Large melee weapon.
Arcane Archer (4 CP) Requires Spellblade.
  • You can use the Spellblade skill on a bow or crossbow.
Greater Spellblade (5 CP) Requires Spellblade. You can stack melee damage effects onto the Spellblade skill. ONLY untyped melee damage skills can be stacked for purposes of this skill. The Traits for the Imbued spell over-ride any traits from the untyped melee damage. If the melee attack skill requires Stamina cost, the character must pay the cost for it as usual. Attacks gained by use of a Grant or another Imbue DO NOT APPLY. You can only stack melee attack skills that you have purchased with CP.
Example: Continuing the example from above, our female battlemage wants to stack a melee attack skill onto the Flame Arrow she already Imbued into the weapon. She purchased the Heroic Strength skill which gives her one melee attack for “4 Damage by [Heroic Virtue]." She goes through the entire Spellblade procedure, Imbues her Weapon, and uses Heroic Strength on the first attack. That first Spellblade attack calls “8 Damage by Fire” and the second calls, “4 Damage by Fire” because the Heroic Strength applies to one attack only.
If someone had given the battlemage a Grant: Melee Attack 4 Damage effect, she could NOT stack that onto a spellblade effect. Only effects the character has purchased on their own can be used for Spellblade. Blaster (4, 5 CP) Requires Tier 2 and 4 skills from this header.
  • Choose 1 Magical Art you have major access to through the Arcane source.   All numeric damage effects for this Art are increased by 1.
  • 2nd Tier: Choose 1 additional Magical Art with the same criteria. You cannot choose the same Art twice.
Master Blaster (5 CP) Requires Tier 3, Blaster and 5 other skills from this header.
  • As Blaster, but the damage is increased by 2. This skill can only be chosen once.
Elemental Buffer (3, 3, 3 CP, 2 Stamina; Battle; Spell) Requires Blaster. While wearing physical armor, you gain a Shield effect that applies to the Battle Trait of the Magical Art you picked for the Blaster skill.
  • You can change what Trait to defend against by spending 1 minute of activity time roleplaying a small ritual to enchant your armor.
  • 2nd Purchase: 2 Shield/battle
  • 3rd Purchase: choose 2 Elemental traits with the same criteria. You can use the Shield effect against EITHER of those 2 traits.
Example: A battlemage picks Blaster in Magical Art: Air, which has Battle Traits of Air, Wind, Thunder, and Lightning. She picks Lightning for her Elemental Buffer, and therefore can spend 2 Stamina for a Shield defense against the first Lightning effect to hit her while she is wearing physical armor. If she has access to other magical arts, she can spend 1 minute to roleplay the ritual to change what Trait she wants to Shield against. Once the Shield effect is used, she must rest for 5 minutes to get it back.
Heavy Armor (5 CP) Requires Tier III, Medium Armor.
  • You may wear Heavy Armor.