Arcane Source Skills

Arcane Source Skills

(5CP if building a Multi-Source Character)

Arcane Classes: Spells:

This Source represents abilities that channel arcane and elemental magical energies. You draw upon the raw magical forces of the world—the life-force inherent in everything.

Eldritch Blast (0, 4, 4, 4 CP; 0 Stamina; Spell)

The simplest kind of magic, you conjure a bolt of pure magical energy to harm your foe. You make a 5 WORD incantation and make a packet attack for, "1 Damage by Magic." This skill follows all other applicable rules for Spellcasting as if it was a normal spell.

  • 2nd Purchase: "2 Damage by Magic"
  • 3rd Purchase: When you purchase this skill, choose 1 effect from the following list: Agony, Short Slow, or Short Repel. ONCE PER BATTLE, you can make a single packet attack for "2 Damage and [Chosen Effect] by Magic," by making the same 5 word incantation you use for this skill. This costs no Stamina.
  • 4th Purchase: As 3rd Purchase, but choose a second effect. You can now make one packet attack per battle for EACH of the two effects you have chosen.

Example: Valyrion has purchased this skill 4 times. He has chosen Short Repel and Short Slow as his effects. He can make a 5 word incantation and make a packet attack for "2 Damage by Magic" without expending any Stamina.

He can also, once per battle, make a single packet attack for "2 Damage and Short Slow by Magic" and a single packet attack for "2 Damage and Short Repel by Magic."

Magical Art: Major (3, 3, 4, 5 CP)

You may choose one Magical Art from the Spell List section. Your Magical Art determines the types of spells that you can cast forth as magic.

Arcane spellcasters BEGIN play with Major access to the Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Shadow Arts. However, when a caster chooses one of the Elemental Arts, they automatically LOSE Major access to its opposite and instead have Minor access.

Arcane characters always have Major access to the Shadow Art-- this represents the whispering, calling creatures of the Otherworld offering more and more power, but at the risk of the character's soul. Expect a character who uses arcane Shadow magic frequently to be tempted by those beings. We'll be watching.

This skill can be purchased up to 2 times at character generation.

Example: Velarion the Erin'Tar Wizard buys Fire as his first Magical Art. As soon as he does so, he loses Major Access to the Water Art-- if he ever decides to purchase that Art, he will have only minor access to Water. Likewise, if Velarion buys the Earth as his next category, he has has Major access to Earth but can only buy Minor access to Air afterwards.

Magical Art: Minor (2, 2 CP)

Requires Magical Art: Major. This skill works identically to the Magical Art: Major skill, but it buys a caster Minor access to an Art instead. It follows all the rules outlined above.

Arcane Reserves (2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5 CP)

Requires Magical Art. Each time you purchase this skill, you gain a point of Energy that can be used in place of Stamina to power Arcane skills. Energy resets at the beginning of each watch.

Arcane Resistance (3, 3, 3 CP; 1 Stamina; Battle, Watch)

Requires Magical Art. Choose 1 Battle Trait you gained from the purchase of a Magical Art. You can call, “Purge by Magic” to negate one attack with your Battle Trait used against you. You can choose a new Battle Trait at the beginning of the next watch.

  • 2nd Purchase: Usable 2/battle
  • 3rd Purchase: Call “Resist by Magic” instead of Purge.
Arcane Signature (4, 4 CP)

Requires Magical Art. You choose one Battle Trait gained from a Magical Art you have purchased. That Trait can now be used as a Source Trait instead of "by Magic." for Arcane skills. This skill CANNOT change the verbal for a skill with the Spell keyword.

  • 2nd Purchase: choose another Battle Trait per the restrictions above.
Mystic Armor (4 CP, up to 3 Stamina; Watch)

You harness arcane energies to form a buffer between you and physical harm. You may pay up to three points of Stamina to give yourself an equal number of armor points. You may not use this skill while wearing a prop that gives armor points, and these points are lost if you put on or activate any other armor or ability that gives you ar­mor points—this includes any temporary armor from a Grant effect.If you are using this skill and gain armor points from physical armor or another ability that gives you armor points, these points are lost. These armor points may be refreshed by performing a ritual that takes 1 minute of activity time. You cannot move, use, or refresh other game skills while refreshing armor.

Staff of the Arcane (3 CP)

Requires Staff skill. This skill allows you to hold and use any staff while you are casting spells, overriding the restriction that casting requires both hands to be empty.

Sense Magic (1 CP)

Requires Magical Art: Major. Choose one Battle Trait you have learned from a Magical Art. Touch a willing or helpless recipient and call out “Diagnose X by Magic” where X is a Battle Trait you have gained by purchase of the Magical Art skill. You may also attempt to discern that trait in a mystical place if a spirit is present by calling “In This Place, Expose X by Magic.”

Dispel Magic (3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 1 Stamina; Watch)

Choose a Battle Trait from one of your Magical Arts. Use 1 minute of activity to roleplay a small magical ritual, then Touch a target and callout “Cure [Battle Trait] by Magic.”

  • 2nd Purchase: usable 2/watch
  • 3rd Purchase: can target by touch or packet
  • 4th Purchase: 30 seconds activity time
  • 4th purchase: 3/watch
  • 5th Purchase: 10 seconds activity time
Arcane Weaponry (5, 3, 3 CP)

Requires Magical Art: Major. You gain the ability to fight with elemental weapons. Prepare a prop for a Medium weapon and decorate it to look like it is constructed of pure elemental power. Each weapon must clearly be different than a red claw prop.

You must roleplay conjuring these weapons. The amount of time it takes you to ready them is the activity time. If the weapon is disarmed or you drop it, it disappears and must be re-conjured as normal.

When you take this skill, choose a Battle Trait from one of your Magical Arts. The weapons conjured by this skill use either that Battle Trait or Magic for all verbals when attacking. You may substitute Magic or the Battle Trait for any called melee attacks with the Weapon trait made while using these weapons.

You gain the ability to fight with your elemental weapon. You also gain the ability to cast spells while this weapon is held in your off hand. You cannot block with these weapons and cast at the same time; if the weapons are struck your spells will still be interrupted and momentarily suppressed just as if you have been struck.

  • 2nd Purchase: You can create a Large weapon with this skill.
  • 3rd Purchase: You can block with this weapon while in the process of casting.
Speak with Elemental (2 CP, 1 Stamina)

You may touch a recipient or make a packet attack and call out“Speak With Elemental by Magic” to communicate with elemental beings.

Effortless Spell (4, 4, CP; Battle)

Requires Magical Art: Major 2. . Your first spell from the Magical Arts spell list costing 1 Stamina instead costs 0 Stamina.

  • 2nd Purchase: First 2 Magical Art spells costing 1 Stamina instead cost 0 Stamina.
Arcane Fury (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Stamina; Battle)

Requires Arcane Signature, Arcane Weaponry. Using your Arcane Weaponry, you make a melee attack for “[Tier+1] Damage by [Battle Trait],”

  • 2nd Purchase: You make 2 melee attacks.
  • 3rd Purchase: Usable 2/battle.
  • 4th Purchase: [Tier+2]
Evocation (3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 5, CP; 2 Stamina; Battle, Spell, Burst)

Requires Eldritch Blast. You conjure the simplest, most direct kind of magical weapon: a bolt of raw magical essence to destroy your foes. Make two packet attacks for "[Tier+1] Damage by Magic"

  • 2nd Purchase: Requires Magical Art. At the beginning of any watch, you can choose a Battle Trait you've gained from the Magical Art skill. You can replace "by Magic" with the Battle Trait at will.
  • 3rd Purchase: [Tier+2]
  • 4th Purchase: make 3 packet attacks
  • 5th Purchase: [Tier+3]
  • 6th Purchase: Make 4 Packet attacks.
Signature Spell (5,5,5 CP)

Requires Tier 2, Magical Arts Major and one spell of maximum level from that header.

When casting the spell you use -1 stamina to a min of 1.

  • 2nd Purchase Tier 3 A Different Magical Arts Major and a new spell at maximum level from that header; When casting the spell you use -1 stamina to a min of 1.
  • 3rd Purchase Tier 4 A Different Magical Arts Major and a new spell at maximum level from that header; When casting the spell you use -1 stamina to a min of 1.