Shaman (3 CP)

  • Any 2 Knowledge (Novice) skills
  • Detect Corruption
  • Healing Herbs
  • Omens & Portents
  • Precognition
  • Heroic Will, Heroic Endurance, OR Heroic Vitality (any 1)
NOTE: Brittanis DOES NOT attempt to replicate or portray a real-world religion in any way, shape, or form. The name is present because it is a well-known fantasy trope, and a fun character concept to play. For the same reason there is no "Catholic Priest" class, the shaman class has little or no resemblance to real-world shamanism. Brittanis is a fantasy world-- this is a fantasy interpretation of the shaman. Don't get the two confused---you'll get your feelings hurt.
You are sensitive to the spirits of the world around you. You can perceive the spirits that infuse everything in the world, and you can communicate with them.
You have learned to call on their aid and that is how you cast your magic. The spirits you see are all connected to the tapestry of fate. You are familiar with the Veil—the barrier between our world and the Otherworld—and you can sometimes reach through it and harness that power. You see spirits of the past—those mortals and creatures who have come before you in the distant past or even sometimes from ancient civilizations lost to time.
You see the spirits of the present—most nature spirits tend to live in a perpetual“now” that keeps their attention focused on the current moment. You also seethe ephemeral spirits of the future—those who have yet to come, and whisper of great triumphs or terrible doom.
The life of a Shaman is a dangerous one—some spirits are benign, but many are protective, desperate, or aggressive towards mortals who can detect their presence. Worst of all are the spirits who have been tainted by Darkness or corrupted by the forces that loose Malediction upon the world. Most shamans do not listen to spirits tainted by these forces so they are not driven mad by their dark whispers.
Shamans have many powers that are seen as dark or sometimes even evil by more “civilized” folk. Many of a shaman’s abilities interact with the dead—especially since one of the tasks most sacred to shamans is the destruction of the undead in order to free the corrupted spirits held trapped within the Risen. Most city folk don’t understand that in order to hunt something, you must understand it—and thus most shamans are mistrusted or downright reviled by those who do not understand them.

Free Skill

When you unlock this header, you gain the Circle of Bones skill for free. The 0 CP version counts as the 1st purchase. Circle of Bones (0, 3, 3, 4 CP; Gloaming) You create an enchanted circle of bones and skulls at least 5' in diameter either alone or with other shamans. Once you prepare the circle it cannot be moved for the remainder of the watch. Shamans can share a single circle but once you use this ability for the day, you are bound to the circle you activated this ability in and you cannot use another circle until that circle expires at the end of the watch or is dispelled, countered, etc. Each shaman must bind a spirit to the circle individually. While you are in this circle you may spend five minutes of Activity calling to the spirits and bind one to you. This willing spirit empowers you with a pool of Gloaming energy. For each skill purchased with the Gloaming keyword, you gain 1 point of Gloaming in this pool up to a maximum of 10 points. You may pay a point from your Gloaming pool to touch a packet to an ally and call out "Heal 3 and Agony by Spirit" –OR—you can use these points in place of Stamina for using abilities from this header. The points from your pool CAN BE refreshed at the beginning of the next Watch, but you must rest for at least 5 minutes inside the circle to refresh the Gloaming points. If your circle is disturbed then you must spend an additional minute purifying and reforming the circle. 2nd Purchase: Your Gloaming pool is permanently increased by +1. 3rd Purchase: Your Gloaming pool is permanently increased by +2. 4th Purchase: Your Gloaming pool is permanently increased by +3.

Shaman Skills

Spirit Magic (3, 3, 3, 3 CP) You can choose a magical category to buy spells from. You can pick the Magical Arts of Shadow, Earth or Air; you may also select either Autumn or Winter from the Seasons spell list. You gain Major Access to that Art or Season.
  • Each time you purchase a new category of spells to choose from.
Crushing Despair (3, 3, 3 CP, 2 Stamina; Battle, Spell, Gloaming) Requires 3 skills from this header. Corrupted spirits of the dead are often afflicted by terrible, lonesome despair—which you have learned how to focus and use against your enemies.
  • You can make a packet attack for “Short Drain by Spirit.”
  • 2nd Purchase: “Drain by Spirit
  • 3rd Purchase: “Double Drain by Spirit.
Curse of Weakness (2, 2, 2 CP, 1 Stamina; Battle, Spell, Rest; Gloaming) You harness the draining, melancholy energy of the spirit realm and focus it into an attack against your enemies. ]
  • You make a packet attack for,“Short Weakness by Spirit.”
  • 2nd Purchase: “Weakness by Spirit”
  • 3rd Purchase: 2 packets.
Death's Fearful Grin (3 CP; Gloaming) You empower a sacred skull to call forth terror in your enemies.
  • You may spend a minute of Activity roleplaying to empower a skull prop with the power of Gloaming. The prop may be part of a staff or even affixed to your armor so long as it appears as bone and it is the size of a human skull or larger if it is the skull of an animal or beast. So long as you touch this skull you may change the Trait of any skill without the Spell keyword to "by Fear". You may also add the Bane Trait "to Undead" as a Special Trait for any skill you have purchased from this header.
Death Ward (2, 2, 2 CP; 2 Stamina; Watch, Spell; Gloaming) Your mastery of the spirits makes you particularly resistant to effects that would make you like them.
  • You call “Imbue by Death Ward” and then you can call, “Reduce and Drain to Self” against one Death effect.
  • 2nd Purchase: you can cast this spell by touch on a willing target by calling, “Grant Defense: Reduce Death and Drain to Self”
  • 3rd Purchase: Call “Reduce and SHORT Drain to Self.”
Glimpse of the Spirit Realm (3, 2, 2 CP, 2 Stamina; Battle, Spell; Gloaming) Requires 3 skills from this header. Not everyone is capable of processing the reality of the spirit realm. You know this, and you force an unwilling target to see what you see, driving them insane for a brief time.
  • You can make a packet attack for “Short Paralyze by Spirit.”
  • 2nd Purchase: “Paralyze by Spirit
  • 3rd Purchase: “Double Paralyze by Spirit.
Knowing Nature's Bounty (3, 4, 5 CP) This skill allows you to live in the wild.
  • So long as you do not maintain the trappings of civilized lands, and your clothing and accessories appear primitive, you do not have to pay monetary or food maintenance costs.You cannot use this skill if you end an event with a condition that prevent the use of game skills. You have Commoner Maintenance.
  • 2nd Purchase: You can pay the Commoner Maintenance price and get Gentry Maintenance.
  • 3rd Puchase: You can pay the Gentry price and get Noble Maintenance.
Sacred Weapon of Bone (3 CP)
  • This skill allows you to hold and use any blunt weapon made from bone while you are casting spells, overriding the restriction that casting requires both hands to be empty. You must have a skill with the weapon in question to use this ability. Bone weapons cannot be brought into game unless special means are used to create and maintain them.
A Large weapon must be held in one hand while casting and cannot be used for blocking or combat purposes until held in both hands again. To Speak With Ancestors (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; Combination Information Skill;) You may call upon the wisdom of your ancestors and the spirits of the past, present, and future, asking for guidance from them. Using it costs 3 hours of Downtime.
  • You sequester yourself in trance and meditation and call to the spirits for their aid as sources of wisdom. You may pursue knowledge about shamanic matters in a graveyard or other sacred place. This is an information skill that does not require you to pay money. You submit a question between events as described in the Information Skills section. If the question is appropriate for the spirits, you may receive knowledge appropriate to your question.
  • 2nd Purchase: You can ask 2 questions per window.
  • 3rd Purchase: You can sacrifice money or trade goods to the spirits for increased cooperation and accuracy. You choose how much you sacrifice.
  • 4th Purchase: You can ask 3 questions per window.
To Tell The Tale (2, 4 CP; 2 Stamina; Gloaming) Shamans have the ability to follow a Hero on his journey through the Underworld, recording his tale.
  • When Death or a Reaper comes to collect those with the Deathmarked trait, you may accompany one willing character. When you cross the barrier into the Underworld, you call, "Imbue to Self: Spirit." The Spirit only ends when you leave the Underworld again.
  • 2nd Purchase: You can aid one Hero per challenge in the Otherworld during the Long Walk. Your successes and failures can affect their outcome-- for good OR ill.
Reveal the Dead (2, 3, 3 CP; 1 Stamina; Watch;) Shamans deal with the dead on a regular basis; they are adept at finding those who are their specialty.
  • You can call, "By My Voice, Expose Dead."
  • 2nd Purchase: usable 1/battle
  • 3rd Purchase: You can call, "By My Voice, Expose Undead by Gloaming!"
Speak With Dead (3 CP; 1 STA; Rest)
  • You may spend 1 STA and gain the ability to talk to one creature with the Spirit trait. You must use this skill each time you wish to speak to a different Spirit. This lasts until you rest.
Steal Life (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 2 STA; Day)
  • Once per battle, you can use a Death Strike on a foe YOU have defeated and call, "Imbue by Gloaming." If you gain the Unstable trait before the end of the current Day, you can call, "Purge Unstable and Heal 1 by Gloaming!"
  • 2nd Purchase: usable 1/watch
  • 3rd Purchase: Heal 2
  • 4th Purchase: Heal [Tier+2]
Morbid Fascination (2, 3, 4 CP; 0 STA; Day) You have made a study of the dead and such things intrigue you-- some might say a little too much-- but you draw understanding of the ways of the world from seeing those you know well at their moment of passing.
  • Once per watch, if you witness an ally become a Spirit of the Dead, you can call, "Refresh 2 Stamina to Self by Death."
  • 2nd Purchase: ""Refresh 2 Stamina and Heal 2 to Self by Death."
  • 3rd Purchase: usable 1/watch.
Whispers of the Dead (2 CP; Combination Information Skill) The dead talk to you-- constantly.
  • With this skill, sometimes you can make sense of the constant chatter. You will receive a small message at check-in relating to something at the event. It may be something like "An assassin wears a red hat" or "Open a door for an old man" or something similar. If used between events this skill requires 3 Downtime to be spent.