Druid (3 CP)


  • Any 2 Knowledge skills [Novice]

  • Diagnose

  • First Aid

  • Healing Herbs

  • Speak with Beast or Plant

  • Heroic Will, Heroic Healing, OR Heroic Vitality (any 1)

You are the lumbering bear and the swift salmon of thought. You are the twisted, tangled roots of beginnings and the spreading storied branches of possibility, the oak at the heart of the world and the squirrel that surveys it and calls it home. You are knife-edge winds and healing rain, stinging swarms and sheltering woods. You are a druid, a master of the shapes and ways of wild things and wild creatures. Your study of the green woods and untamed places matches any wizard's contemplation of musty tomes for intensity, power, and devotion. At the very least, your path has cost you your easy relationship with humanity and your cozy, civilized life; it may require greater sacrifices of you yet. But count yourself blessed - you have come to know the wild world well enough that you can take on a variety of shapes and forms, and the wild knows you well enough to come to you when you call. Through your study and your reverence, you have become kin to plant and animal alike, forging a bond not easily understood by those who call cities home and recognize as family only those that walk on two legs. As part of this alliance, you can become a protector of wild places, a voice for your voiceless relations, a defender of the land against the ravages or sorcery and dishonor. Or you can become a scourge of humankind, hunting with the wolf's cunning or the tiger's strength, channeling all the darkness and terror that city-dwellers ascribe to your woodland home. The world's lifeblood flows in your veins, and a wild green power throbs with your heartbeat; who but you can grasp the lighting or call the wind your brother? --Flavor Text by K.Reynolds-Gier

NOTE Brittanis DOES NOT attempt to replicate or portray a real-world religion in any way, shape, or form. The name is present because it is a well-known fantasy trope, and a fun character concept to play. For the same reason there is no "Catholic Priest" class, the druid class has little or no resemblance to real-world druidry. Brittanis is a fantasy world-- this is a fantasy interpretation of the druid. Don't get the two confused---you'll get your feelings hurt. 

Free Skill

When you unlock this header, you gain the All Magic Is One skill for free. The 0 CP version is considered the 1st Purchase. All Magic is One (0, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5 CP) Your connection to the spirits and energies of nature grant you an unprecedented mastery of magic. You may choose one category of Spell, choosing from any Art or Season EXCEPT Light and Shadow. You gain Major access to that Art or Season. You gain the Battle Trait associated with the Magical Art or Season, if applicable. If you purchase this skill multiple times, you can choose either a new Magical Art or a new Season.

Druid Skills

Agent of the Wyld (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, CP) Each time you purchase this skill, you gain a point of Wyld that can be used in place of Stamina to power Primal skills with the Spell keyword. Animal Form (5, 3, 3, 3, 3 CP, 3 Stamina, Spell; Watch) Requires 3 skills purchased from this header. You may retreat to a private place and transform into an animal form. When you purchase this skill, pick 1 kind of animal from the categories listed below. When you shapeshift, change into a costume appropriate for the animal for you have chosen. When you change into your animal form you cannot use your own skills, but instead gain the skills of the form you have chosen. You may stay in the animal form as long as you like, but the skills of that form once paid cannot be refreshed. When you transform into your animal form, you MUST change your costume so that it is obvious you have shapeshifted. You must get approval from Staff for the shapeshift costume before you can use this skill.
  • 2nd Purchase: You can use this skill 2/watch. You can use Racial skills in Animal Form.
  • 3rd Purchase: Choose a second animal type. You can  shapeshift into either of those forms. In addition, you can use use Background Skills in Animal Form.
  • 4th Purchase: Beast Form gets +2 Vitality and Armor, +1 use of Animal Form "per battle" skills. You can use skills without the Spell Keyword from the Primal Source header or any Primal Class while in Animal Form.
  • 5th Purchase: You can use any skill without the Spell keyword while in Animal Form.
Note: Characters with the Beastmaster header are limited to animal shapes that mimic the spirit they have bonded to. Director's Note: It is possible to create MANY different types of animals using this skill. The current list (July '12) only expresses a few of the possibilities. If you have a concept in mind but don't see skills here that fit the idea, contact the Director via email and we can discuss adding Animal Forms to fit your concept. We're happy to work with you to fit your concept into the world--and the rules. And no, you can't shapeshift into a dinosaur. 😀 Bear (Or other beasts with strength and massive form) ~ You gain the Beast trait. ~ You can carry and use two Large claws. ~ Your base Vitality becomes 8. ~ You gain 3 points of Armor which resets with a minute of rest. ~ Twice per watch call out “Heal 4 to Self.” ~ Four times per battle make a melee attack for “2 Damage.” ~ Once per battle make a melee attack for “Slam.” Tiger (Or other beasts with deadly force and speed) ~ You gain the Beast trait. ~ You can carry and use two medium claws. ~ Your base Vitality becomes 7. ~ You gain 2 points of Armor which resets with a minute of rest. ~ Once per day call out “Avoid” to negate one attack. ~ Four times per battle make a melee attack for “2 Damage.” ~ Twice per battle make a melee attack for “Maim.” Lizard (Or other beasts with venomous attacks) ~ You gain the Beast trait. ~ You can carry and use two medium claws. ~ Your base Vitality becomes 6. ~ You gain 2 points of Armor which resets with a minute of rest. ~ Once per battle call out “Avoid” to negate one attack. ~ Four times per battle make a melee attack for “2 Damage by Poison.” ~ Twice per battle make a melee attack for “Weakness by Poison.” ~ Twice per battle you can make a packet attack for "Agony by Poison" Armor of the Land (3, 3, 3 CP) Requires 2 skills purchased from this header. To use this skill you must incorporate vines, leaves, or other vegetation into your costume. The base value of any armor or armor effect that you use is increased by one. This requires your armor prop to obviously show the modifications listed above. · 2nd Purchase: More leaves and vines must be added, armor bonus total increase of 2. · 3rd Purchase: Armor must appear to be made entirely of vines and/or vegetation, armor bonus total increase of 3. Barkskin (3, 3 CP) Requires Nature’s Shield II. All of the Grant Protection values for your Nature’s Shield skill go up by 1. · 2nd Purchase: Grant Protection value increases by an additional 1. Cyclone (4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4 CP; 2 Stamina; Battle, Spell, Burst, Rest) Requires 5 skills from this header. The winds answer your call and buffet your enemies, knocking them backwards and forcing them away from you. You gain 3 packet attacks for "Short Repel by Wind”. 2nd Purchase: “2 Damage and Short Repel by Wind” 3rd Purchase: 5 packet attacks 4th Purchase: "2 Damage and Repel by Wind." 5th Purchase: 6 packet attacks 6th Purchase: “[Tier+1] Damage and Repel by Wind” Entangling Roots (3, 3, 3 CP, 2 Stamina; Spell, Rest) You gain three packet attacks for “Short Root by Nature.” · 2nd Purchase: Call “Root byNature.” · 3rd Purchase: Call, “Double Root by Nature.” Insect Swarm (4, 4, 4 CP, 3 Stamina, Spell, Watch) Requires 5 skills from this header . You know the ways of the swarming, flying, biting insects and you can direct them to attack your enemies at will. The biting, stinging, scratching swarm distracts your foe and prevents them from adequately defending themselves. You gain 1 packet attack for, “Short Drain by Nature.” · 2nd Purchase: “Drain by Nature.” · 3rd Purchase: “Double Drain by Nature.” Knowing Nature's Bounty (2 CP) This skill allows you to live in the wild. So long as you do not maintain the trappings of civilized lands, and your clothing and accessories appear primitive, you do not have to pay monetary or food maintenance costs. You are considered to have Commoner Maintenance. You cannot use this skill if you end an event with a condition that prevent the use of game skills. Nature’s Mending (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 1 Stamina; Battle, Spell) Requires All Magic is One. You call “Heal 2 and Slow to Self by Nature.” · 2nd Purchase: you can cast this spell by touch on a willing target · 3rd Purchase: call, “Heal[Tier+1] and Slow by Nature.” · 4th purchase: you can use this twice before having to rest. Rejuvenate (5, 3, 3 CP, X Stamina; Spell, Watch) You have tapped deeply into the strength of the land—so deeply that you can give that strength to others, granting them the ability to focus their own energy into heroic abilities. This skill can only be used once per watch. You can touch a willing ally and call, “Refresh X Stamina by Nature.” where X is the number of Stamina you spent to power this skill. You cannot cast this spell on yourself. A character cannot be the target of this spell more than once per watch. · 2nd Purchase: X is spent Stamina + caster Tier. · 3rd Purchase: spell can be cast 2 per watch. Revive (4, 4, 4, 5 CP; 3 Stamina; Spell; Day) Requires 5 skills from this header. Your magic draws on the powerful life energy inherent in the earth and channel that energy into an ally, restoring them to life. You can spend 3 minutes of Activity performing a ritual intended to revive the dead. Once the ritual is finished, call, "Cure Death and Stricken by Nature.” · 2nd Purchase, call, usable 2/day · 3rd Purchase: requires 1 minute ritual. · 4th Purchase: Requires Tier 2. “Cure Death to Spirit by Nature” Tree Meld (4 CP, 2 Stamina; Spell) You can meld with a tree of significant size to become a spirit and protect yourself from attacks. Touch a large tree with both hands, pay 2 points of Stamina, and say "Imbue by Nature" to activate this ability. The tree must be large enough around that your hands cannot touch thumbs and fingertips when wrapped around the trunk. So long as you do not move you gain the Spirit defense and become immune to most attacks. You gain the Plant trait and the Spirit trait. Any attack that is not beneficial which has the Bane trait "to Plant" or "to Spirit" will affect you and knock you out of Spirit form. Otherwise you will stay in spirit form until you choose to move. Moving, using any game skills, speaking, or starting a spell incantation end the Spirit effect. Weapons of the Wyld (3 CP) This skill allows you to hold and use any blunt wooden weapon while you are casting spells, overriding the restriction that casting requires both hands to be empty. You must have a skill with the weapon in question to use this ability.