Berzerker (3 CP) Requires 2 Medium and 1 Large Weapon skill, Heroic Block--OR--Heroic Dodge, Heroic Strike, Ravage. The world changes, and each passing day seems to bring new and monstrous challenges, new encroachments on the old ways and the ways of the wild. Some may suffer these insults in silence, but the Berzerker roars defiance, tapping into the fearsome rage of the spirits of the wounded land. As a Berzerker, you can channel your fury to become stronger, better, purer. Your rage allows you to fight on where others would drop from injury or exhaustion. The blessings of the nature spirits surround you, helping you to sustain yourself where those grown weak with the comforts of civilization would surely falter and die. Though you have been taught nothing of tactics, the mother bear has spoken to you of how she defends her young, the high-flying hawk of how he seizes upon his prey, and that is more than enough to make you a fearsome foe. You are the howling vengeance of the land, wrought in bone and sinew and set to destroy all who stand against you. --Flavor Text written by K. Gier. When you unlock this header, you gain the Brutal Strike skill for free. The 0 CP version counts as the 1st Purchase. Brutal Strike (0, 3, 3 CP; 1 Stamina; Battle) You can make a melee attack for “4 Damage.” · 2nd Purchase: 2/battle · 3rd Purchase: 3/battle. If you are wielding a Large weapon, all damage values for this skill get +1. Berzerker Skills Berzerk Fury (4, 4, 4, 4 CP, 2 Stamina; Battle) Requires 3 skills purchased from this header. You must activate this skill with 30 seconds of Activity roleplaying psyching yourself up into a murderous frenzy.This must be LOUD and obvious. When you finish the 30 sec Activity, call, “Imbue by Rage” and you get 1 melee attack for 3 Damage. Each time you are struck by an attack with a called Damage effect (“3 Damage by Fire”, “5 Damage”, “4 Damage and Stun by Poison”, etc), call LOUDLY (you’re in a Berzerk Fury, remember!), “IMBUE BY RAGE!” and gain another Melee Attack for 3 Damage. Since this only affects you, the Imbue call is enough of a verbal. All you have to call after “Imbue by Rage” is the next, “3 Damage”melee attack. This is a Grant effect; if you are the target of any other Grant: Melee Attack effect, the second Grant supersedes the Grant from this skill, even if the benefit is lower. Although you can never have more than one Berzerk Fury attack active at a time, as soon as you deliver that attack you are eligible to gain another as another called damage attack strikes you. Activating this skill costs 2 Stamina, and the skill effect ends when you fall unconscious, gain the Unstable trait, regain Vitality for any reason, are the target of another Grant: Melee Attack effect, use another called attack skill, or refresh any skill or attribute by resting or activity time. When this skill ends, you call, “Weakness and Slow to Self by Rage.” You call this even if you are unconscious or Unstable. These effects cannot be removed or cured for any reason. They can only be eliminated by resting. · 2nd Purchase: Granted Attack deals 4 damage. · 3rd Purchase: You can be the target of Heal effects without ending the skill. · 4th Purchase: You can use other Primal Called melee attacks without ending this skill. Natural Endurance (3, 3, 3 CP) Your maximum Stamina permanently increases by 1. Verdant Health (3, 3, 3 CP) Your maximum Vitality permanently increases by 1. Medium Armor (5 CP) Requires Light Armor. You may wear Medium Armor. Break Free (3,3 CP, 1 Stamina) Requires Heroic Strength. You use brute force to tear out of physical bindings. You may pay a point of Stamina to rip free from any effect with a Physical trait that restricts your movement. You call out “Purge by Nature” and end any Slow, Root, Paralyze, or Repel with a Physical trait. · 2nd Purchase: You can call,“Resist by Nature” instead of Purge. Revitalizing Strike (3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Stamina; Battle) Requires 4 skills from this header. You make a melee attack for “[Tier+2] Damage and Heal 1 to Self by Nature,” · 2nd Purchase: [Tier+3] and Heal 2. · 3rd Purchase: [Tier +4] and Heal 3. Devastating Strike (4, 4, 4 CP; 2 Stamina; Rest) Requires 4 “Melee Attack” skills from this header. You gain 1 melee attack for, “2 Damage and Slam by Nature.” · 2nd Purchase: 2 melee attacks. · 3rd Purchase: "[Tier+1] Damage and Slam by Nature,” Staggering Strike (3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Stamina; Rest) You gain 2 melee attacks for “2 Damage and Short Root by Nature.” · 2nd Purchase: “2 Damage and Root by Nature.” · 3rd Purchase: You gain [Tier+1] melee attacks. Crippling Blow (3, 3, 3 CP, 3 Stamina, Battle) Requires three skills from this header. You can make 1 melee attack for, “Short Maim by Nature.” · 2nd Purchase: “Maim by Nature.” · 3rd Purchase: “Double Maim by Nature.” Disengage (2 CP, 1 Stamina) You may call “Disengage by Nature” as de­scribed in the core rules. Endure (5 CP, 3 Stamina, Battle) Requires Tier 2, four skills from this header. You can call,“Reduce to Stun by Nature” when you are the target of a Death Effect. Iron Grip (3, CP, 2 Stamina, Battle) Requires 2 skills from this header. If you are using a two handed weapon you may call,“Resist by Nature,” against a Disarm effect. Got No Time To Bleed (3, 2, 2 CP, 2 Stamina, Battle) You can call, “Avoid by Nature” against a melee attack. · 2nd Purchase: against a melee or missile attack. · 3rd Purchase: against a melee, missile, or packet attack. Knowing Nature's Bounty (3CP) This skill allows you to live in the wild. So long as you do not maintain the trappings of civilized lands, and your clothing and accessories appear as though they were scavenged out of ruins, you do not have to pay monetary or food maintenance costs. You are considered to have Commoner Maintenance. You cannot use this skill if you end an day with a condition that prevent the use of game skills. Last Stand (2 CP) Once per day you may negate any melee attack that strikes you.Call out “By [Heroic Virtue] Resist to negate the attack. Leveraged Block (3 CP) If you are using a two handed weapon and ONE limb is affected by a Maim effect you can still block incoming attacks as long as your other arm can still function. You cannot attack, but you can block incoming attacks and use game skills that allow you to call out a Defense and require you to be using a weapon. You must call out “Reduce” when the Maim strikes you. Mindless Rage (3, 3, CP, 2 Stamina) Requires Berserk Fury 2. You call, “Purge by Nature” when the target of any effect with a Mental trait while Berzerk Fury is active. · 2nd Purchase: call, “Resist by Rage.” instead of Purge. Nerves of Steel (3, 3, 5 CP, 1 Stamina) You call, “Purge by Nature.” against any Fear or Horror effect. · 2nd Purchase: You call,“Resist by Nature.” instead of Purge. · 3rd Purchase: You call “Reduce to 2 Damage” against any Fear or Horror effect that targets you. Furious Resilience (3, 3, 3 CP, 2 Stamina) So long as you are conscious you may spend 3 seconds of roleplaying – wiping blood from your face, shaking your head clear, or similar actions - to shrug off your wounds. Call, “Heal 2 to Self by Nature.” · 2nd Purchase: Usable twice before rest. · 3rd Purchase: call, “Heal [Tier+1] and Short Slow to Self,” Weapon Repair (3 CP) You may spend one minute at a workbench to repair any destroyed melee weapon. The workbench must be a permanent work area established by someone with the Weapon Repair skill.