Beastmaster (3 CP) REQUIRES: Knowledge: Nature (Novice) Primal Weaponry 1 Speak with Beast or Plant Primal Freedom Hamstring Ravage Feral Cunning Heroic Dodge, Heroic Strike, or Heroic Will (any 1) Some warriors (like the Berzerker), channel the might of ancient and powerful spirits to grant prowess in battle. The beastmaster takes this a great step further-- instead of harnessing the spirits and letting them go again, the Beastmaster bonds with a mighty animal spirit and invites that ephemeral being to experience life through the senses of a mortal. The Beastmaster gains the strength, speed, and other characteristics of the spirit, and the spirit lives a lifetime in mortal flesh-- both benefit from the arrangement. Beastmasters bond to many different types of spirits, though normally those with predatory traits or the most powerful of beasts. Typically, the beast spirits bonded to fall into the following categories: Feline (lion, panther, jaguar, ocelot, mountain tiger, etc) Canine (solitary wolf, pack wolf, bearhound, etc) Weasel (weasel, badger, wolverine, ferret, otter, etc) Hooved (horse, deer, bison, bull, elk, etc) FREE SKILLS When you unlock this header, you automatically gain the Altered Appearance and Armed as the Hunter skills for Free. The 0 CP version is considered the 1st Purchase. Altered Appearance (0 CP) Your physical form has been altered from the mortal norm. You use a mask, makeup, and/or prosthet­ics to appear nonhuman, feral, and predatory. Your appearance must be app­roved by staff, and the change is permanent once made; you cannot change your appearance once one is selected, unless your normal form is somehow restored. You also add "Beast" to your list of Racial Traits. Armed as the Hunter (0 CP; 0 Stamina; Weapon Skill) This skill allows you to grow and retract claws in both hands with which you may attack and block. You may fight with a claw in each hand at the same time, but you may not fight with claws and other weapons or a shield. You may use one short claw in each hand. This skill counts as both a Short Weapon skill. The time it takes to draw the claw props or put them away is the time it takes to grow or retract the claws. Any melee attack from another header that does not specify a weapon type (blunt, axe, etc) or category (Small, Short, etc) can be used with claws. Director's Note: It is possible to create MANY different types of animal-humanoid hybrid using this class. The current list (April 2013) only expresses a few of the possibilities. If you have a concept in mind but don't see skills here that fit the idea, contact the Director via email ( and we can discuss adding abilities to fit your concept. This class is meant to be a catch-all for those wanting to play anthro-type characters, and we're happy to work with you to fit your concept into the world--and the rules. Beastmaster Skills Bestial Blessing (4 CP) While you are in the woods your count to bleed out is increased to 2 minutes. To use this skill you must fall on natural earth and you must either be under the boughs of a tree, within touching distance of a tree, or be in a place where there are trees between you and any buildings in sight. Bestial Dominance (2, 3, 3, 3 CP, 1 Stamina) You can roleplay a loud, feral growl and make a packet attack for, “Short Repel to Beast by Fear.” · 2nd Purchase: “Short Repel by Fear.” · 3rd Purchase: “Repel By Fear.” · 4th Purchase: “Double Repel by Fear.” Extreme Resilience (3, 3, 3 CP, 1 Stamina; Battle) Requires Flesh Armor. So long as you are conscious you may spend 3 seconds of roleplaying – wiping blood from your face, shaking your head clear, or similar actions - to shrug off your wounds. You spend a point of Stamina to call “Heal 3 to Self by Nature.” · 2nd Purchase: “Heal [Tier+2] to Self by Nature,” · 3rd Purchase: Usable twice before rest. Feel No Pain (3, 3, 3, CP; 1 Stamina; Battle) Requires Feral Anticipation 2. You can call, “Resist by Beast” against an attack with the Pain trait or Agony effect. · 2nd Purchase: usable twice before rest. · 3rd Purchase: You can call,“Resist and Reflect Agony by Beast.” Feral Anticipation (3, 3, 3 CP, 1 Stamina; Battle) You are skilled at protecting vulnerable areas and twisting with blows to quickly recover from debilitating strikes. You may call, “Purge by Beast,” against any Agony effect or Pain trait. · 2nd Purchase: usable twice before rest. · 3rd Purchase: Usable 3 times before rest. Feral Instinct (3, 3, 3, 3, 3 CP) Each time you purchase this skill, you gain a point of Instinct that can be used in place of Stamina to power your Primal skills. Instinct refreshes at the beginning of each watch. Flesh Armor (3, 3, 3, 3 CP, up to 3 Stamina; Watch) You may pay up to three points of Stamina to give yourself an equal number of armor points. You may not use this skill while wearing a prop that gives armor points, and these points are lost if you put on or activate any other armor or ability that gives you ar­mor points—this includes any temporary armor from a Grant effect. If you are using this skill and gain armor points from physical armor or another ability that gives you armor points, these points are lost. These armor points may be refreshed if you spend three minutes of activity to do so, such as stretching. You cannot move or refresh game skills while refreshing armor. The armor points last until the beginning of the next watch. 2nd Purchase: You can spend up to 4 Stamina on this skill. 3rd Purchase: you get Stamina +1 armor points 4th Purchase: takes 1 minute of rest to reset points. Heart of the Beast (3, 3, 3 CP, 1 Stamina; Battle) You may roleplay a loud growl and/or feral scream and then call, “Resist by Beast” against any Frenzy effect or attack by Fear. · 2nd Purchase: usable twice before rest. · 3rd Purchase: You can call, “Resist and Repel by Fear” if the attack was Fear-based; if the attack was Frenzy, you call, “Resist and Reflect Frenzy by Beast,” Hunter’s Strike (2 CP) Requires 2 skills purchased from this header. You may add the Bane trait “To Beast” to your claw attacks. If you do so, add 2 to the damage of all “to Beast” called damage attacks. This increase DOES NOT stack with other numeric increases to your attacks, but remember that if you add the Beast trait and the target does not have that Trait, the attack has No Effect at all. Know Your Pack (4 CP) When struck with a Frenzy effect, you may call “Re­duce by Beast.” If you do so, you may choose not to attack any being you recognize as an ally. You must still attack, and behave otherwise as if under a Frenzy, but you are able to discriminate between targets. This skill is innate once learned, costs no attributes, and is always in operation. Nature's Bounty (2 CP) This skill allows you to live in the wild. So long as you do not maintain the trappings of civilized lands, and your clothing and accessories appear primitive, you do not have to pay monetary or food maintenance costs, and are assumed to have Commoner Maintenance. You cannot use this skill if you end an event with a condition that prevents the use of game skills. No Escaping the Hunt (3,3, 3 CP, 1 Stamina; Battle) You may make 2 melee claw attacks for, “2 Damage and Short Slow by Nature.” · 2nd Purchase: “2 Damage and Slow by Nature.” · 3rd Purchase: usable twice before rest. Powerful Claws (4, 4 CP) Requires Armed as the Hunter. You may now use one Medium and one Short claw. This counts as a Medium Weapon skill. 2nd Purchase: You can use two Medium Claws. Mastery of Forms (3 CP) Requires Powerful Claws. You can now use a melee weapon in one hand and a claw in the other. Guardian Claws (3 CP) Requires Powerful Claws, Buckler or Shield skill. You can now use a claw in one hand and a Buckler or Shield in the other, provided you have the appropriate skills. Regeneration (5 CP; 1 Stamina; Battle) Requires Flesh Armor x3. Your body heals with unnatural speed. Each minute of activity you spend roleplaying binding your wounds, stretching, etc restores one Vitality at no attribute cost. You must be conscious and able to use game skills for Regeneration to work. You can heal up to a maximum of your Tier+2 Vitality each time you use this skill. Once you have used this skill, you must rest for 5 minutes before you can use it again. Strike the Spine (4, 4, 4 CP; 2 Stamina; Battle) Requires 5 skills from this header. You can make 1 melee attack for, “Short Paralyze by Beast.” · 2nd Purchase: “Paralyze by Beast.” · 3rd Purchase: “Double Paralyze by Beast.” Terrible Ferocity (3, 3, 3 CP; 1 Stamina; Battle) You can make a melee CLAW attack for “5 Damage by Beast.” · 2nd Purchase: You can use this skill twice per battle. · 3rd Purchase: can use the skill 3 times per battle.