Warrior (3 CP)

  • Medium Weapon Skill x2
  • Light Armor OR Combat Reflexes
  • Weapon Control
  • Heroic Strike, Heroic Block, or Heroic Endurance, or Heroic Vitality (any 1)
Warriors are the front-line fighters of Brittanis. They are masters of both weapons and armor, and proficient in fighting both alone or in a group. They focus on dealing damage to the enemy and surviving long enough to let other characters keep them in the fight. Warriors are the vanguard, slamming through enemy lines; many combat-focused characters have skills from this header, regardless of their focus.
FREE SKILL When you unlock this header, you gain the Warrior's Resolve skill. The 0 CP cost counts as the first purchase.
Warrior's Resolve (0, 3, 3, 3 CP, 2 Stamina; Battle) You are tough. So long as you are conscious you may spend 3 seconds of roleplaying – wiping blood from your face, shaking your head clear, or similar actions - to shrug off your wounds.
  • You spend two points of Stamina to call “Heal 2 to Self by Training.”
  • 2nd Purchase: Call, "Heal 3 to Self by Training."
  • 3rd Purchase: Usable 2/battle.
  • 4th Purchase: Call, "Heal [Tier+2] to Self by Training."
Warrior Skills Armored For War (3, 3 CP) Requires Light Armor.
  • When wearing at least 2 pieces of armor, you increase the TOTAL armor points gained by +1. If you are wearing 3 pieces, the bonus is +2.
  • 2nd Purchase: Bonus increases to +2 for 2 pieces, +3 for 3 pieces.
Battlefield Repair: Armor (4, 3 CP) Requires Medium Armor.
  • You can repair a SINGLE PIECE of armor with no forge by spending 3 minutes of activity roleplaying the repair. You can only repair one piece of armor at a time.
  • 2nd Purchase: Requires Tier 3. 1 minute of activity
Blood Makes The Grass Grow (4 CP, 2 Stamina; Day)
  • Once per day if you are Unstable and you are about to die because your one minute death count is expiring you may choose to become stable instead. You call, “Stabilize to Self by Training.”
Buckler (2 CP) This skill allows you to use a buckler.
  • You cannot use a larger shield with this skill.
Shield (2 CP) Requires Buckler.
  • You can use a shield.
Celerity (2, 3 CP) Requires Combat Reflexes.
  • The number of armor points you gain from Combat Reflexes is increased by 1.
  • 2nd Purchase: increased by a total of 2.
Clear A Space (2 CP, 1 Stamina)
  • You can use a melee weapon to call "Disengage," as described in the effects section.
Heart of Courage (2, 3 CP, 1 Stamina; Battle)
  • You pay one point of Stamina to call “Resist by Training.” to one attack with the Fear trait.
  • 2nd Purchase: usable 2/battle
I Know That Trick (5 CP, 2 Stamina; Watch)
  • Call, “Avoid by Training.” against any 1 melee attack.Then call, “Imbue to Self …I Know That Trick.” You can now Avoid any attack with that same effect, regardless of the attack trait, by paying 2 points of Stamina. You call out "Avoid by Training.” when negating a melee attack with this ability. Once this ability is activated you cannot use it on a different effect; it is locked onto that effect until the watch ends or you reset Stamina. You cannot choose Weapon or Untyped for this skill.
If you use any other Defense skill while this skill is active, this skill immediately ends. Keen Blade (5 CP, 3 Stamina; Battle) Requires 5 skills from this header.
  • You gain a pool of 8 damage which you can use for called damage melee or missile attacks. You cannot add this pool to other called damage attacks, but you can split it any way you like. This pool resets with five minutes of rest. Any unused points from your pool are lost when you reset the pool. This skill ends when you refresh Stamina.
Example: You can use Keen Blade to call out “8 damage” on one attack, “5 damage” and “3 damage” on two separate attacks, or “3 damage” on two attacks and “2 damage” on a third attack. Leveraged Block (4 CP) Requires Skill in a Large Weapon.
  • If you are using a two handed weapon and one of your arms is affected by a Maim effect you can still block incoming attacks as long as your other arm can still function. You cannot attack, but you can block incoming attacks and use game skills that allow you to call out a Defense and require you to be using a weapon. You must call out “Reduce by Training.” when the Maim strikes you. The ability to block ends if you take another Maim to the same arm and you cannot use this skill again until that Maim is cured.
Disabling Strike (3, 3, 3, 3, 3, CP, 2 Stamina; Battle)
  • You can make a melee or missile attack for “Short Maim by Training.”
  • 2nd Purchase: “[Tier] Damage and Short Maim by Training.”
  • 3rd Purchase: usable 2/battle
  • 4th Purchase: [Tier+1]
  • 5th Purchase: usable 3/battle
Not Today (3, 5 CP, 4 Stamina; Day) Requires Tier 2, What Do We Say To The God of Death?
  • When you are the target of a Death effect (NOT when you bleed out), you call, “Resist by [Heroic Virtue]”
  • 2nd Purchase: usable 1/watch
Precision Strike (2, 2, 2, 2, 2, CP, 1 Stamina; Battle)
  • You can spend 1 Stamina to call “3 Damage” for one melee strike.
  • 2nd Purchase: usable 2/battle.
  • 3rd Purchase: usable 3/battle
  • 4th Purchase: “4 Damage”
  • 5th Purchase: usable 4/battle
Prowess (2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, CP)
  • Each purchase of this skill gains you one point of Prowess. You may use Prowess to replace the point of Stamina you use when using a weapon attack. Prowess points are restored at the beginning of the next Watch.
Reinforced Armaments (3 CP; 2 Stamina; Watch) Requires Battlefield Repair. You call “Resist by [Heroic Trait]” to negate a Destroy effect that would destroy your buckler, shield, weapon, or armor. Secure Weapon (2, 3, CP, 2 Stamina; Battle) Your weapon is especially secure in your hands.
  • You call “Shield by [Heroic Virtue]” against the first Disarm per battle that hits you.
  • 2nd Purchase: 2 uses of Shield/battle
Steel Over Sorcery (2 CP, 2 Stamina)
  • You call out "Resist by Training.” to negate one packet attack with a Magic or Elemental trait that strikes your weapon, buckler or shield.
Two-Weapon Fighting (2, 4 CP) This skill allows you to use a melee weapon in your off hand, while also wielding a melee weapon in your main hand. It may be bought two times.
  • The first pur­chase allows use of a Small or Short weapon in the off hand.
  • 2nd purchase, allows you to use a Medium weapon.
Warrior’s Strike (2, 3, 4 CP, 3 Stamina; Battle) Requires 4 skills from this header.
  • You pay 3 points of Stamina to make a crushing strike with a melee attack. You call "6 Damage" and strike with the attack.
  • 2nd Purchase: 2/battle
  • 3rd Purchase: 3/battle
War Cry (3 CP, 2 Stamina; Battle)
  • When you reduce an opponent to 0 Vitality, you can call out your own personal battlecry, motto, or other stirring utterance after which you can call “By My Voice, Cure Mental by Training.” The opponent cannot be willing, or an ally, and must fall to your strike. Striking an already fallen opponent, one Paralyzed, Stunned or otherwise helpless, does not qualify to trigger this skill.
What Do We Say To the God of Death? (3 CP, 2 Stamina; Watch) Requires 3 skills from this Header, Tier 2.
  • You spend 2 Stamina and call “Reduce and Drain to Self by Training.” against a Death Effect you are the target of. Nothing can negate or Cure this effect except rest.