Cavalier (3 CP)

  • Focused
  • Medium Armor
  • Suck it Up (any)
  • Resilience
  • Heroic Constitution, Heroic Endurance, or Heroic Vitality
The cavalier is the pinnacle of battlefield endurance and staying power. Her armor is strong, and she knows how to use it to maximum advantage. Her shield with stands the mightiest blows, and she is notoriously hard to kill, especially when fighting as part of a group or with healing support. They are also skilled at tactical offense that can disrupt enemy plans and strategy.
Cavaliers are determined defenders, changing the course of a battle by their staying power and ability to soak up enemy attacks. The cavalier understands that the last warrior standing is the one who wins a battle, regardless of how many swords are swung. They fight better and smarter, and come out the other side alive and having achieved their goals.


When you unlock this header, you gain the Knight's Raiment skill for free. The 0 CP version counts as the 1st Purchase. Knight's Raiment (0, 2 CP) You have been trained in the arms and armor of a cavalier.
  • You can use Heavy Armor. This skill counts for Requirements.
  • 2nd Purchase: You can use Shields. This skill counts for Requirements.

Cavalier Skills

Armor Mastery (2, 3, 4 CP) Requires 3 skills purchased from this header.
  • When wearing a set of the same kind of armor (all Light, all Medium, or all Heavy), your Armor Pool increases by your Tier. If you are wearing a helmet, the bonus is Tier +1.
  • 2nd Purchase: [Tier +1 (+2 with helmet)], and you gain one additional "Resist" vs Stun per watch.
  • 3rd Purchase: [Tier +2 (+3 with helmet)], and you gain one "Resist" vs Destroy per watch that protects the armor you're wearing.
Armor Renewal (5, 5 CP, 4 Stamina; Day) Requires Like a Second Skin, 5 skills from this header.
  • Call out “Refresh All Armor to Self by Valor." to instantly refresh your armor points. This only applies to physical armor you are currently wearing.
  • 2nd Purchase: Usable once per Watch
Bend, Not Break (3, 3 CP, 2 Stamina; Battle) You are quick and fluid enough to drop a weapon (or other item) to keep it from being broken.
  • When struck by a Destroy effect, you can call out “Reduce to Disarm by Valor." and take a Disarm effect instead.
  • 2nd Purchase: Usable 2/battle
Disarming Strike (3, 3 CP, 2 Stamina; Battle) You can strike an opponent’s weapon (not including shields) to twist it out of their hand.
  • Strike an opponent’s weapon with yours and call “Disarm by Valor."
  • 2nd Purchase: Usable 2/battle
Don’t Fear The Reaper (3, 3, 3, 3 CP, 3 Stamina; Day) Requires 6 skills from this header.
  • When struck by a Death effect, you can call out “Reduce to Unstable by Valor." and collapse with no Vitality rather than taking the Death effect. You may use this skill even if you are unconscious.
  • 2nd Purchase: usable 2/day.
  • 3rd Purchase: Requires Tier 2. Call, “Reduce to 10 Damage by Valor." You cannot negate or defend this damage in any way. It can be healed normally.
  • 4th Purchase: usable 1/watch
  • 5th Purchase: Requires Tier 3. Call, “Reduce to Stun by Valor." You cannot defend or negate this Stun in any way, but another character can Cure it normally.
Healer’s Ally (3, 5 CP, 2 Stamina; Watch) You are experienced with receiving healing magic to the point that it works better on you.
  • Spend 2 Stamina; until the end of the current watch, all healing effects delivered with you as the target by a character other than you grant 1 additional Vitality. This skill does NOT apply to potions, scrolls, or other “third party” effects. They must be directly delivered from the originator of the effect to you for this skill to apply.
  • 2nd Purchase (requires 4 skills from this header): All Heal effects grant an additional 2 Vitality.
Mighty Strike (4, 4, 4, 4 CP, 1 Stamina; Battle)
  • You can strike with terrible precision and power. Spend 1 Stamina and call “4 Damage” for one melee attack.
  • 2nd Purchase: Usable 2/battle
  • 3rd Purchase: Usable 3/battle
  • 4th Purchase: “[Tier+3] Damage”
Weakening Strike (3, 3, 3, 3 CP, 2 Stamina; Battle; Rest) You strikes sap the enemy’s willpower.
  • You can spend 1 Stamina and make a melee attack for “Short Weakness by Valor."
  • 2nd Purchase: 2 attacks
  • 3rd Purchase: usable 2/battle
  • 4th Purchase: “Weakness by Valor."
I Remain Defiant (4 CP, 3 Stamina) Requires 4 skills from this header.
  • When struck by a CALLED attack that would normally drop you to 0 Vitality, you can call on reserves of strength to remain standing at 1 Vitality. Call “Reduce by Valor." and role play a particularly devastating strike. Take sufficient damage to leave you at 1 Vitality. Remember that as with any defense, you must use this twice to fully negate a Double attack.
This skill DOES NOT defend against the secondary portion of a Combined Effect. This effect only works against the called damage portion of an attack. If an attack has a secondary Effect, that still affects you. Example: If an attack such as“5 Damage and Stun by Darkness” hits you, and you only have 3 Vitality, you can use this skill by calling, “Reduce by [Heroic Trait]” and applying this skill as normal—HOWEVER, you still take the secondary effect (Stun in this case), and can defend against itas normal. This skill cannot be used to defend against a Death Effect. Relentless Blade (5, 3, 3 CP, 3 Stamina; Watch) Requires Mighty Strike, Weakening Strike, and 3 other skills from this header.
  • Your good fighting arm never tires, provided you pace yourself with rest. When you activate this skill, gain three melee attacks for “2 Damage by Valor." You must use these attacks before you rest for any reason. You do not have to use the attacks consecutively, or even in the same fight.
You only exhaust a use of this skill if the attack lands and the target acknowledges it with role play or calls a defense.
If you activate this skill again when you already have it activated, the original use of the skill ends. So you can get another 3 attacks for "2 Damage by Valor."” quickly when needed for an additional 2 Stamina, but you can only reset the attacks from the most recent use; they don't keep stacking up.
  • 2nd Purchase: You gain 4 attacks
  • 3rd Purchase: Each attack calls, "[Tier+1] Damage by Valor."
Room to Fight (2 CP, 1 Stamina; Battle)
  • You can use a melee weapon to call "Disengage" as described in the effects section.
Mental Strength (2, 3, 4 CP, Day)
  • Call out “Purge by [Heroic Trait]” to end one Mental effect.
  • 2nd Purchase: usable 2/day
  • 3rd Purchase: Call, “Resist by [Heroic Trait]
Like a Second Skin (3 CP) Requires Battlefield Repair: Armor, 2 skills purchased from this header.
  • Battlefield repair Refreshes an additional +1 Armor points.
Obedience (2 CP, Three times per day)
  • If an effect with a Mental trait is preventing you from obeying a direct command from your sworn Lord you may, three times per day, call out “Purge by Valor” to end that effect. Sworn Oaths must be on record with Staff before you can purchase this skill.
Cavalier’s Challenge (5 CP, 1 Stamina) Require 3 skills purchased from this header.
  • Use this skill at the start of an engagement with a particular enemy where no attacks have been made between the two of you. Spend three seconds of role play where you stare down your opponent with your weapon sheathed in a sash, baldric, ring, or otherwise secured and unusable. After three seconds draw your blade or blades quickly and yell out a brief but fierce battle cry to gain strength. You gain one "Resist" defense against Mental attacks and one Resist defense against Disarm effects.
For the rest of the battle your called melee Damage effects that are greater than 2 are increased by 1. You may use this ability multiple times in a battle if you can find the time to re-sheath your weapon and properly confront a new foe to refresh your Resist defenses, but none of the effects stack. Your damage will not be further increased, and only one Resist against Mental or Disarm can be active at any one time.
Steel Shell (3, 3, 3 CP; Battle) Requires Armor Mastery.
  • If you are fully armored with a heavy armor prop then your armor provides extra defense. Each time your armor is refreshed by spending a full minute repairing it you gain the ability to call “Guard” to negate the first melee attack with the Agony, called Damage, or Maim effect that strikes you.
  • 2nd Purchase: Guard first attack of any type—melee, missile, or packet
  • 3rd Purchase: Guard first 2 attacks