Herald (3 CP)

Heralds gain access to the Motivation Flavor Trait. The “Banner” keyword in a skill description means that in order to use this skill, the Herald must be within reach of a Short melee weapon from his Company’s Banner. All Banner skills require a battlecry or verbal encouragement of your allies similar to a spell incantation. These skills can be interrupted by an attack like a spell incantation, and though your packet hand must be free, you may be carrying an item in your off hand when using this ability. You are the voice and heart for a group of individuals called a Company. A Company is a group of people that form for some common purpose. Many companies are military, and some form to support a personage of noble bearing. Through years of excellence and faithful service the Heralds of the land have learned their own magic that allows them to inspire others and give strength to members of their Company. Heralds also pick up skills that help groups function. You act as organizer and standard bearer for the Company. You have contacts in the Guild of Heralds that help you with your duties. By registering your Company name, its goals, and its colors with the Guild of Heralds you help to build the legend and the reputation necessary to power your magic. The Guild of Heralds maintains strict neutrality in its dealings. It is said that heralds exist on the fringes of society that help spread tales for companies that worship the dark gods but the College of Heralds has never verified or acknowledged such individual heralds. Many of the Herald skills allow you to support a group of individuals called a Company. In order to do this you must spread tales of their deeds and their goals to empower the magic in their name. You may become an official Herald for only one Company at a time. It is for this group that you work your magic. When you help to form a new Company you must approve the Company name with Staff BEFORE using that name. The Company name will become a trait for members of your group. To avoid confusion, the name cannot have one of the standard traits in its title. Plot may decide that a proposed name is too close to an existing Company or group, that the name is too close to a common trait, or that the name does not fit with the flavor of the game. If a name is rejected then the Guild of Heralds rejects the name. Although the official title for a Company is often preceded by "The Company of..." when formally introducing the group, the trait in verbals need not be lengthened to include this formality to keep verbals brief. You must create and maintain a standard that displays the colors of the Company in order to use standard skills. This standard must be large enough to be visible on the battlefield among the waves of violent chaos. If another Herald feels your standard in inadequate they may file grievance with the Guild of Heralds. If you do not belong to the Guild of Heralds you are Drained of your ability to use any Herald skill and you lose the Herald trait. Heralds carry banners that are decorated with the coat of arms or symbol of their company.These banners are required for many of their skills. The banner is presented on a pole that must be at least as tall as the Herald. The banner must be at least 2 feet wide and 3 feet tall. When a herald is drawn into some dangerous place that is indoors they may instead use a full length tabard or surcoat displaying the colors and heraldry of the company to use skills requiring a banner. A Herald is mystically linked to their company banner. If the banner poles are padded then the Herald gains the ability to touch cast beneficial spells while holding the company banner. If you are using the banner in battle and an attack strikes the banner, you treat the attack as if it hit you. Heralds wear scarves or other pieces of costume that prominently display a checkered pattern. This pattern is often black and white, though sometimes a Herald will use the colors of the Company in this pattern. Many honorable folk will refrain from attacking Heralds unless they take an active part in combat. Heralds also conduct parlays while displaying the checkered scarf as a makeshift flag and it is considered dishonorable to attack a Herald acting in that capacity. It can also get you in trouble with the Guild of Heralds and that makes your own Herald's life more difficult. There is a chapter of the Guild of Heralds that specifically supports Heralds among the less civilized folk. These Heralds carry on the storytelling traditions of their ancestors. Some carry banners decorated with fur and bone. They call their groups Circles rather than a Companies. They call themselves Skalds or Ghost Talkers. The Guild of Heralds welcomes them—for the most part--and they share a common magic despite the difference in culture. As a show of solidarity the wilder folk also carry a checkered pattern when traveling outside the lands where they are known, although for them it is usually a long strip that is folded and hung off their belt. HERALD SKILLS Heraldic Banner (0 CP, Banner) You may create a large banner that displays your heraldry. The banner must be at least 2’ by 3’ and should be mounted so it stands taller than you. Initiation (0, 3, 3, 3, 3 CP, 2 Stamina, 1/Watch) You may initiate new members and mystically link them to your Company by empowering them with your Company name. Create an initiation ritual for the Company. The ritual must be at least 5 minutes long but most are longer, elaborate ceremonies, teaching new members about the conduct expected of Company members and some of the Company's history. All Company names must be approved by Staff before use, as they become a Trait and must be chosen carefully for clarity and to avoid confusion with other traits. Spend 2 Stamina, touch a willing target and call “Imbue: [CompanyTrait] by Motivation”. The Company members keep this Trait until the end of the Event. You automatically gain the Company Trait and do not count against the total number of allies in the Company. The Company Trait *CANNOT* be removed except by the Herald who Imbued it, or the end of the Event. Anyone with a Company Trait may respond “No Effect” to any power that targets that Trait, if they do not wish to be affected by it. Only characters with this named ability can add targets to a Company. Multiple Heralds can add the same Company Trait for a larger Company. Each Herald must keep a tag with the names of Company members specifically linked to her on her person at all times. You may Imbue up to 3 allies with this skill. · 2nd Purchase: 3+Tier allies. · 3rd Purchase: 4+Tier allies. · 4th Purchase: 5+Tier allies. · 5th Purchase: You can call, “Permanent Imbue: [CompanyTrait] by Motivation.” You may also use this skill to remove your Company trait from an individual who is currently in the Company. You must touch a willing or helpless character and call out "Cure [Company] Trait by Motivation,” to remove the Company trait permanently. Aid Station (3, 3, 3, 3, CP, 2 Stamina, Banner) Requires Aura of Motivation, Banner of Respite. You may touch a target and call, “Heal 1 and Short Weakness by Motivation”. · 2nd Purchase: usable twice per battle · 3rd Purchase: You can call, “By Your Name, [name], Heal 1 and Short Weakness by Motivation. You can still use the by touch delivery for this skill. · 4th Purchase: You can call, “By My Voice to [Company], Heal 1 and Short Weakness by Motivation.” You can still use the By Your Name and by touch delivery for this skill. Aura of Motivation (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; Banner) Requires Heraldic Banner. You gain a pool of points called Motivation, which can be spent in place of Stamina to power skills from the Herald header ONLY. You gain one point of Motivation for each skill you have with the Banner keyword. Motivation points Refresh after you have rested for 5 minutes. ▪ 2nd and later Purchases: Your Motivation Pool increases by +1. Defend the Flag (3, 4, 5 CP; 2 Stamina, Banner) You call, "By My Voice to [Company], Grant Defense by Motivation: Shield Weapon. ▪ 2nd Purchase: "By My Voice to [Company], DOUBLE Grant Defense by Motivation: Shield Weapon. ▪ 3rd Purchase: "By My Voice to [Company], TRIPLE Grant Defense by Motivation: Shield Weapon. Herald's Ward (4, 4, 4 CP; 2 Stamina, Banner) Requires Defend the Flag 2. You call, "By My Voice to [Company], Grant Defense by Motivation: Shield [Magic, Elemental, or Nature]." You must choose 1 trait when you use this skill. 2nd Purchase: you add the traits Darkness, Malediction, Corruption, Blood, and Shadow to the list you can choose from. 3rd Purchase: add Packet to the list of traits you can choose from. Banner of Courage (3, 3, 3, 3 CP, 2 Stamina; Battle, Banner) Requires Heraldic Banner. You call, “By your Name, [name], Grant Defense: Purge Mental by Motivation.” · 2nd Purchase: “By Your Name, [name], Cure Mental by Motivation!” · 3rd Purchase: “By My Voice to [Company], Grant Defense: Purge Mental by Motivation!” You can still use single-target version if you choose. · 4th Purchase: “By My Voice to [Company], Cure Mental by Motivation!” Banner of Respite (3 CP, 1 Stamina; Battle, Banner) Requires 3 skills from this header. Call, "By My Voice to [Company], Stabilize by Motivation" and prevent them from bleeding out. Banner of Might (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 3 Stamina; Battle; Banner) Requires 5 skills from this header. You can motivate your Company to fight harder and strike the enemy low. Call, “By My Voice to [Company], Grant Melee Attack : 2 Damage!” to grant each member of your Company 1 melee attack for 2 Damage. · 2nd Purchase: Grant Melee Attack to [Company] : 3 Damage. · 3rd Purchase: Costs 2 Stamina · 4th Purchase: usable twice before rest Battlefield Medic (3 CP) Requires First Aid 2. The time required for you to use First Aid is reduced to 30 seconds. Room to Fight (2 CP, 2 Stamina; Battle, Banner) You call, “By My Voice to [Company], Grant Disengage by Motivation” Get Moving! (2, 3 CP, 1 Stamina) Call “By Your Name, [name], Cure (Root or Slow) by Motivation.” You can only Cure one effect at a time. · 2nd Purchase: “By My Voice to [Company], Cure (Root or Slow) by Motivation.” Courier (2 CP; Addressed Information Skill) Between events you may pay 1 silver and 3 Hour of Downtime to attempt to send letters to other characters in the world. This is an information skill. You may pay the cost and you may send an electronic copy of the physical letter to plot between events. You may also turn in a physical prop to plot if the physical presentation has some significance. You must know where the letter must be sent. You need not attempt to deliver the letter yourself; the Guild of Heralds sends it along to it proper place. There is always a chance that a letter will be intercepted if you send it someplace dangerous or if someone is attempting to foil your attempts. If you believe this is the case you may increase the amount you pay for the delivery to help ensure its safety though someone attempting to foil your attempts might likewise have the ability to pay more to intercept the letter. Intercept (3 CP; Combination Information Skill) You have contacts and friends among the courts of other influential folk. This skill works like Courier, but instead of sending a letter you are trying to prevent one from getting to its destination. In your post-event letter you can spend a minimum of 1 Gold Crown and 3 Downtime hour to attempt the seizure of communications between individuals. You can specify interception based on: name included in the letter (intercept letters that include Sir Yvain's name) from or to an individual (from Sir Yvain, to Sir Yvain, etc) Just like Courier, the more money and Downtime you choose to use on this skill increases the chances of success... and that the information you get will be worthwhile. Ears of the Company (3 CP; OPEN Information Skill) You are the eyes and ears of your Company, and you are constantly gathering information with other Companies and trading knowledge with other members of the Guild of Heralds. If you spread some money around you often hear rumors or tales about the things other groups have seen and jobs they might have been hired for. This is an information skill that requires you to spread around some money to loosen lips, and 3 Downtime hours. You submit a question between events as described in the Information Skills section. If the question is appropriate for the Guild of Heralds and the Companies they might belong to you may receive knowledge appropriate to your question. The Herald's Nod (1 CP) If you see someone wearing the checkered pattern you may gesture to them to call out "By My Gesture, Expose Herald by Magic." This is usually done only if there is some question as to the validity of the individual in question. If you do this in court to a prominent Herald you might be considered a buffoon or fool, but using the skill on the road or in times of danger is certainly warranted. Now You See It, Now You Don't (2 CP, 1 Stamina) This skill allows you to pay one point of Stamina to hide one item for five minutes on your person. The item cannot be in plain sight. If you are searched you do not have to reveal the presence of the item. If the item is actually spotted by someone, however, this skill fails. The skill will work for five minutes even if you are killed during that time. Strength of the Company (4, 4, 4 CP, 3 Stamina; Battle, Banner) Requires Heraldic Banner, 5 other Banner skills. You may touch a target then call,“Refresh 2 Stamina by Motivation.” 3rd Purchase: You can call, “By Your Name, [name], Refresh 2 Stamina by Motivation.” You can still use the by touch delivery for this skill. 4th Purchase: You can call, "By My Voice to [Company], Refresh 2 Stamina by Motivation!"