Blooded (3 CP)

The flow of social activities in the High Families of the various kingdoms have a magic of their own, and some people are born with the ability to channel, harness, and manipulate that energy. These people are called the Blooded, and their ancestry hearkens all the way back the ancient empire of Aquilon, where men used magic as simply as breathing. The Blooded are rare, but many rise to positions of importance and influence because of their powers and interpersonal abilities.
As a Blooded, you not only are well versed in the political and social interplay of the courts, but you have the conviction that to be noble—either by birth or by elevation-- is to be civilized and rise above those who think the Gifted Races nothing more than animals. The power of oaths and the bonds of fealty are very real, and the Blooded taps into that magic and can draw on it for semi-magical effects.
You cannot use any Blooded skill if you have the Uncivilized trait. You cannot take this header if you have the Beastmaster Trait, or vice versa. You cannot take this header if you purchase any skill that allows the character to NOT pay Maintenance, and vice versa. The Gifted Races have risen above that.
Each race and ethnic group among the Gifted races have nobility of their own, and each has slightly different opinions on the responsibilities and appropriate actions of those whose duty is to care for the welfare of others. Every society acknowledges the sanctity of Oaths and Promises, and the Oath of Fealty—the bond between a noble and her vassals— is judged by most the most important bond a sentient being can make.
To be Blooded and to draw magic from these skills is to embrace civilization; its art and culture and all that is wonderful and uplifting about the ascent of the Gifted Races into civilization. There is nothing wrong with hard work, dirt under the fingernails and adventurous behavior so long as one cleans themselves up properly afterwards. One must maintain one's self above the baser instincts.You cannot use Blooded skills unless you act and dress in a civilized and dignified manner—subject to the culture of your ethnicity and race. A Brittanic human might see an Brynn clan chief as a barbarian, but among his own people, that clan chief’s word is law.

Blooded Skills

Attend Me (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 1 Stamina; Watch) A Blooded is accustomed to being attended by his or her allies and will brook no interference with their duties. You touch a target and call, "Grant Defense: Purge [Root/Paralyze] by Will.” You must choose which effect you call each time you use this skill; you cannot call both Root and Paralyze at the same time.
  • 2nd Purchase: You can touch a target and call, "Cure [Root/Paralyze] by Will."
  • 3rd Purchase: You call, "By Your Name, [Name], Cure  [Root/Paralyze] by Will."
  • 4th Purchase: You call, "By My Voice, Cure [Root/Paralyze] to Hero by Will."
Courier (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; Addressed Information Skill) Between events you may pay a minimum of 1 silver and 3 hour of Downtime to attempt to send letters to other characters in the world. You must pay the cost and you may send an electronic copy of the physical letter to plot between events. You may also turn in a physical prop to plot if the physical presentation has some significance. You must know where the letter must be sent. You need not attempt to deliver the letter yourself; the Guild of Heralds sends it along to it proper place. There is always a chance that a letter will be intercepted if you send it someplace dangerous or if someone is attempting to foil your attempts. If you believe this is the case you may increase the amount you pay for the delivery to help ensure its safety though someone attempting to foil your attempts might likewise have the ability to pay more to intercept the letter.
  • 2nd Purchase: you may ask 2 questions per letter
  • 3rd Purchase: if you choose to spend money on questions, the amount you spend will increase the chances of success and accuracy
  • 4th Purchase: you may ask 3 questions per letter
  Maintain Decorum (3, 3, 3, 3 CP, 2 Stamina) Requires Noble Bearing. Sometimes a Blooded is all there is between decorum and anarchy. You can touch a target and call, “Cure Frenzy by Will”
  • 2nd Purchase: You can target this skill by packet or by touch.
  • 3rd Purchase: “By Your Name, [Name], Cure Frenzy by Will.” This can only be used in an enclosed space.
  • 4th Purchase: “By My Voice, Cure Frenzy By Will.”
Dressed to Kill (3, 3, 3, 3, 3 CP, up to 3 Stamina; Watch) You are confident and light on your feet when you are dressed in a civilized manner. You may spend up to 3 points of Stamina and rest for one minute dressing, checking yourself in the mirror, or resting and cleaning yourself up to give yourself 1 armor point for each point of Stamina spent. These armor points can also be refreshed by resting and adjusting your look for 1 minute. When you purchase this skill, the torso portion of your costume becomes an in-game item and must have a tag. It can be Destroyed, stolen, Wasted, or affected by any other in-game skill as normal. Choose how you role play your resting time. You cannot use this skill if you are wearing any other type of armor, and these points are lost if you put on or activate any other armor or ability that gives you armor points. If you have another ability that grants armor points, or physical armor, you can activate it or wear it after the Dressed to Kill points are consumed. These armor points last until the end of the watch or until you refresh Stamina.
  • 2nd Purchase: You can spend up to 4 Stamina.
  • 3rd Purchase: You gain Stamina +1 Armor points.
  • 4th Purchase: You can spend up to 5 Stamina.
  • 5th Purchase: You gain Stamina +2 Armor Points.
Enough of That! (3, 3, 3, 3 CP, 2 Stamina) You may keep people quiet if they are talking out of turn. You gain a packet attack for, “Enough of That, Short Silence by Will" to keep someone from speaking out of turn.
  • 2nd Purchase: “Enough of That, Silence by Will"
  • 3rd Purchase: 2 packets
  • 4th Purchase: “Enough of That, By My Gesture, Silence by Will"
Gilded Carriage (1 CP) Once per day, if you have received a formal invitation to a function and you have dressed specifically for that function you may spend 5 minutes dressing and grooming for that purpose, and then call, “Imbue Spirit to Self by Will.” You must have the invitation in hand at all times for the Spirit defense to be active, and cannot have any other item in hand. If you use any other game skill, speak, start a spell incantation, or touch a weapon for any reason the Spirit effect ends immediately. Using this skill except for its intended purpose will result in removal of the Blooded Header permanently. THIS SKILL CANNOT BE USED TO SET UP OFFENSIVE ACTION OF ANY KIND. USING THE SKILL FOR SUCH PURPOSES WILL BE LOOKED UPON IN THE MOST NEGATIVE LIGHT POSSIBLE BY STAFF. You must travel directly to the function. You cannot tarry once you use this skill on other concerns. The protection ends when you reach your destination and enter the function. Once the function is finished you may use this skill to return to your dwelling where you first used the skill, but you may only do so if you haven’t left the function and you haven’t used a skill or attack that created an effect that is not beneficial. Doing either of these things ends the skill. You may use this skill an additional time each day, but only if your outfit is completely different (footgear is exempted from this rule) for the second use of the skill. Gossip, Whispers and Rumors (3, 3, 3, 3 CP; OPEN Information Skill; 3 Downtime) You are quite in at the various social circles within the kingdoms. This is an information skill. As such you are able to find out tidbits of knowledge related to politics and nobility. If you spread some money around you often hear rumors or tales about the things other civilized folk have seen and events they might have attended. This is an information skill that requires you to spread around some money to loosen lips.You submit a question between events as described in the Information Skills section. If the question is appropriate for the social circles you might travelin you may receive knowledge appropriate to your question. Requires 3 Downtime hours.
  • 2nd Purchase: you may ask 2 questions per Window
  • 3rd Purchase: if you choose to spend money on questions, the amount you spend will increase the chances of success and accuracy
  • 4th Purchase: you may ask 3 questions per Window
Noble Bearing (3, 3, CP, 2 Stamina, Battle)
  • You call, “Purge by Will” to any Frenzy effect or effect with the Madness or Fear Trait.
  • 2nd Purchase: “Resist by Will.”
Noble Accolade (2, 3, 3, 4 CP; 2 Stamina; Watch)
  • Twice per day you may show your appreciation for an exceptional performance if you are impressed by that performer and the performance evokes some sort of beneficial magical effect. To use this skill you thank the performer while complimenting them on the performance. If they are willing to receive your praise you may touch them and call "Refresh 2 Stamina by Will,” to reward their art. This skill CANNOT BE USED if a performance has any game effect associated with it (such as from the Champion header.)
  • 2nd Purchase: usable twice per watch.
  • 3rd Purchase: “Refresh [Tier+1] Stamina by Will,”
  • 4th Purchase:This skill CAN be used in conjunction with another In Game skill, but costs +1 Stamina in such a case.
On Your Way (3, 3, 3, 3 CP, 2 Stamina)
  • You gain 1 packet attack for, "On your way, Short Repel by Will" to send some bothersome creature away from you.
  • 2nd Purchase: "On your way, Repel by Will"
  • 3rd Purchase: "On your way, Double Repel by Will"
  • 4th Purchase: 2 packets
Patronage (3, 3, 3, 3, 3 CP; 2 Stamina; Watch)
  • Nobles often act as patrons of promising folk they believe will contribute to society as a whole and the status of the Blooded. Each Blooded who wishes to use this skill must design a unique symbol or token to represent themselves. You may have more than one copy if you intend to use this skill more than once.
If you offer this token to someone and they agree to wear it openly as a sign of your patronage, you may give them an Imbue card that says: "You must be openly and publicly wearing the symbol given to you by the Blooded character in order for this Imbue to function. If you stop wearing this item, or conceal it in any way, the effect ends and cannot be reinstated. Imbue by Blooded:  Grant 1 Vitality by Will. Return this card to [Blooded] at the end of this Watch. Note: this is an increase to your maximum Vitality, not a Heal or Grant: Protection effect."
  • 2nd Purchase: “Grant [Tier] Vitality”
  • 3rd Purchase: “Grant [Tier] Vitality, and +1 Armor Points to any pool you have access to (Physical Armor, Combat Reflexes, Faith Armor, etc)"
  • 4th Purchase: “Grant [Tier+1] Vitality
  • 5th Purchase: “Grant [Tier+1] Vitality, and +2 Armor Points...
Proper Upbringing (2 CP, per day)
  • Call out “Resist by [Heroic Virtue]” to negate one Mental effect.
Razor Tongue (3, 3, 3, 3 CP, 2 Stamina) Requires 5 skills from this header.
  • If you are affected by an attack with a Mental trait you can shake it off if you are given the chance to interact with the attacker, either by engaging in some kind of conversation to focus or by haranguing them. Insults, witty jokes at the attacker’s expense, etc all qualify for use of this skill. You must spend at least 5 seconds saying something appropriately witty to activate this skill. If you are unsure or dissatisfied with your retort you will lack the confidence to use this skill. If your verbal banter is pleasing (and let's face it you will know if it isn't) then you may call, “Purge Mental by Will.
  • 2nd Purchase: After you finish the Purge, call, "By My Gesture, Short Paralyze by Will.
  • 3rd Purchase: "By My Gesture, Waste [Tier] Vitality and Short Paralyze by Will."
  • 4th Purchase: Immediately after the By My Gesture attack, call, "Heal 2 to Self by Will."
Room & Board (5 CP; 1 Stamina per target, Special) Requires Patronage. Nobles are responsible for the welfare and standard of living for their retainers.
  • At the end of an event, you may choose up to [Tier+2]  in characters who wear your badge per the Patronage skill. You can either pay 5 silver per retainer OR agree at check out that you will reduce your Maximum Stamina by 1 for each Retainer for the entire next weekend event you attend (not calendar event). A note will be put in your character file, and your chosen retainers need pay no Maintenance cost for the event in question; they are considered to have Gentry level Maintenance.
Social Network (4,4,4,4 CP, OPEN Information Skill) Requires Courier 2. You have contacts and friends among the courts of other influential folk. This skill works like Courier, but instead of sending a letter you are trying to prevent one from getting to its destination. Using the Online Raven Station, you can spend a minimum of 1 Gold Crown and 3 Downtime Hours to attempt seizure of communications between individuals. You can specify interception based on the addressee of a letter (e.g.. To Sir Yvaine), or the sending of a letter  or the recipient (e.g. From Sir Yvaine). Just like Courier, the more money and Downtime you choose to use on this skill increases the chances of success... and that the information you get will be worthwhile.
  • 2nd Purchase: You can specify interception based on a person's name being included in the text of a letter (e.g.. Including Sir Yvaine in the text). This costs 2 gold pieces. 
  • 3rd Purchase: You may intercept 2 letters per Window
  • 4th Purchase: You can specify a subject matter to intercept (e.g. King Uther's offer of support to Sir Yvaine), even if names may not appear in the text. This costs 5 gold pieces.