House Valerias

  • Words: Hold Fast
  • Colors: Scarlet and Gold
  • Patron: Eldrea (Three Sisters), Aureus (White Court)
  • Symbol: Castle
  • Leader: Lord Marcus Valerias
Castle Valerias was built on a foundation of magical knowledge, and to this day the House that bears that name is a haven for magic users and seekers of knowledge. Regardless of where they get their power from, those who harness the energy of the universe are welcome vassals to Valerias and as such the House has built a solid reputation for skill, knowledge, and power that the naked eye cannot see. The sealed records in the deepest vaults of House Valerias date back to 700 years ago, when Honoria Ambrosius and her fleet left the Tiberian Empire and sailed from Caledor to Brittanis. One of Honoria’s retinue was Numerian Appius, who served as the general’s arcane advisor and commander of the specialists-- the mages and priests who came with the invasion fleet. Once Honoria had earned her cognomen of “Brittania” and solidified her rule, she rewarded those who had served her loyally with titles, land, and responsibility. Numerian Appius was given the name “Valerius”, and when asked for a reward, he asked to build a fortress in an area of his choosing and claim the lands around it as his own. The newly-named Valerias picked a location inexplicable to most, but he knew his business. He chose a nexus-- a place where multiple ley-lines connect and their power joins. Valerias was granted governorship of the area surrounding the nexus and the fortress grew up around the place of power. When the Empire left Brittanis, a Valerias managed to hold their own, despite being vastly out-numbered by many of the petty tyrants and warlords who flourished in those dark times. Valerias became known as a place where those talented in magic could find safety, and those skills kept the House intact through the age of chaos. When the Wastewar broke out 44 years ago, the patriarch of House Valerias was named Dexius Valerias. Dexius was a powerful arcanist, but no war leader; when Julius came to him and offered an alliance, Dexius agreed. The support of House Valerias won Julius the crown, and House Ambrosius and House Valerias have been staunch allies for the last 3 generations. The last decade has been hard on the leadership of House Valerias. In 101 AR, Lord Gaius Valerias was slain in the defense of the city of Londren. A wizard of the Arcanum, Gaius fell in the battle against the Fomorians, fighting against the blood magic used by the Fomorian shamans. After her father fell in battle, Marcia Valerias picked up the mantle of Lady Valerias, but her reign was to be shorter than her fathers. Marcia was a battlemage, and skilled in the arts of war, but when the Gael’Dar forces under the command of Prince Feravain attacked Castle Valerias in 107 AR (see Book of the Broken Blade for details), the defenders were overwhelmed. Lady Marcia Valerias gave her life along with many others holding the line while the non-combatants of House Valerias retreated to safety. The current Lord Valerias is Marcus, younger brother to Marcia. A scholar and physican, Marcus never expected to bear the mantle of Head of House, but he has stepped into the role and gains confidence daily in his dealings with both Lords and vassals.  


Tier 1

Magical Exposure (0, 2, 3, 3 CP; 0 STA; Day) Once per day, you call, "Hold Fast! Resist by Allegiance!" against any effect with the Magic trait.
  • 2nd Purchase: Magic, elemental, or Nature Trait
  • 3rd Purchase: usable 1/watch
  • 4th Purchase: usable 1/battle.

Tier 2

Tiberian Composure (0, 2, 3, 3 CP; 0 STA; Watch) Once per Watch, when the target of a Frenzy effect or an attack with a Mental trait, call, "I Stand Resolute! Resist by Allegiance!"
  • 2nd Purchase: "Resist and Heal 2 to Self by Allegiance."
  • 3rd Purchase: usable 1/battle
  • 4th Purchase: "Reflect and Heal 2 to Self by Allegiance!"

Tier 3

Sage Advice (0, 2, 3 CP; 0 STA; Day) After giving advice, counseling, or teaching another character, you can call, "Here Endeth the Lesson, Refresh 2 Stamina to Self by Allegiance."
  • 2nd Purchase: usable 1/watch
  • 3rd Purchase: Refresh 3 Stamina