House Morrigen

  • Words: Ours Is The Glory
  • Colors: Navy Blue & Gold/Yellow
  • Patron: Aenryia
  • Symbol: Sun
  • Leader: Lord Yvaine Morrigen (pronounced MORE-uh-gain)
The history of House Morrigen may be shorter than other houses in Albion, but it is no less glorious for its brevity. Indeed, the foundation of house Morrigen is a tale of glorious deeds, and its members hold that tradition tight and seek to be worthy of their honored ancestors. Some might say the Morrigen are over-proud and come from new blood, but the insults and disparaging remarks from the "old blood" families just focus their will harder, and guide the Morrigen to seek even greater glory. The history of House Morrigen begins less than a handful of years before the Tiberian Empire abandoned Brittanis. It begins with a single woman-- Aelara (ay-LARR-ah) Morrigen, half-Tiberian and skilled enough to be named prefect for the area that would later become House Morrigen lands. She administered her lands well, and she saw the troop movements, unusual orders from Caledor across the sea, and other oddities for what they were-- evidence that the Empire intended to pull out of Brittanis entirely. At some point she made the decision that she would stay with her people and not abandon her native homeland, no matter what the orders from the Empire were, and she began stockpiling supplies, weapons, armaments and food for the chaos she saw coming. Many thought her policies were insane or disastrous, but Aelara knew she only had to hold out until the retreat order came, and she didn't end up waiting long. When the retreat was ordered, chaos broke loose all across Brittanis-- suddenly overnight there was nobody to enforce the laws, and nobody knew who to turn to. House Morrigen was born when the people of her district saw Aelara's troops in new, dark blue tunics come marching over the wooded hills, carrying news that Aelara offered protection to those who swore service. The next few years were hard ones, but Lady Aelara Morrigen ruled far better than the scores of petty warlords, tyrants and would-be kings who tried to claim mastery over people, land, and resources. As time wore on, however, she realized that her people suffered from the wearing emotional drain of constant self-defense and were in danger of falling to despair. Aelara was half-Tiberian, but she was also half Brynn, and per ancient tradition judged lineage throughout the maternal line. Thus, it was Aelara's nephew (her sister's son) who was her designated heir, named Bedwyn. A devout servant of The Lady of the Lake, Bedwyn served as field commander for his aunt. He, like his Lady-Aunt, saw darker times on the horizon and knew the mantle of leadership would pass to him, and he knew the spirit of his people was on the brink of shattering after nearly a decade of constant warfare. So Bedwyn looked around the immediate neighbors to Morrigen lands, and realized that a band of slavers had set up a camp adjacent to the border. They raided into Morrigen lands, took slaves, and left again quickly, but because the Morrigen never left their lands and always fought on the defensive, no final solution had ever landed upon the slavers. So Bedwyn took a small force across the border and wiped the slavers off the map. Word spread immediately and people began flocking to Morrigen lands, begging for protection-- Bedwyn and his chosen were hailed as Bedwyn achieved a great deed for his people. He gained glory for himself, and the spirit of the Morrigen people began to lift from the depths. Neither Bedwyn nor Aelara missed the implication in this, and the culture of today's House Morrigen was born in that realization. Today, House Morrigen has two distinct sides-- those who defend the House lands and do a very good job at it, and those who go forth and gain glory in the name of their House, so that glory is reflected back to show both the world and those back in Morrigen lands that the glory of the House continues to this very day. Thus far, all heroes of House Morrigen have been of the second kind. When Julius Ambrosius united the lords and kings of Brittanis under his rule as Pendragon, House Morrigen was one of the last holdouts opposed to unification. They were far from the monstrous incursion and it finally took Julius challenging Lord Arcturus Morrigen to a blood duel in the Court of Swords in order to get his allegiance. The duel was set to first blood, and Julius won by wearing his opponent down-- Julius was a career soldier while Arcturus was solidly trained but had little battlefield experience. From then on, when a new member of the House Ambrosius takes power, the head of House Morrigen challenges them to a duel. So long as the Ambrosius wins, House Morrigen remains loyal to the crown. Thus far, Ambrosius and his younger brother Uther have won quite handily. The current Lord of house Morrigen is Yvaine, a young man just barely out of his teens. He is a shining example of the Morrigen archetype-- he is strong, willful, and seeks glory for himself and his people. He leads from the front whenever possible and has made noise about leading troops against the Fomorians. Thus far his advisors have been able to divert his desires, but the time is coming when he will call his banners and ride to war. It's only a matter of time.


Tier 1

Only A Flesh Wound (0, 2, 3, 3 CP; 0 STA; Day) Once per day, when hit with a Maim or Weakness effect, you can call, "Ours Is The Glory! Reduce by Allegiance!" and take 2 Damage instead.
  • 2nd Purchase: usable 1/watch
  • 3rd Purchase: take 1 damage instead
  • 4th Purchase: Usable 1/battle

Tier 2

Glorious Victory (0, 2, 3 CP; 0 STA; Day) Once per day when you defeat an unwilling enemy, stand over their body, raise your weapon to the sky and call, "Glory Is Mine! By My Voice, Refresh 2 Stamina to Hero by Allegiance!"
  • 2nd Purchase: usable 1/watch
  • 3rd Purchase: "Glory Is Mine! By My Voice, Heal 2 and Refresh 2 Stamina to Hero by Allegiance."

Tier 3

Glorious Wrath (0, 2, 3 CP; 0 STA; Day) Once per day when hit with a Root, Stun, or Paralyze effect, you can call, "For The Unconquered Sun! Heal 2 and Frenzy to Self by Allegiance!"
  • 2nd Purchase: usable 1/watch
  • 3rd Purchase: "Heal 3 and Frenzy to Self by Allegiance!"