Clan Dumnonni

  • Words: We Are The Land
  • Colors: Navy Blue, Forest Green
  • Patron: Three Sisters (Sarai, Rhaine, Eldrea in order of preference)
  • Leader: Chieftess Dierdre MacGrainne
The Dumnonni are fierce, protective clan, a mostly-Brynn faction who fall under the banner of Albion, sworn to King Uther— but it was not always so. After the Tiberian Empire retreated from Brittanis, the Brynn clans continued doing what they had been since before the Empire invaded— fighting amongst one another. Without the legions to fight against, the clans solidified into several large groups: Dalriada in the far west Silures in the southwest Dumnonni and Fianna in the central heartlands Selgovae in the south Fidach in the southeast Iceni in the far north Vasconi in the far south-west These are only the largest of the clans that emerged after the Empire retreated; there were and remain numerous smaller clans throughout Brittanis. The Fianna were destroyed in the monstrous invasion from The Waste, and though the Silures gave their name to the nation of Siluria, the clan has been pressed into subjugation under the dark magics of the Five Circles arcanists. Other clans have their own stories. 44 years ago The Waste erupted, spewing forth a wave of monsters. Many pushed their way south into Logres, but a vicious horde of skraelings crossed the Bay of Connacht in crudely-made rafts and invaded lands held by the clans. The swarming monsters crashed like a wave against the unprepared Dalriada and Dumnonni, decimating both clans and despoiling much of the land in the process. Before the fall of Logres, the embattled Queen of the Fianna called on the other rulers of Brittanis for aid. The High Council delayed and debated until it was too late— the Fianna were destroyed and Logres fell, and all the while Dumnonni and Dalriada spilled their blood fighting the skraelings. Finally, the Council believed the crisis was real, and elected a Pendragon— a High King. The man was Julius Ambrosius, sent to the Council by Queen Ceinwyn of the now-dead Fianna, and now he was the Pendragon. Unfortunately, while the High Council was debating, the Dalriada and Dumnonni were dying. Unrepresented in the Council, some among them did not appreciate a High King being elected without their consent. Two brothers— Caledan and Reaghan, disagreed on how the Dumnonni should respond. Reaghan thought that uniting under the new Pendragon was the best way forward, and Caledan believed that the Council and their High King were owed no loyalty. The brothers fought, and their factions split—the Dumnonni swore allegiance to the line of Albion, and the Caledonii swore to nobody but themselves. Since then, the two clans have been rivals, fighting a nonstop border war that continues to this day. In the handful of decades since the Dumnonni split from their cousins, the clan’s identity has been twofold: steadfast and always ready. When Pendragon Aurelius was assassinated, the Dumnonni had a chance to split from the kingdom of Albion. The clan chieftess— a woman named Dierdre MacGrainne— stood by the oaths her predecessor had sworn and remained loyal to Albion. Dumnonni see themselves as the only remaining “true” clan in the west; the Caledonii are oath breakers and brigands, and the Dalriada were crushed first by the skraelings and then by worse things that swam the Bay of Connacht. Dierdre mac Grainne has ruled well and wisely, but her critics say she has played it safe and hidden the clan under Albion’s wing for too long. The Dumnonni hold Albion’s western flank, standing strong against monsters, bandits, and the Caledonii. They are always ready for a fight, and their guerrilla tactics are second to none. They take their clan words seriously: “We Are The Land,” to them, means they take their responsibility to protect the people and their loyalty to their chosen kingdom extremely seriously.

Allegiance Skills

Tier 1

Second Wind (0, 2, 3, 3 CP; 0 STA; Day) Among the Dumnonni, long marches straight into combat are common. Clan warriors quickly learn how to take advantage from any rest or respite. Once per day, when you take a "Refresh Stamina" effect, you can immediately call "We Are The Land! Grant 2 Protection to Self by Allegiance." These Protection points stack with any other source of Protection.
  • 2nd Purchase: usable 1/watch
  • 3rd Purchase: Protection points increase to 3.
  • 4th Purchase: ""We Are The Land! Heal 2 and Grant 2 Protection to Self by Allegiance."

Tier 2

Guerrilla Warfare (0, 2, 3, 3, CP; 0 STA; Day) Dumnonni are masters of the hit and run attack. Losing mobility is a great way to get killed, and your clan has mastered how to keep moving no matter what. Once per day, you can make a melee or missile (NOT packet) attack for "3 Damage by Allegiance." If the attack hits or is defended against, you can call "Purge by Allegiance" against a Root or Slow effect that hits you. This defense is lost when you rest. Remember that Purge requires 3 seconds of roleplaying "shaking off" the effect to function.
  • 2nd Purchase: Usable 1/watch
  • 3rd Purchase: call "Resist" instead of Purge. Resist does not require the 3-second role-play.
  • 4th Purchase: "3 Damage and Slow by Allegiance"

Tier 3

In The Field (0, 2, 3, 3 CP; 0 STA; Day) Your clan is experienced in making do in a pinch, far from home and supplies. You've mastered those skills. Once per day, you can touch an ally's armor and call, "Refresh Armor by Allegiance." This skill cannot be used on yourself, and DOES apply to non-physical armor.
  • 2nd Purchase: Usable 1/watch
  • 3rd Purchase: touch an ally's weapon or shield, and call, "Repair [Item] by Allegiance." Either form of this skill consumes the 1/watch reset.
  • 4th Purchase: usable on your own armor/items