House Costayne

Costayne Arms Words: Vulneratus Non Victus (Bloodied, but Unbroken) Colors: Gold (Yellow) & Black Patron: Dagmar Symbol: Black Bull Leader: Duke Gorlois Costayne The newest of the noble Houses added to the nation of Albion has had arguably the most difficult road to get where they are today. Undoubtedly House Costayne had to fight tooth and nail every step of the way as they rose to power. Born in the aftermath of the Tiberian Empire’s retreat, House Costayne was founded by a woman named Costanna who served in the imperial legions as a senior centurion. A lifelong soldier, Costanna was enraged by the Empire’s abandonment of her homeland; she gathered like-minded folk around her and occupied an abandoned imperial stronghold. They acclaimed her their liege, House Costayne was born, and every other would-be king in the area immediately attacked. From that point on for the next two decades, House Costayne was at war— sometimes a war of steel and blood, other times a war of words and politics— but always fighting for their survival. They became a hard people, shaped by the constant fight for survival. Eventually, the fight began to grind Costayne down; they began to lose troops faster than they could train them. It was then that Belaron Brandroy, a powerful lord of the southern Norn tribes, attacked the Costayne stronghold. Brandroy sieged the castle, but after a month of starvation and skirmishing Belaron withdrew his troops to a safe distance, allowed the Costaynes to gather food from the countryside, and sent envoys to the grandson of Costanna, named Coryan. Belaron Brandroy had seen the strength and skill of the Costayne warriors. Instead of obliteration, Brandroy offered service— Costayne would serve the House of Brandroy as vassals, and Brandroy would become King of Kernow. Seeing honorable defeat as preferable to obliteration, Coryan agreed, and the House of Costayne served Kernow faithfully, keeping the nation’s border safe and strong. When the horde of skraelings and twisted monsters poured out of The Waste 44 years ago, Costayne sent knights to fight. None returned, but songs are still told of their valor, holding the Black Wall till their last breath. When the Pendragon was chosen, Costayne warrior-priests fought by his side and perished protecting him. When the second Pendragon was assassinated by dark magic, Kernish rangers hunted the diabolists down and ended their threat. The warriors of House Costayne have fought in every major conflict int he last century; they have learned how to be strong and hard as the high hills they call home. It seemed the Costayne destiny to live their house words: “Bloodied, but Unbroken” on battlefields all over Brittanis. Then the Fomorians came, and House Costayne’s whole world came crashing down. 16 years ago, the first black Fomorian sails were sighted off the coast of Malagant, and the savages that poured forth from them have changed the face of Brittanis. For a time, the forces of Malagant were able to hold the tide at bay; during that time the forces of Kernow were spared the brunt of the fight. But when Malagant was overwhelmed, the Fomorians slipped like a wave of blood into Kernish lands, and thousands of innocents have died since that day. At the Red Fields, the last ruler of a united Kernow and most of the nobility was slaughtered. King Duncan Brandroy’s pride underestimated the Fomorians, and the entire city of Greywatch was massacred. King Duncan had ordered Lord Gorlois Costayne, ruler of his house, to hold the fortress at Caer Connor. It was three days before they found out about the massacre, and by then it was far too late. Only Duke Gorlois, Lady Saarah Redemond, and the young Duke Alain Brandroy were left of the nobility. For six years, the three held out against the Fomorians as best they could, but in early 107 AR, Lady Saarah was trapped and ambushed. Now in dire straits, Gorlois looked north to the former allies of his nation, and found King Uther amenable to an allegiance. Thus did House Costayne become vassals to King Uther in exchange for Albion’s help in the war against the Fomorians. It is unknown what the political ramifications are of the newly-allied Houses, nor that Uther elevated Gorlois and Igraine at the same rank they held in Kernow. Albion has no ranking of nobles like some other nations— till Gorlois and Igraine, all the House Lords were at least nominally equals. Despite the political upheaval, the benefits to House Costayne have been immediate— trade roads are being re-established and reinforcements will soon begin heading south to bolster the Costayne war against the Fomorians.

Tier 1

Hard As Nails (0, 2, 3 CP; 0 STA; Day) Your people are used to the hardships and difficulty that come from living a battlefield life. You are used to pain. Once per day, when hit with the Agony effect or any effect with the Pain Trait, after the effect is resolved (Purge/Cure Defenses or the effect resolves by resting), you call, "Bloodied but Unbroken; Refresh 2 Stamina by Allegiance." 2nd Purchase: Usable 1/watch 3rd Purchase: "Heal 2 and Refresh 2 Stamina by Allegiance"

Tier 2

Roll With It (0, 2, 3, 3 CP; 0 STA; Day) The Fomorians hit HARD. After more than a decade of fighting them, you have gotten used to deflecting the worst of a hit and softening it somewhat. Once per Day, if an attack deals you 3+ Damage, you can call, "For The Black Bull!" Reduce by Allegiance" and take 2 Damage instead. 2nd Purchase: usable 1/watch 3rd Purchase: You take 1 damage instead 4th Purchase: usable 1/battle

Tier 3

Fomorian Tactics (0, 2, 3, 3 CP; 0 STA; Day) Fomorians grown enraged when struck in battle and become more powerful, it's an impressive trick, and one you've learned yourself after hard-won experience. Once per day, when you are hit with a called attack, call "Imbue by Allegiance" and make a loud, enraged war cry. You then gain 1 melee or missile attack for 3 Damage. 2nd Purchase: usable 1/watch 3rd Purchase: 3 Damage and Slam 4th Purchase: usable 1/battle