House Blackwood

  • Words: Fidelity, Family, Faith
  • Colors: Green and Blue
  • Patron: Arturian
  • Symbol: Black Tree
  • Leader: Lady Ginevra Blackwood
House Blackwood has lived their house words, “Family, Fidelity, Faith” since the days of the Tiberian retreat just over 100 years ago. A small group of local leaders stood together and managed to survive. They elected one of their own to lead, a stubborn Hearthwarden named Caleddin of the Blackwood. His steadfast loyalty to and sacrifice for those who had elected him served as the foundation of their House. In the century since the Empire abandoned Brittanis, the House of Blackwood has done the opposite, standing as constant as the mighty tree they are named for. When times are joyous and harvests are plentiful, Blackwood stands strong. When terror stalks the land and despair threatens the hearts of those who cannot defend themselves, Blackwood also stands, guarding its people under mighty branches of loyalty, service, and duty. For nearly 80 years, House Blackwood stood as a strong, if small, noble house in Albion. They served proudly and loyally and the first to raise her voice in support of Julius Ambrosius as the Pendragon was a Blackwood. The forces of Blackwood marched alongside the new Pendragon as Julius fought the Wastewar against the squamous, unknowable horrors which had crossed from The Waste into the kingdom of Logres. Though the Wastewar was ultimately won and the horrors kept at bay, the kingdom of Logres was lost to the monsters. As such, many refugees were absorbed into other families all over Brittanis. One such was House Corvus, a noble family formerly of Logres. Corvus had fought beside the Blackwoods in the war, but were nearly wiped out. As the Blackwoods retreated from The Swordlands (formerly Logres), they took the remnants of House Corvus with them and established what was left of the Logresian nobles in Blackwood lands. At some point, an oath was sworn that Blackwood would help Corvus try to reclaim their lost lands. The attempt to push the mutated horrors of the Swordlands occurred 23 years ago, and it failed with gruesome results. The forces of Corvus and Blackwood pushed many miles into the Lost Kingdom, but were bloodied every step of the way and ultimately cut off. Barely 1/3 of those who had entered the nightmare land of terror returned, and many of those were broken of spirit forevermore. Both Lord Airt Blackwood and Lord Dunstan Corvus never returned home. House Blackwood was leaderless and stood on the very edge of ruin. The next year, chaos struck Brittanis when the King of Siluria was assassinated, and then Pendragon Aurelius Ambrosius shortly thereafter. Immediately after, Duke Kentrid Reginus (married to Leanna, the youngest sister of Pendragon Aurelius) rebelled and declared himself King of Albion. Uther, brother to Aurelius, defeated Kentrid and Leanna and was acclaimed King of Albion, though not Pendragon like his brother before him. Through all of this, the Blackwoods sent every available resource they could, despite their own downward-spiralling fortunes. By the time King Uther consolidated his throne, Blackwood was a House in name only— destitute and barely populated. Corvus fared even worse. King Uther then did an amazing thing— he decreed a full pardon for all members of House Reginus who had not fought against the throne. Uther then went farther and declared that House Blackwood would absorb House Reginus, its lands and wealth. Uther then eliminated differing ranks of high nobility, designating all Houses to have a Lord or Lady of equal status with all others in Albion. Donovan Blackwood, son of Airt, was elevated to the title of Lord Blackwood and the House has become a major player in Albion over the last 20 years. Donovan chose to make the varied nature of his cobbled-together House into a core principle: of all the Houses of Albion, Blackwood is by far the LEAST homogeneous and the most open to any who will swear their Allegiance with a true heart. This past year, 107 AR, was a difficult one for House Blackwood. King Uther was captured during a diplomatic meeting (see The Tale of the Torn Treaty ). Uther’s son Madoc served as Prince-Regent while the King was missing, and Lord Donovan Blackwood served the Prince as he had served the King— on the battlefield as Warmaster of the Crown Guard. Unfortunately, Lord Donovan disappeared enroute to a strategy meeting with Madoc and no trace of him was ever found. He is presumed dead by most. Donovan’s wife Ginevra (a noblewoman of Lyonesse) was elevated as Lady Blackwood at the Midwinter’s Feast 107 AR, and she serves as a strong point around which her House can rally as they face an uncertain future. Still, regardless of how hard the winds of fortune blow, House Blackwood stands firm in their words: Family, Fidelity, Faith.


Tier 1

Call of Duty (0, 2, 3, 3 CP; 0 STA; Day) Once per day, when the target of an Agony or Weakness effect, you can call, "Fidelity, Family, Faith! Purge by Allegiance!" and spend 3 seconds of roleplaying to remove the effect.
  • 2nd Purchase: usable 1/watch
  • 3rd Purchase: you call : "Resist by Allegiance!" and do not need the 3 seconds of roleplaying.
  • 4th Purchase: usable 1/battle

Tier 2

Blackwood Stands With You (0, 2, 3, 3 CP; 0 STA; Day) You can touch an ally and call, "Blackwood Stands With You. Grant Defense: 3 Protection by Allegiance."
  • 2nd Purchase: usable 1/watch
  • 3rd Purchase: Usable with touch or By Your Name delivery. Call for BYN is: "By Your Name, [NAME], Blackwood Stands With You. Grant Defense: 3 Protection by Allegiance!"
  • 4th Purchase: usable 1/battle

Tier 3

Resolute Service (0, 2, 3, 3 CP; 0 STA; EVENT) Once per day, when you go unconscious (due to Stun effect or because you have 0 VIT and are Unstable), you can call, "Heal 1 to Self by Allegiance, I Serve The Black Oak!" You must actually collapse to the ground before using this skill.
  • 2nd Purchase: "Heal 2 to Self by Allegiance, I Serve The Black Oak!"
  • 3rd Purchase: usable 1/day
  • 4th Purchase: "Refresh 2 Stamina and Heal 2 to Self by Allegiance, I Serve The Black Oak!"