House Ambrosius

  • Words: “Me stante virebunt,” (While I stand, they flourish)
  • Colors: Royal Blue, Silver (Grey/White)
  • Patron: Aenryia
  • Symbol: Crown
  • Leader: King Uther Ambrosius
Descended by legend from the Tiberian conqueror of Brittanis, House Ambrosius has established itself as a powerhouse in the last 2 generations. In living memory, the House has produced two Pendragons—High Kings of Brittanis— as well as the current King of Albion as well as many knights and priests. Though great in power, the Ambrosius philosophy has always been to ensure those sworn to them prosper; as each member of the House grows and thrives, the House as a whole benefits. This quality has built a House that is strong and resilient, and always striving to improve. The name Ambrosius itself harkens back to the time of the Tiberian invasion, for Honoria Brittanis only gained her “Brittania” moniker after the conquest. Her given name was Ambrosius, an ancient name referring to a bastard child born to a patrician family. Honoria reveled in her base-born status, earning rewards for herself through hard work and talent that more pure-born nobles couldn’t achieve. The name Ambrosius became a symbol of success and power, and when she was banished across the ocean her retainers and followers took her name as an honorific and went with her. Thus, from a name given to bastards, a powerful noble house was born. After the death of their founder, House Ambrosius fell from prominence but remained a solid player in the politics of the Tiberian Occupation, serving as field commanders, governors and administrators. When the Empire recalled the legions in Brittanis, almost all members of House Ambrosius stayed behind and have built a solid power base. As houses, clans, and factions vied for power, House Ambrosius carefully chose their allies. Loyal allies of Clan Fianna, the House was based in Logres and, augmented by Imperial legions, served as the primary defenders of the Black Wall which protected the nations from the horrors of The Waste. When The Waste erupted in a horde of monsters, House Ambrosius took the brunt of the damage in the initial fight. Queen Ceinwyn of Logres sent her best general, Julius of House Ambrosius, to the Great Council. Julius, along with a team of banner men and followers, sought the aid of the Council but was rebuffed and delayed so long that Logres—and Queen Ceinwyn— fell. Once the threat had become clear, the Council realized the real danger and Julius was elected as Pendragon. The vassals and banner men Julius brought with him to the Council became the core of the House as it exists today. More of House Ambrosius’ history can be found on the Albion nation page. Today, King Uther Ambrosius rules both House Ambrosius and Albion with strength and tenacity. Uther was known to be brash and stubborn in his youth, and more of a warrior than a politician. Since he gained the throne 20 years ago, Uther has ruled ably enough until the last few years. His drive to become Pendragon like his brother and father before him has increased, and all his effort and drive has been focused there. King Uther attempted an alliance with the elves of Seridane, hoping that the support of the wild elves would showcase his power and convince other leaders to follow him. Unfortunately, this plan backfired; even though Queen Alithera of Seridane was willing to support Uther’s claim, a splinter faction of elves attacked the treaty talks and kidnapped both Alithera and Uther. For 6 months, Uther was a prisoner, but was rescued by a group of assembled heroes and restored to the throne. At the Feast of Winter’s Peace in 107 AR, Uther reclaimed his throne, which had been held in regency by his son Prince Madoc. Also, Duke Gorlois Costayne of Kernow bent the knee and declared his fealty to Uther in exchange for Uther’e support against the Fomorians. It is unknown if Uther intends to continue his quest to become Pendragon, though now that he has the support of House Costayne, his power is greater than ever.


Note: Only characters sworn directly to House Ambrosius gain these skills. Those sworn to a banner-house gain the skills associated with their direct Allegiance only.

Tier 1

For the King (0, 2, 3, 3 CP; 0 STA; Day) The Ambrosius words declare that when a champion does well, he empowers those around him. Once per day when you have defeated an unwilling enemy, stand over their body and raise your weapon to the sky and cry, “For the King! By My Voice, Grant Melee Attack to Hero: 2 Damage!”
  • 2nd Purchase: Usable 1/watch
  • 3rd Purchase: “For the King! By My Voice, Grant Melee Attack to Hero: 3 Damage!”
  • 4th Purchase: Usable 1/battle

Tier 2

Keep Calm and Carry On (0,2,3,3 CP; 0 STA; Day) You have advanced in power and prestige in the House. If you lose your cool, your followers will flee as well. Those who stand and persevere often find victory. Once per day, when hit by a Frenzy Effect OR an effect with a Mental Trait, you can spend 3 seconds of role-play to shrug off the effect, calling, “Purge and Refresh 2 Stamina to Self by Majesty.” 2nd Purchase: Call, “Resist and Refresh 2 Stamina to Self by Majesty.” The 3-sec role-play is no longer needed. 3rd Purchase: Usable 1/watch 4th Purchase: “Resist and Refresh 3 Stamina to Self by Majesty.”

Tier 3

Royal Presence (0, 2, 3, 3 CP; 0 STA, Day) You are a champion of your House, you carry the royal presence within you. Once per day, you can call, “In the Name of the King! By My Gesture, Root by Majesty!” 2nd Purchase: You can call Root —OR—Repel. 3rd Purchase: usable 1/watch. 4th Purchase: you can call Root, Repel, OR Silence.