In the lands of Brittanis, the VAST majority of people do not live in castles, or bear arms against monsters or fight evil. Rather, they are the hardworking, durable folk who live their day to day lives as farmers, laborers, or craftspeople, working diligently every single day to put food no the table and have enough left over to sell some at market and make a profit. These people have many names-- peasant, commoner, countryman, etc-- but the most common moniker for them is smallfolk. The smallfok are some of the most rugged and durable people in all of Brittanis, regardless of race. Every ethnicity of human has farmers, ranchers, shepherds and craftmen. Free Dwarves are rightly famous for their miners and craftspeople, and the elven societies have those who work hard as well. These people are sturdy and resilient, stubborn and prideful in their own abilities-- when a barn is struck by lightning and burns down, the smallfolk do not cry and lament their poor fortune. Instead the village gathers together and they work hard to rebuild, and then throw a party once the sun goes down. The Great Houses and nobles of Brittanis-- the ones with wisdom, in any case-- know that their power comes directly from the smallfolk in their responsibility, and know that their rulership is double-edged. The smallfolk sweat in the fields and their labors provide the nobility with food for the nobles' table, and in return the nobles provide warriors and soldiers to keep their smallfolk safe from harm. In Brittanis, the dark and dangerous nature of the world means that if a Lord cannot keep his smallfolk safe, those same commoners who put food on the table will instead go somewhere else and find a lord who WILL. Unlike historical Earth, the smallfolk and the nobility have a MUCH closer and non-exploitative relationship. When the people who put food on your table can be eaten by monsters from the wild or slain by dark magics, it becomes a MUCH greater concern for the nobility to protect and not exploit those in their care. Many stories and fireside legends tell of the farmer who puts aside his plow and picks up a sword to defend his homeland, or of the humble shepherd who answers his lord's call to arms and goes off to war and becomes a hero. Many is the knight or lord who retires to his farms after a lifetime of service. The call to be a hero lies in the spirit, not in one's birth--commoners can be heroes just the same as a noble lord born to title and lands. Tier 1 Lifetime of Labor (0 CP) You gain a +2 bonus to base maximum Vitality, +1 bonus to base maximum Stamina. In addition, if you unlock a Crafting header, all skills in that header cost .5 CP less. Tier 2 Skilled Hands (0 CP) You gain an additional +1 bonus to maximum Vitality and +1 bonus to maximum Stamina. You gain 3 CP to spend in the Crafting header from Tier 1. Tier 3 Defend the Home (0 CP) Your experience in adventuring has given you the ability to defend that which is yours ferociously. Once per watch, when you are within 10 feet of the place where you sleep (cabin, tent, hammock, etc), you may call, "Imbue by Heritage" and gain 5 melee or missile attacks for "3 Damage by Heritage."