Arcanum Student

This background is for those who are currently a student at the Arcanum in the Erin'Tar kingdom of Rendayn. The school is the only one of its kind in Brittanis, dedicated to the study of academics and higher learning. The Arcanum began as a college of magic, but it has since evolved into something much greater. Today, every subject imaginable is taught at the Arcanum, and students of all races from all over Brittanis are educated there. Magic is still the primary subject for most students, but some come to learn history, economics, and ancient lore as well. A strict code of conduct comes along with admittance to the Arcanum; students must represent the school well at all times and send any knowledge gained back to the Arcanum for storage in the Great Library. Tier 1 Book Learning (0 CP) The basic education offered by the Arcanum is thorough; it teaches a great many subjects. You've managed to retain some of it, too. Choose any 2 of: Diagnose, First Aid, Knowledge (any Novice). Tier 2 Graduate Research Assistant (0 CP; Information Skill; Downtime) You have access via letter to the Great Library at the Arcanum. Its vaulted halls hold the greatest repository of knowledge in all of Brittanis. You can write a letter to the scribes there and ask a single question per Downtime. This skill costs 3 hours of Downtime, but the results are usually detailed and (somewhat) accurate. In addition, the 2 skills you chose from Tier 1 improve by 1 rank (Novice to Student, for example) or by 1 Purchase. Tier 3 Learned Master (0 CP) Choose 2 more skills from the list in Tier 1. You gain those skills at Novice/Apprentice rank. In addition, the 2 skills you chose from Tier 1 improve by 1 rank (Student to Sage, for example) or by 1 Purchase.